Page numbers in word not updating

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page number field does not update

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You can change the font, color, size, and more. For more information, read our Page Numbers lesson from our Word tutorial. You can set up your document this way in Word, too. As the description says, this creates a section break and starts the new section on the next page. To do that, open up the header or footer area wherever you have your page numbers in the main section of your document. This takes a few steps. Start by opening up the header and footer area of any page in that preliminary section.

Not in word Page updating numbers

Step A. Check for required section breaks at Table of Contents, Chapter 1. Open your document in Word. Just before the Table of Contents page, check for a section break. If a section break is present, skip to Step 4. Click Start At and enter the desired value.

Click OK to close the dialog. Please see me after class if you're worried about your grades. If you want to make changes to the header or footer for Section 1 without having those changes show up in the header or footer for all other document sections, you must turn off this feature by viewing each header and footer and clicking the Same As Previous button on the Header and Footer toolbar until the button is no longer depressed. Scroll through the list of style options in the gallery to find one you like.

You can select a plain number style, or a Page X of Y style to get a more defined number Page 1 of 7 format. Experiment to find the style that best meets your needs. You also can change the appearance of a page number.

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