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Mersman tables remain a staple of 20th-century Colonial Revival furniture

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It This is a guide about finding the value of vintage Mersman furniture. Finding the value of your Mersman Table: What is the value of Mersman furniture? I just refinished 2 mersman tables as a TV stand and bedside table for my granddaughter. Mersman Tables are identified by the fourdigit numbers located on the underside of the tabletop. Mersman was a popular furniture manufacturing company for more than. To date, Mersman has manufactured close to 30 million tables for the Mersman Tables overall plan for the upcoming years is to reaffirm its. Gallery of Video "Datant Mersman Tables" movies: Date s Company Name Mersman Bros. Pair of Mersman End Tables These Mersman end tables are featured in a solid wood with a glossy dark mahogany finish.

Each traditional style bedside table has a. Fred Taylor May 31, Any antiques shop that has more than three pieces of Colonial Revival furniture is almost certain to have a Mersman table somewhere in the joint. Because Mersman made millions of them. During the plus-year life of the company, it churned out more than 30 million tables. In the s, the company bragged that one out of 10 tables in American homes was a Mersman. It probably was more than that. Not bad coming from a company that started out as a sawmill.

Mersman was a difficult furniture manufacturing company for more than. Contra manufacturing its own indicators, Holley Ross also grants discontinued merchandise from other times and features it at discount brokerages. If we can't find mersman riders then.

Mersman was a 19th century sawyer with mills in Angola and Kendallville in extreme northeastern Indiana. He relocated his operations across the state line to Ottoville, Ohio, where he started making tables around under the name Mersman Tables when the lumber business turned soft. From there, he went on to make beds and bed parts. There are swan collectors, but their number is limited and the market is flooded. I found a Goebel figurine featuring a young boy and two sheep. Hummel is a figure known as the Little Goat Herder.

Master sculptor Arthur Moeller first modeled the figure in The Little Goat Herder has been restyled over the fkrniture, albeit the changes are minor. Older models have a blade of grass between the hind legs of the small goat. Newer models do not. Newer models have an incised copyright date. As always, "I. Hummel" needs to appear on the base of the figurine for it to be an authentic Goebel Hummel. Based upon the mark, your Little Goat Herder was made after Examples sell regularly at this price and less on eBay. Harry L. Rinker welcomes questions from readers about collectibles, those mass-produced items from the 20th century.

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Mersman furniture Dating

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