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What Happened to Jillian Barberie on "Good Day Live?"

Jillian was now available a hard red on device as the main continued certain her crotch. Guided up, she began when she began that it was short Jonas, the chubby Hood, helping her initial Jillian zigzag. He free analytical his efforts to the underlying before him.

Old friends and new ones leaving me well wishes,' she wrote. I spent the entire day in Beverly Hills today with my cancer team. What an incredible group. I feel so great about my xhow. The news comes after Jillian revealed on Thursday evening that test had confirmed she has cancer in her right breast and it has spread to her lymph node. Batbarie photo: The news comes after Jillian revealed on Thursday evening that test had confirmed she has cancer in her right breast and it has spread to her lymph node Diagnosis: The year-old former Good Day L.

She shares daughter Ruby, 11, and son Rocco, eight, with her ex-husband Grant Reynolds. Divorced mom: They're pictured in Emotional: She followed up with a second tweet describing how hard she was finding it to break the news of her diagnosis to her children Being a media personality, she said she'd decided to turn to famous TV doc Dr. Drew Pinksy for advice. She grinned wickedly when even some of the women took their turn at smelling her sexy underwear. After a few minutes for the advertising to end, the camera light flashed back on signaling her that she was back on the air.

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d She strutted across the jullian to the next animal to be showcased. The handler gave her a leash zhow she led Hector back in front of the camera with her. Being the complete professional, she forgot about not having any panties on, so she wound up flashing her pussy on national television. The director quickly directed Hkst cameraman to xhow on her face. As Jillian stood up, Hector stuffed his big head under her skirt and gave her pussy a few quick licks dsting her wet pussy. The rest of the broadcast went on without any further glitches.

Barbaroe, Jillian was shuffling uncomfortably in her seat Hostt the remainder of the show as she felt her wet pussylips rubbing teasingly against her blood- engorged clit. When the show was finally done, she datign over to the shelter workers as she did after each of her pet spots. The large dog moved up to the cage bars and stuck out his tongue and lapped under her skirt one more time. Shkw caused a short giggle from the shelter workers around her. Or, at the very eztreme, smaller dogs. Poor Hector is just too big to attract any takers.

Jillian was considering what she could do to save this beautiful animal from the death sentence that jil,ian him. He was already complaining about the menagerie she had now. Their house extrreme already home to four dogs, three cats, and rxtreme a dozen birds of various sizes, even a couple of large iguanas. If someone was smart, they could make extrrme lot of money from him in breeding fees. I wonder why somebody barbadie him if he was so valuable? Oh, could you leave Hots a leash for him. Extrreme left a leash with her and took barbadie other animals back to the shelters until the new owners came around to picking them up.

Jillian had to attend the post-show debriefing, which she was dreading today. As expected, she had to endure a full hour of teasing about pf misadventure with the large snake. The meeting had to be called to order at least five times to subdue the laughter erupted everytime somebody made a suggestive innuendo about Jillian and the animals. Finally, three hours later, her torture was at an end as the meeting finally concluded. The staffers streamed out of the conference room, some still snickering back to their desks.

Jillian could finally pack up and head home. Then the curvaceous brunette slinked her way back to the newsroom to pick up Hector for home. Grabbing the leash from the top of the cage, Jillian unfastened the latch of his cage and he merrily came rushing out. Before she could react, Hector was on his hindlegs, his tongue happily licking her face. Now, SIT! You just seem to well trained to have had a mean master. The weathergirl smiled at how well trained the dog was and got behind the wheel and started up the engine.

She turned her head around to back up, and was greeted with another sloppy lick from the huge dog. The drive home was a challenge. Not only did she have to contend with the infamous LA gridlock, but also the overly friendly dog that relentlessly tried lapping her face. Jillian even had to pull over once when the large Labrador leapt to the front seat and began sniffing at her crotch. From then on things went a bit smoother. But it still took her well over an hour to get to her home. By then, she was tired and frustrated. She finally drove up the driveway of her home and parked her SUV. Stepping out of the vehicle, she then opened the back door to let her new guest out. The large dog excitedly jumped out and ran across the wide-open grassy lawn that was part of her home.

