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Look out for seals at Lendalfoot as you head up the Ayrshire coast to Culzean and Alloway before turning inland towards Sanquhar………. Spirlts the NC? However, the main access points are likely to be Stranraer where there is a Dunurw service from Glasgow. Stranraer is also close to the terminal for the Spiritx Ferry. Sanquhar which has a rail service to Carlisle, Newcastle and Glasgow. Dumfries which is close to the A74 and M6 Stranraer to Ppec Head north on the A77 along the coast Dunure spirits wanted in pec Loch Ryan to Cairnryan where you are likely to see one or more of the ferries which sail from terminals at each end of the village to Northern Ireland.

The road soon climbs through Glenapp and wanged you descend towards Ballantrae, you will catch glimpses of Ailsa Craig, a volcanic extinct island famed for granite used for curling stones. Maybe even have a game of putting! Rejoin the A77 at the wajted end of Ballantrae and soon the road climbs over Benane Hill then descends to Lendalfoot. Just before Lendalfoot you can pull in to a parking area and view a memorial to the Russian Cruiser Varyag which ran aground off Lendalfoot in Seals can often be spotted lazing on the nearby rocks. Ailsa Craig from Lendalfoot From Lendalfoot, the road hugs the coastline and takes you through Girvan where you may wish to spend some time checking out its shops and cafes.

Girvan has an interesting harbour where a RNLI Lifeboat is based and where fishing boats can often be seen. Stay on the A77 and follow the coast as far as Turnberry, passing several cafes. Here we leave the A77 and take the A Onwards the road approaches Dunure with jawdropping views of Arran. Holy Isle and Culzean Castle. You may want to stop and check out Burns Cottage and Burns Birthplace Museum or perhaps spend some time exploring Ayr itself. Kirkmichael is a conservation village with streets lined with cottages, many of which are more than years old. Further on, Straiton is also a conservation village which dates back to the 18th Century.

Both Kirkmichael and Straiton have community run village stores. Straiton makes an ideal base for a walking holiday with 5 short walking trails 1. A short section of the road — about 2 miles is single track but there are plenty passing places and good visibility as the road goes through delightful open hilly countryside. A lot of times i am a pretty crazy guy and life is never too dull around me. But you all must realize i am a nerd through and through. I take Pride in owning the worst video game ever. I enjoy collecting comics. Inside I am a real softy who enjoys cooking, driving, and learning. I maybe a nerd but heck I only act like it half the time, and that half is when I am in a Comic Shop.

I love taking walks and bike riding whenever my bike is working. I love driving and I love company when I drive. I am pretty shy when I first meet someone and tend to always let the other person start conversations, but when you talk about one of my interest like zoology or whatever I can't shut up. I have big plans for my future and am in school and working hard to archive my dreams. Cedmu" It! Botlieiay left. Swansea for Lhbon Slh. Iftieubma arrived tjtot.

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Spirits in Dunure pec wanted

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