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Most Omanis are of the Ibadi Muslim variety, a sub-sect of Islam, and are thus somewhat distinct from mainstream Islam.

Where do Gay men meet? There is emotion and depth to my sexuality. We have a lot of fun — we have house parties, we go out to coffee shops, and we do a lot of tour-guiding for visiting friends and friends-of-friends. One thing I really like about our friends here is how mixed we are — old and young, elite and not, thin, fat, tall, short, you name it.

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Probably the best way to settle in, at least in the cooler months, is to find a nice beach side coffee shop, look open to conversation, and see what happens. During the evenings, after the breaking of the fast, shops, restaurants and general nightlife stay open till very late. During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, most restaurants are closed during the day and shops have limited hours. One is that homosexuality is forbidden with potential imprisonment as a consequence. Despite being a conservative and religious country Oman does not demonize gay people as a western threat to the order of life.

So, is there an Omani gay community? That said, however, very few Omani men would describe themselves as being gay in the Western sense of the definition.

Dating Omani gay

I learnt a lot. Jolly good idea! This makes for a unique cultural and religious climate in Oman with about a fourth of Omanis being Sunni Muslims. Second, anti-gay laws are almost never enforced unless there are circumstances that draw police attention such as rape, violence, under-age abuse, drugs or gross violation of Muslim social norms.

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