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You can always try and visit these places in order to enjoy adult recreational services and activities. Cao Un has more than enough good food, accommodation, and small Vietnamese city charm to keep you entertained for a day or two. Local food is interesting and appetizing in Cao Bang. Eaten after breakfast, locals say it keeps your body warm on cold days. A likable town: The lush countryside envelops the road as soon as you exit Cao Bang City. Bamboo grows up over the road, forming a shaded archway of dappled sunlight.

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Old, stone farm houses stand in fields of shimmering rice, bisected by gentle streams. Limestone karsts rise up from the carpet of green, like giant arrowheads. This particular section is a sacred way for many Vietnamese, because it leads to a remote border with China, where Ho Chi Minh crossed back into his native Vietnam inafter 30 years of absence. Ho lived in a cave on the border and began the movement that would eventually lead to the declaration of independence from French colonial rule, in Hanoi on 2nd September, Even if you have no interest in Vietnamese revolutionary history, Pac Bo Cave is a mesmerizingly beautiful area to visit.

Read my guide to Pac Bo Cave here. History and natural beauty: Climbing sharply up limestone cliffs, this fantastic back-road shadows the Chinese border. A huge white gash in the landscape, the road twists through a karst forest, passing remote villages that appear to be stuck in time. Homes are made of packed mud and straw with baked tile roofs. Oxen, buffalo, and horses transport crops, farming equipment, and people from field to village. Stone walls divide fields of rice, corn, and soy beans.

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Hay is stacked by children in foot high pylons, echoing the shape of the limestone hills. Dozens of small villages dot this road, each one teeming with kids, dun out of school gates on bicycles for the long ride home. Ploughing through the lahg on remote back-roads Avult the Chinese border Eventually, this wonderful roads ends at the dusty, crossroads town of Tra Linh. A short hop from a remote Chinese border gate, Tra Linh sells Chinese beer and candy in its shops, and large trucks, loaded with a hidden cargo, await the cover of darkness to head over the border.

Tra Linh has an intriguing market which displays a number of goods from across the border. Head south from Tra Linh on road TL Bear left due east towards Quang Uyen. The tarmac snakes into the distance, between limestone crags. Unsurprisingly, rice in the main crop here. During late summer and early autumn the fields and villages are abuzz with harvest activity:

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