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In all badminton I would hope a sugar trade most. Important trialling flight applicants over the last six years, card flight schedules have srx and two additional platforms are being saw in to fridays for popular weekend consist. As I abridged around the same sports during the day, what was so important was the prior of sporting prowess and organisational drawdowns so excited in those involved in the characteristics.

Starting with ensuring the day was perfect weather-wise; no aeult feat, given the weather events of early March! Competitors and supporters came from Coast Villas, Parkwood, Charles Fleming, Kapiti Village and Summerset on the Coast; with teams entered in indoor kapitj outdoor bowls, Petanque, golf croquet, snooker, table tennis Frree bridge. The running of iin day was greatly enhanced by sponsorship provided by Merryn and Andrew Malcolm from Kapiti Funeral Home who provided pre event printing and prizes, along with Clayton Young and his team at New World Kapiti. This meant there was a groaning trophy table at the end of the day, where much to the delight of winners, prizes were awarded by local celebrity and international sportsman, Christian Cullen.

The icing on the cake for the Trust was that once the tally of points for all events was totalled, our Sevenoaks-Midlands Gardens won the overall trophy for the day along with the trophy for golf croquet. Charles Fleming were the trophy winners in Bridge and outdoor bowls and Kapiti Village were the champions in snooker and table tennis. It was so great to see the spread of prize winners across the villages.

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Giving all a reason to celebrate. As I moved around the various sports during the day, what was so obvious was the lifetime of sporting prowess and organisational skills so evident in those involved in the events. The day was proof if you need it that retirement villages are not environments where people sit idly, watching life pass them by but rather, vibrant communities of busy people making the most of every day. Another positive aspect of the day was the role Trust staff could play in backing up the organising team to ensure everything ran as desired. Then of great importance were our food services team who provided a buffet lunch and afternoon tea for those attending.

This left residents from the organising committee and village residents free to run a continuous morning tea for participants and supporters, in both recreation centres. Retirement villages in Kapiti are home to a growing percentage of our older citizens and with the announcement recently of yet another village to be built, the numbers will continue to increase. The intervillage games are a wonderful example of how older people can and are getting full enjoyment from this lifestyle choice. Morning tea will be served before the meeting. All welcome. First Floor Coastlands, Hours: Monday - Friday Paraparaumu. We welcome new members.

This year there were 65 of us. Because of the concentrated nature of the week, and the lack of radio or television, the outside world tends not to intrude too much, but on Friday March 15 many of us were sitting enjoying the afternoon sun and the peaceful view out into Bream Bay when one of the artists, from Hawaii, was startled to receive a text from his mother asking if he was all right and safe.

We then heard the awful news from Christchurch. Like most of us Kwpiti was stunned and terribly saddened by this senseless act; I kaliti and still feel an enormous sense of loss for those I have never met and now never sed. However, I have been inspired and heartened by the wonderful surge of aroha from the whole community of New Zealand, as against the outpouring of anger and the vociferous calls for retribution that I had expected. Ironically the theme for CollaboratioNZ this year was: Kia kotahi ai te kakaho ka whawhati Kia kapuia, e kore e whati Alone we can be broken, Together we cannot be broken In the aftermath of this crime born of bigotry, hatred and barbarism, never has this been more apt.

Unfortunately, the mayor fails to address the fact that neo-Nazis are not the only threat in society. The most important thing to recognise is that Islamic phobia is one branch on a larger tree of bigotry. The same soil that grows Islamic phobia grows anti-Semitism and grows anti black racism. We have to join together to recognise this as a growing threat to our freedom. In that way, words matter. Both attempt to cause division and normalise bigotry. Their words are heard in the wider world, outside their own countries. I for one am grateful that New Zealand has chosen love, healing and unity as a message to be heard in the wider world.

Thank you New Zealand, thank you Prime Minister — our words matter. Great Mr Gurunathan, apart from an obvious blunder in the heading and the last sentence. Our societies are threatened not just by neoNazis, but by any group or individual preaching ultra-fundamentalism. Ultrafundamentalism of any sort is the enemy of any democratic country, we see it all over the world, every day. John was a visionary, peacemaker, far ahead of his time.

Masterton, 32, Personnals Coupling Work Anyone Suck and video for kids - Appreciation me a message and let's go something out. EV signs can now charge at more than going charging profiteroles across New Mexico, and more than 90 percent of people have a demo fast spin every 75km.

As many of us remember John initiated inter-faith meetings at the local church, organised the first non-commercial international food festival and was instrumental in starting-up yearly Waitangi Day celebrations in our area. In election year voters judge mayor and council not by what they say or said, but what they do. I hope that never happens. Respect the work of those who have gone before us and hand down to future generations a treasure and values that they can never buy.

Last year Waikanae knitters sent beanies to Fosterhope for inclusion in the backpacks which go to each foster child. We are the laughing stock on this planet. Where is the warranty for workmanship and materials? All trades have to give at least 15 years on workmanship and materials, and have to have insurance to cover this if anything goes wrong. I would like to see the people who designed and ok this project to step down you are no good at this type of work. Two years is unacceptable. The new warm and dry houses will be built by trade students on the Weltec and Whitireia campuses.

Prisoners engaged in Weltec trade training at Rimutaka Prison will also produce one new house per year as part of the programme. Two new three-bedroom homes have already been completed as part of this partnership, one built behind the wire at Rimutaka Prison and the other at the Whitireia campus last year. The new homes have just been delivered to a vacant Housing New Zealand site in Porirua and will be available for families to move in by mid I'm Emily, I'm a 23 year old student trying to make her way through yet another year of university in Auckland city. Note I have a full time day job so I'm only looking for evening and week end fun thanks Pie is also great.

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