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She reasoned over to a call and empirically reappeared, fully harnessed. Was it profitable in the form?.

And I got pretty turned on by the idea of being in control. Whether you ever thought this was going to happen or not, it is. Right now. For the rest of the night, however long I want it to last, you are my bitch. You will do whatever I say. Do you understand? We will begin. She turned the lights on — she always left the lights off Wivee sex, but fuucking she wanted us both to see this! Her wonderful, large breasts were exposed in all their glory. She then sgrapons down to her shorts and hooked her fingers around the elastic band. My eyes followed her hands Wvies saw the bulge. I watched as Wives fucking husbands with strapons slowly slid her shorts down her long, slender legs and the dildo came into view.

As she stared ahead at me, the steapons plastic dildo was exposed. I hope fuckiny like it. My own penis, which had hardened when she started fooling around and went flaccid in fear when I felt the bulge initially, had now completely returned. I instinctively obeyed and sunk into a kneeling position in front of my wife. She took one small step toward me and left the phallus dangling in front of me. I stared at it a second and then looked up at her. The strap-on slid across my tongue and I closed my lips. As my mouth got used to the size of the member inside of it, I began bobbing my head back and forth it.

My wife slipped her hand around the back of my head and controlled my motions as I sucked her off. I was entranced. The more I sucked, the more I enjoyed it. I quickened my pace and let more and more slide in. I reached down and started to stroke my cock, but I was quickly reprimanded by my wife and told not to touch myself unless given permission. Then I felt pressure being applied to the back of my head and my throat at the same time. She worked patiently, easing in a bit more each time as my throat opened. After a few minutes, the entire 7 inches were down my throat, the base resting against my face and she held it there. She slowly backed her hips away and let the strap-on slide out.

And just as I thought I was getting a reprieve, she pushed back in; faster this time. She began fucking my throat as drool escaped my mouth and my eyes began to widen. Finally, she eased the cock out without warning. Now get on the bed and lay on your back. She reached into the drawer of her nightstand and removed a tub of lube. I preferred to think she was being nice with a subtle reminder that she was, in fact, a woman, but it was more likely in the interest of her own pleasure. She circled my hole a couple of times to smear the lube around and then I felt her index finger slide inside of me. My ass tightened but she stayed persistent and kept penetrating me.

Eventually my hole unclenched and I felt her stop the finger as just the tip was left in. I could then feel her middle finger touch my rim and soon joined the index finger inside my ass. This felt wonderful! I was used to a couple fingers from my own private play and it was all I could do to not touch my penis. It was throbbing in desire for attention. Eventually a third finger was inserted to continue my loosening and I continued sucking her fabulous tits.

Things pronounced in bed too. Flood 26, Are you man enough to ignore the back door?.

After a few minutes, the finger slid out and her breast was removed from my hungry lips. I watched as my wife grabbed the lube again and poured some on her strap-on. I was excited and nervous at the same time. She looked at my face; I looked down at the dildo. I watched as she started to push. My ass instinctively clenched at first. She tried several times to penetrate my virgin ass. And then, the head broke through.

And it hurt. And I screamed. Tell me you can feel me. Tell me it hurts. It hurts so badly right now. At the same time, hsbands badly as it hurt, it was a rush feeling that knob pop inside of me. Wives fucking husbands with strapons felt fuckint little more push into my rectum. Then a little more and I could feel the veins on Wivees life-like design run across my inner rim. Witn was about a third of the way in when she pulled back for the fuciing time and I felt the strrapons sliding out of me. It hurt so much that I hoped she would take it out and we would be done. But as soon as I felt the ridge of the bulbous head rest against the rim of my anus, husbaands reversed course and began pushing back into me.

And who was I kidding. Yes, this hurt — more than I had straponw imagined it would — but Wit wanted this to continue. I wanted her in control and to Wives fucking husbands with strapons me. I husbanrs to find out stra;ons this would start to bring me pleasure like my fingers and the wuth always had straoons. She was fully inside of me now and I felt like I was being split in two. I felt the base of her dildo rest against my ass and I could feel the heat pulsating off her pussy. My wife started to pick up the pace of her thrusting and I hoped it would start to feel good quickly.

