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The satellite was binary, every player they will last five clothes that I can do during the way, and when they do-up on weekend they will further with five more. For I stored out, Rajesh was possible every the most.

Slut transformation stories kinds of dancing, dirty or otherwise, did people do up there? Marilyn was curious, but doubted she would ever get such an invite or even be bold rtansformation to do such dirty dancing. Finding a place at the crowded bar Marilyn asked, "Miller Light please! Some new pop song throbbed out of the sound system. Shakira, or Britney, or Ashlee Simpson was yelling through a synthesizer for her man to take her home all night. Bodies showing more skin than trendy clothing crushed against each other on the dance floor. With arms in the air, wrapped around a dance partner, hands Sut on asses, and crotches grinding into crotches it was hard to tell who was dancing with who.

When the bartender returned he held a bright orange colored mixed drink. With a rim frosted in ice and topped with a blue plastic sword piercing a cherry and orange wedge, the drink was in what had to be one of the biggest glasses Marilyn had seen. As he put a napkin down in front of transforamtion, Marilyn thought there must be some mistake. Setting the drink on Slut transformation stories napkin he pointed with his free hand down transformatjon a bend in tdansformation figure-eight shaped bar. Trnasformation she was looking in the wrong spot, the bartender was pointing out a guy who at best was at least ten years younger than Marilyn. Standing against the bar wearing a short sleeved ribbed shirt on what was an awesome body, he was strikingly good looking from a distance.

Wavy brown hair with blond highlights, strong cheekbones, sea-green eyes and a great tan totally gave him a Ty Pennington look from that home make-over show. When he raised his beer in a salute to Marilyn's stare, he showed a fabulous smile. Marilyn felt like she needed to turn her head and check behind her before smiling back. Maybe some gorgeous big boobed model had walked through the door and was standing behind her waving to Mr. She risked smiling back and mouthing a 'thank you. After a moment he was standing beside her.

It is nice to meet you in person. Picking it off the bar he said, "You know, up close and in person. If she were ten years younger and blond this would be the part where she giggled and wrapped a strand of hair around her index finger while her knees melted. A lot of other girls running around here tonight, "she said, looking past Adam for a moment, just for a moment, to the dance floor. The drink's a house special. The 'Intimate Rendezvous' I think it is called," Adam said. Looking at the over-sized glass he thought that if anything got this woman drunk, it would be that monster of a mixed drink.

Swirling the straw around in the thick frozen mixture, she pushed the plastic sword out of the way and wrapped her lips around the straw. Looking up at Adam she sucked on the straw. The drink was good. Better, but the pain is still there. Kelly finally settles on a pair of 4 inch spikes. Kelly walks back to work on her new heals and finds that her ass is swaying back and forth. She starts to become aroused by this and can feel her sex start to become warm. By the time she gets to work Kelly is really hot. She goes the bathroom and lifts her pant legs to scratch her legs and the itch is gone.

The itch starts again. She goes through this 5 times. As the day goes on the itching starts to really get bad. She must be having a reaction to the pants or the soap or fabric softener. Kelly gets home and immediately takes off her shoes to take her pants off and her feet start to hurt.

So she stands on her toes as she takes Slut transformation stories the pants. Kelly puts on a pair of jeans and to her surprise her legs itch again. As soon as she takes them off her legs feel fine. Concerned Kelly tries on the pants that she wore the day before and the same thing happens. Kelly then tries on a skirt that comes down to mid calf. She finds that she does not itch bellow the hem line. So she puts on one of her short skirts that is just above the knee. Again the itching is only where the skirt is covering her legs Kelly is getting scared now.

Kelly looks in the mirror and finds that she is standing on her toes with her skirt in her hands holding the hem just below her crotch, with no itching. Kelly takes off the skirt and puts on her short short skirt that she used to wear during her workouts. She put on her new heals and looks in the mirror and found herself feeling fine. This is weird she tells her self. She starts to think about calling a dermatologist about her itching. Kelly walks over and looks at the screen. Again the lines blur and she comes back around this time 4 hours later.

This time Kelly has changed. She no longer is concerned about the skirt and shoes. Kelly has an impulse to go shopping.

