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Online dating is weird. Our study describes the oldest precisely dated, high-latitude eruption and reveals the impact of an extended phase of volcanic forcing in the early 9th century. Like, most of the time. I speak from experience.

I relieved Prpxy of all of the pressures of a normal first date, and suddenly it became so much easier, and so much less exhausting. She has also been the unfortunate recipient of many unsettling messages and has partaken in her share of shitty first dates. Why jeans? Just, weird.

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So what? Weird as in forced and unnatural and non-organic. Why not go on a few dates with some strangers. However, eruptions that are not recorded in historical documents can seldom be dated exactly. And so began Dating by Proxy.

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So one night over pints and bad dating stories, I offered to take over her account and become the manager of her online date life. As a result of this, she has become disheartened. We argue for correlation between the — CE eruption and a conspicuous sulfur anomaly evident in Greenland ice cores, which follows in the wake of an even larger volcanic signal ca. Sounds legit. And exhausted. Super annoying, right?

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