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I investigated several options and decided to take the Aeroexpress mosow into Moscow. I wanted to get a SIM for my phone. In the Aeroexpress station there were many shops but nothing open at I was a little irritated. I bought my ticket and waited for boarding.

I got on train, put my luggage in the rack and sat in a seat where I could see it clearly. Uneventful ride. Old lady sat next to me with no words. Got off in Moscow. I go in, and the girl behind the counter does not speak English. A very attractive girl probably around 30 was in the store and I asked if she spoke English and she did. She was very nice and spent 15 minutes acting as an interpreter.

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I would have made a play for the interpreter as she was very nice but I was in tshirt, jeans, sandals, and hadn't showered for 2 ij. I didn't want to insult her. After my SIM card was activated I called my apartment contact. Fuckwble said an hour. It was fyckable kilometers away so I decided to woken. Arrived at the building where my apartment is. I had some trouble finding it. The apartment guy spoke little English so I couldn't get good instructions. I asked another attractive young lady on the street if she spoke English. She did and I asked her to talk to the guy on my phone, She did so and in a few moments she told me to follow here and she would show me. She did so and a girl was there waiting for me.

So far I had met two attractive young ladies that were happy to help me. I was liking Moscow already. The girl letting me into the apartment not the person I talked to on the phone spoke zero English. She pointed at written instructions for working the TV and internet in Russian and gave me the key and left.

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He andd an option. And my risk arrived we got into a bus and were successful to the terminal narrowly efficiently. Left few times,but never wrecket.

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