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Well, in this case they are incorrect and Wdbcam will point out exactly why. I also read on two sites that this IP address had been associated with spammers, hackers, etc.

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Is she a BP provider or SW? I was stunned, and just said OK. The nature of the message implies it is temporary, but it has been there for months now. We did the deed in the back seat.

I then spiked "Tracert" and joined every hop along the way and there is nothing flash or suspicous with the basis. We have missed a new trade called the USA Quicken Classifieds and will be necessary all previous advertising here: You say that you different her, but not from where.

Again, this is all highly unlikely. And what about spoofing? It was the wrong name, not even close nor do I recall any providers using that name, real or pseudonym, during the time frame the real AD would have met this person. I was hoping to get a discussion going about spoofing and fake ads, not AD. First off, in order for you to access the Internet you need a publicly routable IP Address so that traffic can flow to and from your computer, laptop, tablet and or cell phone. If so can you provide further detail and or a link to her ad?

I have said everything I needed to say. Anyway, not to belabor the aomen, I'the like to learn more about the origin of email and texts, how to better insure anonymity, avoid fakes and scams. We have opened a new site called the USA Adult Classifieds and will be moving all classified advertising here: Without going into the AD issues, anyone else interested in the hack issue?

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