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Gradually, the system or the Suspension doing the trading would fdame been established what method to stamp, and the new new would get the late crazy of that comes. Time 90.

Here are some of his observations: A central storage for these various parts was The Stores. The storeman would stack those parts on shelves and probably hang the frames up.

Dating Triumph frame

The frames and gearboxes were serial number stamped when they were made but the storeman would not move items along the shelves and racks to keep them in number Ttiumph. Engines MAY have been number stamped, frrame I think not as these numbers drame went into frames in a sequence. Also into stores would have gone other Trihmph made elsewhere, such as magnetos, control levers and fuel tank caps. Another lad probably would have been an older and more experienced apprentice who knew which items would be needed would transfer parts from the stores to the Assembly Shop. Here it didn't matter about serial numbers, as long as the right frames and gearboxes went together for the various models, and there would have been separate 'lines' for different models.

Either engines were used in their numerical sequence, or more likely they had not been numbered, for on assembly the date or date code was stamped on the engine and MOST LIKELY the number was also applied to the engine at this time. The line foreman would keep records and he would tell the men which number and code was to be stamped on each machine.

I can often say that a frame was from a certain period, but occasionally there would have been early numbered frames hanging at the far end of the stores rack which wouldn't have been used until near the end of a production run. The storeman wasn't going to walk the length of the stores to select a frame when one which came in 'yesterday' was much closer. Engine codes also occasionally 'throw up a wobbly'. Ws and Ms can be stamped upside down, and sometimes a tired workman selected the punch next to the one his hand was aiming for! Occasionally I find an engine number totally out of sequence with the date code - and the date code is later than in 'should' be. Each engine number is unique, that is to say one numbering sequence ran through all models.

In other words, engine number might be a 5T, might be a 3H. In this way engine numbers progressed at roughly twice the rate of frame numbers as both types of frame had a separate sequence.

Some fantastically feelings and never all programs therefore don't show a specific code. As log introduces didn't activated the options these were not limited. This complicated analysis is then followed by the time number itself, limited to four times or less.

The engine number is always preceded by the year and model code so an T prefix denotes datiing 5T. Triumph used year codes Triumpph their engine numbers for sixteen years with the exception of and up toand this code denotes the model year referred to datiny the 'Season' by Triumph, ie 'this seasons models' not the calendar year. For Triumph and most Triumph frame dating ffame British motorcycle industry the season started with the Olympia show at Earls Court in October or November of the previous year and so the 12 month period during which you could buy a Triumph was actually October - September A new, third, numbering sequence for this frame starting from the beginning again, TF However, the new Tiger engine continued the existing engine numbering sequence, so early Tiger s showed long engine numbers around but short frame numbers.

The lightweight range continued more or less as before. TL civilian frames went to TL However, for obvious reasons the process was disjointed. I have come across one or two '41 numbered engines but it seems Triumph dropped the date prefix on engine numbers around about engine number Some late models and nearly all models therefore don't show a date code. Probably because of the extended delays between production and sales.

Pre war Turner Triumph engine numbers went to just over 31, by the early s. A tribute to the success that Edward Turner achieved with the company. As the pre war TF frame was used for such ftame short time and on so few models it's possible to calculate production of the Tiger quite accurately. Approximately Tiger models were made. This means the total production of pre war Tiger s was something very close to machines. Estimating production runs on individual TH framed models is harder. However, based on a fairly large sample of nearly two hundred heavyweight models, 84 are Speed Twins, 49 6S, 41 Tiger 90 and 12 5H.

Scaling these percentages up, results in the following approximate totals for heavyweights: Speed Twin Tiger 90

2562 2563 2564 2565 2566