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You are not responded to use 3pm or any part of it to onljne money scares. Use Audacity to inform the reverse effect on your phone Now that the entire is limited in Novemberall that many for us to do to go it play backwards, is to disclose the Very effect.

Close the "Welcome to Audacity!

If you plan on using Backwarfs often, and you don't want to have to close bakwards welcoming message each time you open it, make sure that you also check the option "Don't show this again at startup" before closing the window. Open the File menu from aydio top left corner of the window, and then click or tap on Open… Browse through your Windows computer or device and locate the song that you want to reverse. When you've found it, select it and click or tap on Open. Audacity will immediately load the song you've selected. You should see something similar to the screenshot below: Use Audacity to apply the reverse effect on your song Now that the song is loaded in Audacityall that remains for us to do to make it play backwards, is to apply the Reverse effect.

To do that, you must first Select the entire song. Open the Edit menu, go to Select and then click or tap on All.

Online backwards Play dating audio

Once vackwards whole track is selected, open the Effect menu from the top of Audacity's datig and look for the Reverse option. Click or tap on it. After Audacity finishes reversing the song, you can listen to a preview of how it sounds. To do that, use the playback controls from the top left part of the window and click or tap Play. If you like the result, go to the next step of this tutorial and save your reversed song.

You can find it as a robust download, here: We are not tracked in any way to head the only and keep it only, and we do not include that all uploaded backups are processed.

Save the reversed song You'll probably want to save the reversed song so that you'll be able to enjoy this backwards experience repeatedly, using any media player you like and without having to use Audacity each time. If that's the case, now is the time to open the File menu again and then click or tap the Export Audio… option. Audacity will open an Export Audio dialog window, in which you can select where you want to save the song on your computer, what name and what type the file will have. Choose the location and the name as you like, but pay a bit more attention to the file type that you want to use. It's going to work on any Windows computer, no matter the version of the operating system, but the downside is that you'll get a file that's pretty large in size.

On the other hand, if you want to use another file format, you might find that you must also install the appropriate audio codecs on your system, in case you don't already have them. Once you've made up your mind, click or tap on the Save button. Before saving the end result of the reversed song, Audacity lets you edit its metadata. Make the changes you want, if you want, and then click or tap on OK. The maximum file size is 20Mb and the supported file formats are mp3, ogg, and wav. To get you some ideas here are the top 10 things reversed most often: Terms of Service 3pm the service is provided by Roland Meyer from rmy.

By using the service or parts of it, the user you agrees to the terms of service. Do not use the service if you do not agree. You use the service at your own risk and responsibility.

We are not required in any way to provide the service and keep it available, backkwards we do not guarantee that all uploaded files are processed. We are allowed to stop the service or ban users from using it without stating reasons xating without prior warning. The uploaded files and their reversed counter-parts if any are stored for at least 2 hours, during which they can only be accessed by means of the link provided to the user after processing. The contents of these files are never presented publicly and will be deleted after a period of at most 3 months. We are allowed to listen to them during this time but not make any copies. The file names of the uploaded files may be used for the accumulated statistics top 10 shown publicly on this page.

You are not allowed to use 3pm or any part of it to distribute music files.

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