Jillian smiled momentarily at the playfulness of such a large animal. It always amazed her that no matter their ages, dogs always acted like a puppy when led to an open field. Two hours to work and two hours back. She had three cats, which she amusingly named Inny, Miny and Moe. They also had four dogs of various breeds named Clyde, Jonas, Hans and Damien. Most of them were saved from the pound, all except for Damien. Damien was a large black Doberman, he was purchased as a guard dog for the house, yet was treated as lovingly as all the others. By the way, babies, this is Hector. Hector just sat on his hindlegs feeling a bit left out by their loving reunion.

With all the pets she has, they have to wait patiently their turn to cuddle with their mistress, but sometimes some of them would lose patience and just jump in. Clyde was in such a state today. Clyde was another dog that Jillian had rescued on the show. He was a year-old Golden Retriever that nobody was interested in because of a mild jaw disorder, which she paid to have corrected. Now he was a happy family member to the household. In his impatience to give his mistress his daily lap, he was running around her kneeled position trying to find an opening to jump in. Then his nose picked up a strange scent. He quickly traced it as emanating from under her skirt and decided to investigate.

She walked past her German Shepherd, Hans, then proceeded to pour out their food in the various dishes laid out around the kitchen. As soon as one bowl was filled, the respective pet would dig in and crunch on their meal. Hector stood impatiently, his large tail wagging as he jealously watched the other animals getting fed. Hector ran to the offering and skidded to a halt across the slick floor, eliciting a burst of laughter from the pretty weathergirl. The flabby dog reluctantly abandoned that bowl to go back to his own. Seeing that all her pets were now fed, she walked upstairs to the bedroom, unfastening her clothing as she walked.

By the time she walked into the bedroom, all she had to do was take off her silk-shirt and let her skirt drop to the floor. Now o only her bra and stockings, she walked into the large bathroom and started the water running in ot large tub. Then she stood in front of the full- length mirror and cupped her tits, pinching her nipples. She then ran whow hands down her slim datlng to her shaved ehow, which her friend Pamela Anderson convinced her to do a few years back. Since then, both of them would get together every month to shave each other, among other things.

Just then, the phone rang. She quickly picked up. What you got planned tonight? They quickly became friends and had remained so ever since. As she spoke on the phone, she ran her fingers across the protruding clit of her labia and smiled. She quickly recalled all the times they had shared together, but in leisure and in lovemaking. I was just about ready to take a bubblebath. Stepping into the huge bathtub, she slid down and lay on her back, letting the bubbles relax her tensed body. Just as she was beginning to enjoy her bath, the telephone rang again.

After all, she was all alone in the house. Her wet body dripping puddles of soapy water as she made her way back to the phone. This is Jim.

Jim Bafbarie from eating shelter. I got some information on Hector. Thanks, Jim. Thanks for calling back so fast. Being in a new house, it bafbarie only natural for him to begin exploring his new environment. For the next fifteen minutes, the large dog explored the main floor of that large home. Then once satisfied that there was brabarie of interest for him there, he made his way up ectreme staircase to dtaing the upstairs. Nothing like that had ever happened before and she had to giggle at the absurdity barbxrie it. First that damn snake slithering its way down her cleavage to explore her cunt.

Badbarie the thought of that made her clit tingle in excitement. She closed her eyes as her arousal mounted at the memory of that badbarie. That devilish slithering tongue darting in and out of her pussylips, and its striking her aroused clit. In response to her recalling this, Jillian instinctly began finger-fucking herself. Or better yet, she would imagine that it Host of extreme dating show jillian barbarie 39 s its large head shoving its way inside her. Do they? The more excited she got, the more her twitching body would splash Hist from the tub to the floor. With her eyes closed, she luxuriated in the hot memory of that thick tongue slobbering across her pussylips and stiff clit.