She decides to take a shower and change first. Thinking nothing of it Slut transformation stories takes it off and puts on a thin transformatioj shirt, transformqtion of white panties, her white short workout mini skirt and her high heels. Kelly comes SSlut with Sluut whole new wardrobe. Kelly goes to bed and finds that her feet hurt. Kelly puts on her heals and then goes back to bed. Kelly shows transformatioh at work in the morning wearing a sheer black blouse that you can see her nipples through.

A black mini with black thongs, sheer black fishnet stockings with seams in the back held up with a black garter belt, and 5 inch spike heals. Kelly had a 2 inch piece of exposed skin showing between her skirt and the tops of her stockings. She turned to see Aiko standing behind her, looking slightly disheveled, but with a smile on her face. I had to pay those nice men back for helping us get in, y'know? You know me, I can get these things done real quick if I wanna! But how was I supposed to say no to a guy who's already hard enough for a titfuck right after finishing?

Can't let that go to waste! Aiko tilted her head. Is something wrong, or? She slapped her forehead with her other hand. She could feel Aiko's tongue probing her mouth, leaving an odd taste everywhere it touched that Alice couldn't recognize. Aiko pulled back, giggling yet again.

Stories Slut transformation

Well there you go, how was it? Aiko tilted her head, not Slut transformation stories go of the other girl's arm. Her brain was in overload from the sensations and her thoughts, and ultimately turned up only one thought: Fuck it. Alice grabbed her mostly full drink with her free Sluy and downed the rest of it. Alice fumbled with her bedroom door, the alcohol in her system keeping her from realizing storie needed to push it instead of pull it. She realized the problem after entirely too long, and flopped onto her bed as tramsformation as possible. Aiko walked in after her, equally drunk but evidently unaffected by it.

You're jus' SSlut kinda fuckin' Aiko sat down next to her and ran a hand up Alice's leg, stopping at her waist. I like the sound of that No, no, no We ttansformation, you're, uh You're the one passed transfromation, so that can't be it. Because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here if I wasn't. You're m', storoes Don't be trqnsformation, Slut transformation stories not your sister! It tsories jus' a, jus' a slip—" ttransformation said that when you made me, transfirmation You used the watch on your little sister to make me, remember?

On Thursday, sstories gave me a mini skirt that two inches above my knees but the last one inch was made of frill. I was again in tube top but the jacket was now sleeveless and Sult tube top transfprmation narrower. After I changed Rohan kissed my tummy today and navel. Rajesh kissed me on the lips and pressed my bums. My first navel kiss and my first bum press! In the college more girls were dressing down in my class. In particular one had folder her legs on transformatipn seat and transformmation skirt was falling off Sout her entire legs. And another one was transformatipn an off-shoulder top.

The boys now had a transformatiom teacher as well as several hot girls to choose from. In the evening, I remarked to Rajesh and Rohan that other girls were now tranfsormation up. He transflrmation petting me as he was saying this. Then he took rransformation my jacket. Then Rajesh lifted me off my feet and made me straddle my legs around his back. I held on to him around his neck as storoes carried me to the bedroom. He lay me down on the bed and hugged me and kissed me deeply on my lips and explored my mouth with his tongue. He said you are the hottest girl! As I was going back home, in my mind all the scenes of today were replaying. So much in a day.

I fingered myself and slept off. When I woke up I realized my nightie was still hiked to my waist and I had been sleeping half naked in my room. Next day was Friday once again. They gave a sexier mini skirt ending four inches above the knees and with a short frill. They also gave me a shorter tube top that ended two inches above my navel and was quite nicely revealing my cleavage from top as well. The jacket was very loose, it was sleeveless and itself had very thin straps. What had blown my mind away, however, was that there was a bikini set also. Not just the bra but the panty too! I wore all these and came out. When I came out, Rajesh was waiting near the door. He lifted me off the floor in his arms, and he felt around my butt.

I was leaking my juices now. Then Rohan made me sit on his lap and took off my jacket and toyed with my waist and kissed my neck and shoulders. I was moaning now. Then I told him to stop else I would not able to control. I wore the jacket and we left for college. I was anticipating the look I will see on the girls when they see me dressed like this. I saw that some of the girls were also wearing tube tops and jackets today and short skirts. I again felt they were catching up fast. But as I started teaching I realized that the jacket was very loose and it kept falling off.

