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Wonder Pets Season 1 Episode 2 Save the Unicorn!/Save the Penguin! (2006)

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Manny Coto Synopsis: Rogue AI has the ability to continuously improve itself and a brillant but paranoid former tech CEO joins the Homeland Cybersecurity Agent team to try and stop it.

Nasim Pedrad Tonight: Lee Fedak, Sam Sklaver Profound: Sim Kwan, David Sangalli Spy:.

Jon Beckerman Synopsis: The comedy follows a couple through three different stages in life: Deputy Drama EPs: David Ayer, Will Beall W: David Ayer, Will Beall Synopsis: The show folloes Deputy Bill Hollister, who's much more comfortable in the field than in a meeting. Lovestruck Based on the French series Quadras Cast: Tom Kapinos Synopsis: The first season will take place over the course of single night at a wedding and things about the characters will be revealed about their present and pasts. Two complete strangers will be taught one half of a dance routine and then will go on a date where they have to dance. Once the couples have completed their dance date, they will part still not yet having spoken a word to each other, but will hope that they have done enough to warrant a second date.

Richard Lovely Comedy EP: Geniuses Comedy EP: Lon Zimmet writer Synopsis: Daddy Issues Comedy Cast: Lil Kev Animated Comedy Voice actors: Michael Price, Matt Claybrooks Synopsis: Based on Hart's childhood, the show follows a year-old boy as he grows up in North Philadelphia with the help of "his strong, quick-tempered mother, drug-addicted father, pessimistic older brother, ex-con uncle and wise-ass talking dog. Chris Fedak, Sam Sklaver Synopsis: Malcolm Bright is the son of a notorious serial killer called The Surgeon who has genius skills and understand how killers think. As a criminal psychologist uses his exptertise to help the NYPD solve crimes.

Filthy Rich Drama Cast: Southern Gothic dramedy which revolves around two strong, sharp women who will go to any length to protect their loved ones and get their due. The good, the bad, the best and even the blah. It's that time of the year, kids! The Last Man Cast: Vaughan, Melina Matsoukas director Synopsis: The new world order of women will explore gender, race, class and survival. Ted Griffin EP: The s-set series centers on a group of talent agents who defect from one agency only to create their own successful one. The show will mix fictional and real-life entertainment personalities within the story. Rosario Dawson, Jay R. Andy Greenwald EP: Dawson will lead as Allegra "Pick" Dill, a tenacious and highly-skilled investigator working in Washington, DC for a young, ambitious Senator.

When her ten-years-younger sister, a homicide detective, is killed by a car bomb, Allegra returns to her corrupt Texas hometown. What begins as a search for the murderer becomes a fraught and dangerous excavation of the past Allegra has long sought to bury. Dawson will also serve as producer. Treadstone Drama EP: Ramin Bahrani W: Tim Kring Synopsis: Spinoff of the Jason Bourne movie series. The series explores the origin story and present-day actions of a CIA black ops program known as Treadstone, a covert operation that uses behavior modification protocol to turn its agents into nearly unstoppable superhuman assassins. Megan Abbott, Gina Fattore Synopsis: A look into volatile competitive high school cheerleading.

The series explores female friendships, jealousy, loyalty and the dynamics of power in a small Midwestern town.

Plus, an update on 'A. Bio' and more new series. TNT W: David Schneiderman EP: David Schneiderman, Charles D. While these qualities make her an excellent trainer, they tend to cause problems in the rest of her life. Constance Drama Cast: Robert Downey Jr. KC Perry D: Jesse Peretz Synopsis: Realizing she and her family are on the verge of financial ruin, Constance turns to cooking the books at City Hall, while simultaneously trying to reinvent herself through the hyper-competitive world of direct-sales cosmetics. TBS Cast: Nasim Pedrad Synopsis: Arthur wants his obnoxious wife to die.

Travis Fimmel D: Ridley Scott first two episodes W: Aaron Guzikowski EPs: Ridley Scott, Aaron Guzikowski showrunner Synopsis: The series is about two androids — Father and Mother — who are raising children on a virign planey. As the burgeoning colony of humans threatens to be torn apart by religious differences, the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and difficult task. Showtime Cast: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg Synopsis: October 19, — aka Black Monday — saw the worst stock market crash in the history of Wall Street. No one knows who caused it — until now. Plus, 'American Idol' sets a return date. TV Guide even publishedwho include a former Playboy Playmate and her husband who dyed his hair blue ; an ex-CIA operative and his daughter paging!

But just weeks before the scheduled premiere, CBS supposedly decided it needed to put more space between the seasons there's some evidence that they had actually fallen behind with productionand announced it was holding the show until an undetermined date. I checked in with CBS, and they told me only that they may announce a new premiere date this week. Emphasis on the "MAY. Two Emmys, no respect. Online has reported that there may be plans for an Please,please, no Flo Mmm, Phil and exotic dreams On Oct. But if by "soundtrack" you mean "theme song," you're in luck.

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But be forewarned: Don't let money, don't let money change you," you may wonder if the show shouldn't require the contestants to actually listen to the words. There also are some available for free download on "The Apprentice" site, if you want to hear Donald Trump's lines from the show remixed a la Max Headroom. Me, not so much. Whatever happened to Zach and Flo of "Amazing Race" 3? Zach's my nominee for best reality show contestant ever because he singlehandedly pulled Flo into the finals and across the finish line first. Their web site, flozach.

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