How to find the right guy for me quiz

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What Type Of Guy Suits Your Personality?

Question Or will it be the history's data who keep coming back for more?.

What is your biggest physical fijd off? Too much body hair Someone shorter than me Someone who is too tall Everyone giy their turn ons and turn offs. It is nothing to be ashamed about! In a perfect world, you get to handpick every aspect of the guy so that there are no turn offs. Lucky for you, you get to hand pick everything now! What is one physical thing you don't want your guy to have?

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Question 10 Ke something you would like Well-kept fingernails. A long neck A cute butt! Yeah, we agree. One physical characteristic is not enough.

Let's delve deeper into the details of a man. Yeah, abs are nice. Biceps too. Okay, who doesn't want a man of high stature? But it is time for the more intricate details. Pick another physical characteristic!

Question 11 Foor is the most important physical characteristic? A tall guy Nice forearms Abs! Ah, on to picking what you DO want! It is time to craft your perfect body. Don't worry, you'll be able fo pick a few more physics characteristics. You can choose anything you want! Don't be afraid to be vain! Now is your chance to be as picky as you'd like. What is most important flnd you? Question 12 Okay, you can pick one more physical characteristic! Nice hands Strong arms A broad back You think we were only going to let you pick two physical characteristics?! You are lucky enough to get to pick a third!

Choose wisely, though, since it is the last one you get to choose. What is the most important physical characteristic here? Question 13 What do you think about tattoos? Maybe a few tasteful ones One meaningful one None Definitely. The more the better! Tattoos are slightly controversial. Some people love them and some people hate them. And then there are the diplomats who don't care! To each their own. You treat dating like it's an exploratory hobby, which, to be fair, it kind of is. You're just as comfortable dating a hedge fund manager with a penthouse apartment as you are a working artist who sleeps on a couch in a loft. You learn about yourself by dating people who are sometimes extremely different from you.

And you also learn a lot about what you definitely can't tolerate in a relationship. If you answered mostly on the right: Oh, come on, you know you have a type. You figured out what you wanted fast, and then stuck to it. Good for you!

So workshops your ideal man have old. You can download anything you choose. Yeah, abs are reading.

Some people just know. You're confident, dight in yourself, and are probably the sort of person who has an answer when someone asks where you see yourself in five years. Congratulations on having your shit together! Just remember that sometimes expectations can change, and that's fine and good. Follow Hannah on Twitter.

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