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They oddparnts out of the programme and over a car Mom: Up at Least's workshop, the elves have marked on strike over the never kept Working, leaving Santa to personalized up with thousands for rather handy repellent foibles.

Vicky is much less evil than in the current series. She also calls Timmy by his name as opposed to the more often used "twerp". Originally, Hartman wanted Timmy to wear a blue hat, but it was changed to pink when his blue marker ran out of ink. The Jerkinators" was intended to be the fifth-season finale and series finale in production order, airing on July 21, Revival — [ edit ] Hartman announced on his forum on February 2,that Nick granted Fairly OddParents twenty more episode slots, making sure the show resumed production. Crocker leaves to "chip off all the dead skin", Timmy tells his godparents to "be on their toes", they go on their toes literally and fall over.

Timmy remarks, "I'm doomed. Chester and A. Cosmo and Wanda are overexcited from the coffee and about to give themselves up when Wanda needs to poop, some she has apparently never done before. Crocker tries to trick her with a choice, "Boys, girls, or mystical creatures". She is about to choose the third option, when Principal Waxelplax strolls by and goes in first. Waxelplax ends up getting tied up by toilet paper in a trap Mr. Crocker had placed in the bathroom. Crocker's fantasy: Works for us! They drive out of the room and over a car Mom: Was that the Dinkleberg's car? I hope so!

That's what I was aiming for! My brains! Babble and drool! I have a five o'clock shadow! And it's only 7 A. The horror! The pure, unadulterated PG horror! Timmy, remember- we love you I goofed up this world. Now, I'm ungoofing it. While on the phone AJ: Are you playing the Crash Nebula video game? Shouldn't you be studying? What are you? My Mom? Timmy hangs up AJ: Hey genius, you missed the receiver. Timmy hangs up again Timmy is studying for his quiz: Hey, wanna play the Not Study Game?

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How do you play? Cosmo after shoving Timmy's textbooks off the desk: You're already playing! Shouldn't you be rescuing a calculator from a tree? Spell "calculator". I don't know anything anymore! Welcome to datibg world! And don't make him re-live Super Toilet! It took the plunger Don't say that! My Dad loves me! Super Bike: How do you know he's not lying? How do I know you're not? Well, [turns back to its regular self] I'm a bike. Hi, Super Bike! Meet Super Screwdriver! Super Bike Meet Super Toilet! Hairy monster: Hairy World. Dairy World? Oh darn it! If I could just light these candles, we could eat!

Did it ever occur to you we're in a fishbowl filled with water? That's why I'm trying to light these candles. Somebody's got to dry up all this wet food! Hey guys, what's new? Talking to Cosmo as Timmy Mom: Contents [ show ] Plot Everyone loves Christmas. Apparently the whole world, that's who.

Dyno Dad: Japan, [rejections back to its proprietary self] I'm a movie.

The globe is put into gridlock after Timmy wishes for days of Christmas a year. Santa's overworked, Mom and Dad can't work and the other holidays are furious that jolly old Saint Nick is getting all the attention, not to mention all the holiday magic. Tranzparents other holidays set out to take Santa down for good. Since Wanda and Cosmo are magically-depleted during this Season, Timmy must go it alone to the North Pole oddpadents order to save Fairlly and put the calendar back on schedule. But as he is about to make a wish, others fairies gather, though Wanda makes them back off. She then slumps down, exhausted, for getting a human to Fairy World alone takes a lot of magic, meaning that he be stuck where he is unless his godparents make up.

Luckily, she has enough strength to poof them to Mama Cosma's house and they come just as Mama Cosma is attempting to set up Cosmo with two fairies named Star and Twinkle and feeding him, "I Rather Dislike Wanda Cookies". Cosmo and Wanda in a disagreement. The two godparents then have a magical brawl, turning each other into different things, such as a hippo or baby. When Timmy accidentally gets turned into a toilet, he wishes for both of them to stop. He tries to remind them that they love each other and is certain that they'd love each other all over again. Whomever Cosmo chooses gets hit with Cupid's magic arrows that eternally will make someone fall in love.

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