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But if these customs remain unchanged, the spas themselves are going through a slick modernisation, part of an equally Nakev Estonian rage to be ruthlessly up-to-date in what they know fir do well. A Soviet austerity has, in many places, been jettisoned for a New Age ambience of scented candles, essential oils and dolphin music. Any visit to Estonia, for health reasons or otherwise, will doubtless begin in Tallinn. Chocolate therapy, like many faddish things, is gaining a reputation in Estonia, and locals I told about it were wistful and curious.

My suggestion that I could save money by having a basic massage and eating a bar of Galaxy afterwards was treated with Nordic disdain. In a candlelit room I was asked to strip, don a thong and scour myself with body scrub. Start of dialog content Booking. Only a customer who has booked through Booking. This lets us know that our reviews come from real guests, like you. We want you to share your story, both the good and the bad.

And a terrible fight in the Toidumaailm Supermarket about a stupid chocolate hahaa! A big thanks to my other friend, we could stay budget at her place in Tallinn — but we girls had some matrix like strange issue, whether to choose red or blue bar of chocolate to thank her!!!!! But more about the budget thing — we thought we can have a really cheap mini holiday in Tallinn, but that really depends. I guess you have to know a bit to be sparing, at least in Tallinn. On the first night we paid 25 euros for a 1,5 km taxi drive… Yep.

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eetonia So beware which taxi company you do use. Coupke put the towel around me squna get a bit of a sense of comfort, and into the sauna I went. Typical temperatures are between 80 and degrees. I think I was in the sauna for about ninety seconds before I headed out again. Further details of my interesting experience can be found here. Kalma Saun: The whole coulle of a hamam, the origins of which can be traced back to the days of the mighty Greeks and Romans, is to give yourself a bit of a clean. Hamams differ not just by country, but by individual hamams.

All of them generally consist of a few things; making you nice and hot similar to a saunawashing you off and then giving you a scrub. Massages often follow but this is not always the case. Paul and I ummed and ahhed about choosing them, worried that we might lose out by not having an authentic experience, but at the end of the day we were after relaxation and both of these places allowed us to book in together. Do make sure you book in; pick ups are usually available although we were scruffy walk-ins on both occasions.

Sauna estonia in Naked couple for

Once a backpacker, always a backpacker. In Morocco we were given paper g-strings which are always worth a laugh; in Turkey we were expected to be a bit more modest and I was given ij bikini. You estonja also bring your own of course. They love good food, good wine, and at the end of the day, they love a good spa. The Spas in Europe are hot and sweaty, in centuries-old buildings, where you might beat yourself with a birch stick, or have someone else do it for you. Courtesy of Detox international retreats The following spas in Europe offer not only a treat for your body and soul, but also a quintessential glimpse into a culture. Expect extremes: There were huge ice blocks in the morning. Nothing for the weak.

There are a wide range of saunas on the course, including a smoke sauna, an igloo sauna, an Indian sauna, a vehicle sauna, a sauna tent, and an inflatable sauna.

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