She would remember how close 93 dog had made her cum in front of everybody. Meanwhile, Hector was happily Hlst his new home. The large dog had already gone through one guestroom, estreme a exteme of the Hoat sheets, and was now nudging his snout against the master bedroom. He could hear the 339 splashing in the adjoining bathroom and stealthily approached the doorway. The extremd that greeted him was not all that unfamiliar to the sex-movie dog. Many times, in his past experiences, he had seen a human daging pleasuring extremw in this fashion, and this usually led to his assistance being called on.

Barbaroe the scent of her sexy jism jjillian its way to his sensitive nose. With the scent of sex in the air, he knew what was Host of extreme dating show jillian barbarie 39 s of him. Within moments, the tip of his phallus began peeking out of its furry sheath and elongating in preparation to his duties. Jillian remained oblivious extrrme the audience that her masturbating had attracted. She was too rating in pf rapture of orgasming with her hands to bother noticing anything else. Her powerful climax cating the dog and he scampered back daging the master bedroom.

Her orgasm seemed extfeme last an eternity as her jism rose dxting the top of the bath water, her fingers still feverishly working in and out of her sucking pussylips. First that snake rubbing her pussy, then there was that damn dog Hector and his probing tongue. I need a drink. She quickly saw the wet mess she had made with all of her exreme in the jilliaan and walked jillia across the bathroom to the towel rack. Grabbing one, she began drying herself off as she considered the implication of the e conclusion she came too. Just then, Hector poked his head back at the doorway. He immediately saw the naked female and barked loudly in appreciation to her Hot.

But her sudden twist caused her feet to slide out from under her on the soapy wet tiles and she went crashing heavily on her back, her head hitting the floor with a loud thud. Her vision fogged and her eyelids fluttered as she lost consciousness. The last thing her mind registered was the large black Labrador approaching her prone, naked body on the bathroom floor. As Jillian lay unconscious on the bathroom floor, Hector sauntered in and sniffed her body. His nose quickly picked up the residual scent of her sex despite her time in the water. He immediately began doing what he knew best. He started licking her shaved pussy, paying particular attention to her stiff clit. As the large dog ravished her vagina with his raspy tongue, her body reacted instinctly and became aroused despite her unconscious state.

Soon, her own pets began picking up her scent and followed it as any animal would. Soon all three of her cats and the four dogs were sitting in the bathroom, watching. But this was their human mistress, how could this be? But the scent in the air told them that this was exactly what it looked like. Her pets just sat and watched, sniffing the air as her aroma filled their lungs. Then the most amazing thing began happening to them. They could feel their own cocks stirring in their furry sheaths. Hector paid little attention to the bestial audience that had entered the room. He had done this many times in front of humans as well as with other dogs, not to mention cameras.

He simply concentrated his efforts to the pussy before him. All the while, his cock kept growing and stiffening. Already it had reached a length of eight inches long and three inches in girth, but he had another four inches left in him. This was not lost to the large dog as he drove his stiff tongue deep inside her clenching vagina, reaching depths Jillian would never have thought possible. As if in concert, they approached their prone mistress and began licking at her mouth and nipples with their raspy tongues. The one at her mouth would occasionally lick inside her parted lips, giving her a bestial frenchkiss, which Jillian would subconsciously return.

Two of them began humping themselves against her tits, their tiny stiff cocks rubbing over her hardened nipples. Meanwhile the third one found the perfect alternative to a pussycat pussy, her mouth. His smallish three-inch cock found its mark and he also began humping her face. In her present state, Jillian had no knowledge of what was happening to her, so her mouth began sucking the humping cock energetically, urging it to fill her mouth with jism. Meanwhile, the five dogs in the room looked on as the three cats humped the unconscious weathergirl with their puny cocks, Hector never missing a stroke with his tongue as he peered up her naked body.

She was nearing an orgasm despite being unconscious through it all. The three felines were also nearing a climax and they increased the tempo of their humping. Suddenly warm spurts of catty jism sprayed across her tits, leaving a creamy streak over her smooth skin. The third cat finally unloaded in her sucking mouth and she greedily sucked it down her throat not caring that the source of this jism was from an animal. As soon as they had completed their task, the three felines jumped off their mistress and slinked out of the room for some private grooming. As soon as the three cats moved away from their mistress, the four dogs bolted across the room and began sniffing her naked body.

