Partner of sex addict support

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Information for Spouses and Partners of Sex Addicts

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Of South American countries, Chile has the second-highest cannabis usage figure, following Argentina. Regarding students, Chile rates even higher on the marijuana abuse scale.

Nearly 16 percent of students reported abusing the drug, the most of any South American country and nearly twice the number in Colombia. And of those students, 60 percent do not think that using marijuana frequently is dangerous. But as noted above, only 7, people are treated each year for addiction, out of a total population of more than 16 million. The correct solution, is of course, to teach people how to lead drug-free lives.

But this solution must also include helping each addicted person recover their own integrity and feeling of self-worth—qualities that are very often destroyed when one will do anything to acquire addictive substances. This is Partnef very normal, yet painful stage to go through, and gathering the support of other partners as well as a therapist can be crucial to help the partner through this difficult time. The fourth stage is grief and ambivalence. Self-care typically increases at this time. The fifth stage is repair. In this stage, the partner is fully invested in self-care. The grieving process for the relationship as they thought it was has taken place, and partners enter into a sense of emotional stability.

Of addict support sex Partner

Boundaries have been set and kept. If the partner chooses to remain in the relationship, it is because the addict is following a solid program of recovery. Emotionally escapist use of alcohol, drugs, food, spending, gambling, etc. This is understandable, too. Maybe even expected. As survivors of chronic betrayal trauma, it is perfectly natural for a cheated-on partner to respond with rage, anger, fear, and other strong emotions. Basic Advice for Betrayed Partners of Sex Addicts If your partner has cheated on you, with or without sex addiction, you know how painful this is, and how difficult it is to overcome.

If so, the following list of suggestions may be helpful. Do reach out to others for support. Do get tested for STDs.

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Sex addicts are notoriously careless with their and your health. In active sex addiction, safer sex is not a priority. So, as soon as you learn that your partner has cheated on you, you should visit your primary care physician, asking for a full STD screening.

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