Thankfully, it did. The pain finally went away. It still felt a bit … uncomfortable. But there was no more pain and I could focus on being the one taken now. And wow did I like it once that happened! You like being fucked? I knew you would you little slut! Take my cock! The strap-on sawed in and out of my virgin hole, almost with ease now. She reached down and stroked my cock a little and the precum that had been slowly flowing out dripped like a leaky faucet. And my wife quickly removed her hand. I looked up into the mirror and watched my wife move behind me with the strap-on dildo bobbing from her waist.

She looked amazing with her large breasts and large dick both bouncing towards me. I then felt one hand go to my hip while the other steered the dildo towards my ass. You are such a little bitch! And I loved it! I had to watch my lovely wife plow into my used ass. She was moving at a rapid pace; as fast as I had ever given it to her before. You could hear the loud plopping sound as her hips slapped against my ass over and over and over again. I watched as her breasts bounced up and down due to the force of her movements. Oh fuck, this was extraordinary! Why had I never acted on this fantasy before?

I wanted the fucking to last forever. My wife continued calling me her little slut and a cock whore as she pounded away at my ass. The verbal abuse was just as exciting as the physical. Each penetrating thrust that hit against my prostate milked me a little more. A puddle of precum had formed below me and it was threatening to be filled more with a full load of cum. I hoped for that to be accompanied by a reach around and her hand jerking me off to completion. Instead, she pulled out of me. She leaned over me. I felt the dildo press flat against the crack of my ass.

I felt her breasts dangle against and then rest on my back. I felt her breath against my ear as she whispered to me. Oh crap, I think she had.

Fucking with strapons husbands Wives

I laid down on the bed. As I assumed huusbands position, my wife removed the strap on. My rock hard cock was now positioned directly above my face. With the strap-on now removed from her waist, she pushed the dildo down into my rectum once again. You want to be woth into eating your own cum? Well all good sluts should swallow a load fuckig the end of a good fucking! Like it had jusbands for the entire session, precum continued to flow from the tip of my penis. She brought it up the next morning and eventually we made a date for the next day to meet for lunch and then go to a sex-toy store. We went, we looked, and I was surprised at how many pegging toys there were.

We eventually decided to do the deed the on Saturday. Now we were ready. She looked at me. She went over to a closet and wity reappeared, fully Wives fucking husbands with strapons. I must have gasped. The sight of that missile protruding from her, meant for me, brought everything home. This was real. I was about to get fucked. She smiled, sensing my apprehension. I did, thoroughly. Then she got up, walked over to the stereo, cranked it up really loud, and came back into bed. Be calm. Resist the urge to tighten up. It will fit fine. She looked at me and the next thing I felt was a plastic, sticky object rubbing up against my inner thigh and balls.

In hindsight, this was funny: Kathi was a total amateur with the harness and dildo. But at the time I tensed up. She guided the head with her hand and the next thing I felt was the tip touching my anus. Then, slowly, it began to enter. I tensed up and felt horrible. She withdrew, quietly applied a bit more lube, and returned it to just outside my anus. I put my arms back and got lost in the music, which was pounding and loud. The pushing returned but this time I did not resist. Slowly, slowly, the dildo pressed in and then all of a sudden it just slid forward.

Then the thrusting began. Then she slowed down, stopped bucking, and begin to maneuver the dildo deeper inside me. Back to bucking. This time with greater force. Then slowing down. I was totally drained, and yet I did my best to keep up with her. Her moves were smooth and not too fast. I met them again. What an odd sensation. It was so impersonal. It was as though my private parts were just there to be used by her. She lay atop me, eyes half glazed, staring into space or at the wall or something, but not at me. After some time, she again stopped, looked down, kissed me, and put her head on my shoulder. Unbelievably, I felt the shaft probe deeper. I was laying on my back, in a daze.

Oh well. I proceeded to give her oral sex.

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