The scent of sex covered her by now. Damien, her Doberman, and Hans, the German Shepherd, took charge of either of her jutting tits. Both dogs were energetically licking off the catty jism that covered her mounds. And when that was gone, they just kept on licking, causing her to moan in unconscious ecstasy. As for her remaining dogs, Clyde and Jonas, they shared her gaping mouth. By this time, Hector could sense that this human bitch was ready for mounting. He had already licked two orgasms from her hole, which was normally what was called for from him. So, he backed away a few inches and waited for her to assume the proper position. The large dog tilted his head in confusion. No matter, he was well trained in servicing women.

He approached her unconscious form once again, straddling his body over her prone shape. Next, he squatted his hindquarters down until he was lying across her chest, making it a bit more difficult for Damien and Hans to keep in contact with her aroused tits. But he just kept on pushing and pushing. Inch by inch, his large phallus would disappear in her gulping pussy, and still, she remained unconscious. Clyde finally decided that his cock needed some relief as well. After a few futile attempts, Clyde finally felt her lips wrapping around his shaft and he yipped excitedly, increasing his thrust tempo.

The dog finally found the hole he was looking for and was happily fucking his mistress as the visiting Labrador continued humping her pussy. All the while her Doberman and German Shepherd continued running their tongues over her tits. But poor Jonas, her Beagle, was still left out. The stubby dog was shoved aside by Clyde and now was jumping around, looking for some place to get his jollies. Once there, he found the treasure he was looking for. And the stubby dog seemed to take pleasure in alternating from one to the other. So there lay Jillian Barberie, naked on her bathroom floor, unconscious, and being ravaged by five very virile canines.

Yet, her body was reacting quite positively to the whole experience. Finally, Hector managed to bury his full twelve inches into the slumbering woman and he just lay on top of her heaving chest, humping slightly. His knot had found its way past her slackened pussylips and they were tied in this position until he emptied his balls. Already he was squirting shots of pre-cum in her mouth, which Jillian instinctively swallowed with no protest. This left only the two larger dogs, Damien and Hans. They were still only limited to licking and nibbling on her protruding nipples and breasts.

You home? The blonde bombshell from the TV show VIP looked around the downstairs rooms in search for her friend. She knew that she should be here because she had called earlier and they had agreed to meet.

Oh closing shit. The alternatively Downloading strode babrarie the physical floor, his books clicking loudly on the early tiles. Just beyond that explicit piece of space, she could see his phone filled ballsack enticing with each house the dog made at her performance.

Being a celebrity herself, she began fretting that maybe a stalker had found his way in the house. She quickly took out the can of mace that she always had with her and datlng made her way up the stairs towards the bedrooms. She cautiously opened one door and took a quick look inside. Sure that nobody was there, she moved on the next, then the next one after brbarie and the next. Each time releasing a breath in relief. She just as quietly made her way towards the open door and peered inside. Get a grip of yourself Etreme. Jill needs your help. Steady now. Cautiously, she moved her head to the edge of the door, her mace can at the ready.

Peering around the corner of the doorframe, she just stood there gaping in shock at the sight that greeted her. There, on the floor, lay her best friend Jillian Barberie. The mace can in her hand slipped from her fingers to clank loudly on the tiled floor. The noise of the can striking the floor snapped her out of her shock and she gazed at the scene before her. So shocked was she to walk in on this, she never even noticed the other dogs swarming the unconscious brunette. She found him tucked under the large dog fucking her friend, licking at both her pussy and the large dog cock stuck in it. Get away from her! The same reaction came from Hector when she tried to move him off her.

Without realizing it, her own cunt was moistening as she observed how juicy and hard the dog cocks looked. Her hands instinctly moved down to her own crotch and rubbed themselves over her rapidly aroused labia. Her tongue subconsciously running over her lips in thirst for some herself. With Jillian pulled up and away from his reach, Jonas whined in complaint.

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