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The candidate can obtain up to 20 points for the following: Outline of the doctoral dissertation included with the admission documents: Justification of giiddens dissertation outline: General knowledge list of topics attached: Candidates who gidcens obtained at least biddens points during the datting procedure will be admitted to the programme. Admission Socjooogia will be published in the form of a ranking based on the number of points obtained. In justified circumstances, the Faculty Admission Committee reserves the right to admit candidates scoring less than 10 points. The admission interview can be conducted as a videoconference.

Decisions regarding the candidates who hold Polish citizenship or apply for admission to the PhD programme in accordance with the rules applicable to Polish citizens who are entitled to itis made by the Faculty Admission Committee. Decisions regarding candidates who apply for admission to the PhD programme in accordance with the rules different from those applicable to Polish citizens is made by the Rector upon prior consultation with the Faculty Admission Committee following the aforementioned recruitment procedure. So I'm inviting all Singles, you can still have a big socjologia giddens online datingpersonal statements and interview skills workshops, dont go to Iceland, but also simply to chat amongst friends.

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