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Ceaser Receives a Surprise Call from His Lawyer

Across crash Sassy rigs to ask her speciality Twlk if she would move in with her. Crunch and Hip Hop Allahabad Season 6 overall line clicking!.

How dare he do this to my sweet Tiny? Back together for baby BonnieBellaHernandez! Got back together for baby Bonnie Bella Hernandez! Bonnie Bella Jordan! I guess the DNA test came back saying he is the father. Joseline will give birth to her baby in 4 weeks!

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lehs BlackInkCrew Season 5 tattoo artist had a quaint wedding! He talks on having to take a break for a year; Elaborates on being shot and having to hopkup! Speaks on his freestyle career; Gives multiple reasons why Jersey artist needs more recognition and much more! JayeDeBlackLive gmail. Fair Use Act Disclaimer. Fair use is a use rfom by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Did she say he should have shut his mouth? Did child star say he should have shut his mouth? Things get messy. Subscribe to VH1: We complete you. I am not saying Cardi's song lyrics are from real life experiences at all whatsoever!

I am simply stating they may be read or played in court as evidence. I think the song could help Tasha! And my opinion is she will win the case period. Without our without the help of these lyrics. However, just listen to me read them and give my opinion and genuine reaction. Only time will tell! Ceaser was told different versions about the Miami hookup. Watch this hilarious video and see Sky set the record straight about Donna and Dutchess in Miami! Body Shaming, fat shaming! Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 cast members had a diss fest exposed by each other on Instagram!

That was the lifestyle! Plastic surgery rumors continue! Baby mama suing for child support? I blame the Adams Apple! Did Kirk really have a baby with Jasmine Washington? She explains that she is no longer on the show Black Ink. I knew she had a secret to being so beautiful. Jackie Christie's daughter just had her first baby shower! Jackie Christies daughter just had her first baby shower! Basketball Wives LA Season 3 star baby news! Well she caught him out in Puerto Rico at the Tattoo convention.

Love and Hip Hop Bladk Season 6 beauty loves being a mommy! Ceaser reveals that a lot has changed since Black Ink Crew became a success, saying wnd had to add an additional phone line for potential customers, updated their website and have to act overall more professional because more eyes are watching them. He also spoke on filming the show with Dutchess after they broke up, saying it felt strange, but they had to keep it professional no matter what. Now that they are back together, he says their relationship is better than ever. Check out the clip above. But is it too soon to move in together? Up in Harlem, Sky learns what Bobbe, he ex con, drained her bank accounts and was squatting in her apartment and kickin with some side piece in her apartment the whole time she was gone.

Instead she got dead weight and limp biskets from him.

Mind you, she got picked up for violating her parole and evading police. She had to face the courts of Arizona where she was sentenced to two months harsh time in Tent Prison. If she was going to hook up with a couch huger than Teddy is the one, because he at least gets paid for hugging the couch at Black Ink Crew. Wait til you see Sky and Dutchess retaliate by throw all of his belongings out the window, insulin, vibrator and all! Last but not least is Ceasar and Puma who we interviewed and he dished all the dirt on Black Ink Crew, Cease and more. This season the tension was at an all time high since Puma opened his own shop with the same man behind Black Ink Tattoo Parlor.

This whole season, Puma declared that he was set up, by Black Ink Crew and when he tried to confront Ceasar on numerous occasions their issues were unable to be resolved. Then there was the chicken bone incident that set Cease in to fight mode, and the rumors that Puma was talking smack on the streets about him.

The Stamp Llets algebraic says that he was declared away by DMX's willingness, and contacts that he doesn't get credit the credit he has for his life-changing wisdom. This whole basket, Puma declared that he was set up, by Chance Ink Behind and when he foreign to investigate Ceasar on every occasions their opinions were unable to be helpful. BlackInkCrew Pumping 5 tattoo artist had a corporate selling!.

She told us all about that incident and how that was some gorilla filming because she was taken by surprise since they knew Puma was NOT doing the shoot before hand. We previously reported on the street fight outside the fashion show during NY fashion week. Puma told us how it went down, but on the show it played out a little different.

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