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Live Through This

Damon and Stefan go in. One of the most important minerals of this indicator was watching Ian Somerhalder invest old, other Damon again. Mae is there, as is Stefan, in full-on buoy hair.

It's not a stone to bring people back to life; it's a stone that stores vampire souls. Meanwhile, Bonnie heads to the boarding house to figure out what's going on with vampire possessing Oscar. Enzo is dizries to keep him from eating the maid. When Bonnie asks him about Myrtle Beach, Oscar is confused. All he remembers is Bonnie getting him "out of there," he says as he points to the Phoenix stone. And right around that time is when Damon calls Bon-Bon so she can do the dirty work of telling Alaric.

And right around that time is when Fake Oscar realizes Real Oscar's body has witch powers.

And when Damon overhead trends doaries once more, back in every war-garb, I realize: And I'd do anything to take it back, but I can't.

As Bonnie and Enzo flee from him, she drops the stone only for her future love to pick it up and keep it. Things are getting dicey with Oscar, so she makes a run for it. And Enzo stays behind and kills Fake Oscar. Valerie has just left him in the lurch, and Stefan's letter is a collection of complaints about how hard it is for him back in Mystic Falls with their father.

Meanwhile, Damon who is fighting for his life at war decides he must go and help his brother immediately. He requests two weeks leave but, to get it, he must go to a sason farmhouse and arrest a group of deserters. Suffice to say, things didn't go well, and everyone bar Damon and his partner was slaughtered. One of the most entertaining parts of this episode was watching Ian Somerhalder inhabit old, human Damon again. Enzo and Bonnie warn Damon that it is the vault playing tricks with his mind but he keeps following the voice and something scary overpowers him. Enzo rushes in to help encountering a strange Damon.

The monster takes Enzo as well. Three months from now, Everybody's trying to find Enzo and Damon, Alaric manages to crack open the code for the vault but they find it empty. Bonnie remains helpless as she lost two of her closest people and her magic never came back. And so is Elena, in the coffin. Who is Damon without Elena by his side, acting as his literal moral compass? Without her, he immediately resorts to who he truly is inside: With the blood of the deserters above dripping down his face, Stefan asks his brother what he really wanted in those moments he watched them die, but we already know the answer. Back on the battlefield, Lily is now the one trapped beneath the carriage.

And this time it means so much more, because Damon finally wants to help her. He wants her back. Bonnie struggles. She crumples to the floor, a trail of blood behind her.

Diaries of 10 episode 7 Air date season vampire

So he and his pal Henry, round up deserters — and they episodw up shooting all of them. Its all weird until Lily shows up and he starts to realize that nothing is real. In the next moment, Bonnie is shown to bring back Damon who wakes up only to realize that his brother is also stuck in the stone and his body has disappeared. Bonnie does a locator spell figuring out that Stefan's body is with Julian.

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