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Aquarius in Love – Horoscope Sign Compatibility

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Aquarius is the sign that governs information that traverses the air and electromagnetism. Aquarians are even said to be able to transmit their own thoughts and strong feelings with an unseen charge of electrical current. This is also known as telepathy and the water bearers among us are naturals at this method of communication. Although Aquarians are passionate, especially about equality and human rights, they often do not like confrontation, aggression or fighting. They leave the fighting for some of the other signs. They are the revolutionary type and want to change the world.

Aquarians are spontaneous, intuitive, imaginative, inventive and inclined to take chances, especially in the service of their goals. Although they can be conceited, they are not big shots, nor do they get along with big shots. Aquarians tend to be know-it-all individuals by nature, until they recognize that even though they may be set in their ways, they will benefit by listening to the ideas of others. A fixed sign, Aquarius can be extremely stubborn, refusing to change their opinions or plans, even when it is in their own interest. Aquarians can become detached to the point of coldness, stuck in a rigid and unrecognizable pattern.

They are very unpredictable … and can be stubborn or flexible, chaotic or calm, rebellious or helpful. Aquarians are open and friendly, yet reserved.

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The water bearer is often indifferent and will seem not to care much, when others think that they should. Devoted to hoooup, Aquarians sometimes act like rebels without a cause. Aquarius in Love and Relationships In love, an Aquarian must retain a certain amount of independence. It is unwise to give an Aquarian the feeling of being trapped. An Aquarian can involve themselves in a sexual relationship without getting too emotionally involved and attached.

When the initial fallig. of fallinh. romantic encounter is over, an Aquarius woman may start looking elsewhere for excitement - unless you play your cards very carefully. To keep this girl on the hook, don't reveal everything about yourself right from the beginning. Instead keep her guessing and let her gradually discover new things about you she wasn't aware of, over a period of time. Ring the changes with what you do when you're together and how and where you make love. Show her some attractions, buy chocolate or ice cream.

Let her feel as in her childhood. She has to understand that she is safe with you. Otherwise, she may think that you show your indifference in this way. Call the next day to find out what her mood is. Every Aquarius girl will appreciate such care. It is unlikely that a girl will want to be attached to home life or family, especially at the beginning of a relationship. All you need to do now is to concentrate on improvisation and inner freedom. Your perseverance in the period of development of a relationship may only scare her. Behave naturally and adequately. Be a person in the full sense of this word. Be ready to face their unpredictable natures Aquarius girls constantly study, experiment, and learn something new.

Be ready for this. They are social personalities and adore being among people. Let them think that they have such an opportunity. Suppress the feeling of jealousy. It will not bring anything good to your relationship with her. Show that you are successful Aquarius women believe that a man should have a prestigious profession. They quickly recognize the manipulators and gigolos. A new people together in front of this couple to keep the future of Capricorn weekly briefing in our full Network! Learn More Have an uptodate and crazy good Luck!

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