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Females and Pectoral Muscle Exercises

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The primary functions of your pecs are to flex raiseadduct bring backand medially rotate turn inward your upper arm. So, "if you think of picking things up, holding things, squeezing things, or any kind of movement that involves pushing, the pecs are involved in all of that," says Thomas. That's why, if your pecs are weak from disuse, the simple act of carrying and loading grocery bags into your house can feel like a challenge.

From a purely functional standpoint, you'll make your day-to-day way easier if you regularly train your chest muscles. But they also matter because they call a bunch of the surrounding muscles into action—namely the shoulders, back, and triceps—which makes any chest exercise a fantastic all-over upper-body movement. Seedman says one of the best exercises to tone up triceps is actually a chest press. And research backs him up: Using surface electromyography, a method for measuring muscle activation during exercise, the researchers found that a dumbbell chest press is best for those who want to build up their chest, whereas a Smith machine or barbell setup is the ideal way to perform the move when that horseshoe look in your triceps is the goal.

How to Start Working Your Pecs Now that you know you should work out your pecs, the only question is, um, how? To get your chest muscles strong and stretched, Thomas says to focus on them at least once a week. Though, ideally, you'll do two to three full-body sessions, hitting both your pecs and back every time, she adds.

As far as specific moves go, Thomas says it's best to incorporate a variety so that you work the muscle from every angle. Her go-tos include the chest press using a dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, or Smith machinean incline press a higher incline will recruit more of your shoulder and upper back musclesa chest fly, and the push-up. Pro tip: A few months later, I spent a long weekend with my mom Hi!! At the spa, I told my therapist about the stretch I had learned at my local yoga studioand that my pectoral muscles were the ones to target during the session. She warned me it would be painful, but apparently I'm completely immune to torture because I drooled through the almost two-hour appointment the way a "normal person" would from like, a regular massage.

I left Canyon Ranch with bruises on my pecs and some brand-new knowledge about my body: I needed to do something about this tightness. Turns out, we'd all benefit from stretching and strengthening our pecs, even if we're not trying to bench press pounds.

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Your pec majors are super important muscles. They help you move your shoulders "in different directions and pull the arms closer to the midline of your body," says Mikulski. Likewise, the pec minors are equally valuable: It makes sense that these muscles are taking a hit when I cower over my Macbook all day. The pectoral muscles also "play a role in deep breathing, especially the pectoralis minor," Heather Seidman, P. That's because it's attached to your ribcage, so any time you take a big, deep breath, the pec minor has to stretch for everything to expand.

The pecs, both major and minor, are also essential for performing any sort of pushing motion, like when you're trying to open a heavy door or do a push-up. If you, too, have always thought that working your pecs would make your boobs bigger, hopefully this clears things up for you. I guess the real reason I hadn't ever bothered strengthening or stretching my pecs is that I had always assumed building the muscle tissue beneath my breasts would give me a boost in cup size, which I really don't want.

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When I think about pecs, I think about a '90s bro on Venice Beach busting out of his tight mesh tank top while doing ladiez biceps curl with a giant dumbbell. Not really my look. Pc supportive tissues include fat, connective laeies and skin that give the breast shape and size. Your pecs lie under your breast tissue, so they may not aldies visible if you have large breasts. Also, working your pecs is not going to change your cup size. Pec Exercises You have numerous exercise choices to work your pecs. You can do pushups from your knees or toes on a mat.

Free weights are useful for performing dumbbell flys or bench presses with dumbbells or a barbell. You can also change the angle and do flys and presses on an incline, flat or decline. If you are doing a full-body resistance training routine, choose one or two chest exercises as part of your workout. If you do a split exercise routine, try three or four pec exercises to shape your chest. Training Recommendations Train your pecs two or three times per week on nonconsecutive days.

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