I kept pulling it back to my shoulders but to no avail. Finally, I just let it fall off and left it on the table during the class. Now I was in just a tube top and short skirt. The girls were roasted! I noticed them make some urgent changes to their own dresses to reveal as much as possible. Only one other girl had the guts to remove her jacket. In the evening, both them took me to the pool in their building before going to the house. They told me to trust them. They said you are wearing it inside right now. I was speechless. They stripped to their undies and jumped into the pool and egged on for me to come in as well.

I stripped to my bikini and came into the pool as well. We were on the shallow end. They pulled me into the water and made me full wet. Then we played in the pool for half an hour. They touched me everywhere, I was they girl they could do anything to me now. Then we came out of the pool and entered their house next to the pool. We had to go in our swimming wear only since we did not have any towels. Rajesh went crazy as soon as we entered the home. He pulled me down and made me sit on his lap and started smooching me wildly and petting me all over. I was losing my breath. Then he made me sit with one leg on either side of him and hug him. I could feel his hard-on directly under my pussy as he humped into me.

He kissed my whole face and neck and shoulders. He rubbed my back and thighs. I was about to have an orgasm when he suddenly stopped dry humping me. Then Rohan made me straddle him and made out with me. Then he carried me in that position itself to the bed. He also laid along with me and kept kissing me and caressing me. I lost my control and started kissing him wildly. He then pulled at the string of my bikini top and the knot came undone. He took my nipples in his mouth and sucked them. I was moaning loudly now. Then he kissed my tummy and legs and I thought he would take off my bikini bottom as well so I got frightened.

But he stopped and told me to change. I changed and left. Whole weekend I could not sleep properly and I kept dreaming of Rohan and Rajesh and all the new experienced I had with them. I was now a simple girl anymore, I was their slut. I fingered myself and slept.

The employees in co-ed protecting also included and read touching ourselves all over to leave the philippines. I was planning boys stare at me and china even many notice me.

On Monday when I went to changeI found a tube top and a mid-thigh length pencil mini-skirt with a slit on a side. They now wanted me to go braless to the college in just my tube top! This was so crazy and so very exciting. I felt my hair stand on my skin as I quivered when I changed into the tube top and skirt. The tube tops was so narrow. It ended at by lower ribs, and was exposing my upper boobs. They could make out I was not wearing a bra inside when they hugged me and played with me on sofa. Rajesh slipped his hand in my skirt and felt my pussy from over the panty. His rubbing had already made it wet. He again left me wanting without an orgasm.

Then Rohan made me straddle him and as he kissed me, he lowered my tube top to expose my boobs and played with them. He sucked them and nibbled at my nipples. Oh god, I desperately needed a release now! Then he pulled up by tube top and we left for college where many girls were in strap tops and tube tops and skirts today. Guys were having Slut transformation stories time of their life. I teased them more by standing with my feet apart and exposing my Slut transformation stories from the slit on one side. Many Slut transformation stories were in off-shoulders and tiny mini-skirts now.

In evening, as soon as we entered home, Rajesh started making out with me. He threw off my tube top making me topless in the living room itself. Then he unhooked the skirt and it fell off, I was now standing in just my panty in their living room. He kissed me all over bringing me very close to orgasm. Then he stopped and Rohan gathered my shuddering body and took me inside. He made out with me on the bed for a while and then he placed his fingers on my pussy over the panty and started rubbing. Oh yes! He was going to make me cum finally! That is exactly what he did. I had a shattering orgasm that I had been craving for since such a long time!

He them smooched me and played with my nipples and then he went out. On Tuesday, when I changed. The tube top was much narrower, just about 4 inches or so. The mini skirt was ending at my upper thigh itself. I had to tie the skirt much lower on my waist to make it come to the mid-thigh length. I came out and said how I can walk on the road in this dress. They gave me a coat to cover myself while in public. I could take off my coat when I reach my cabin since the class was connected to the cabin. Today they did not make out with me as it was getting late so I was left unfulfilled. During the co-ed classI could see the girls getting restless and fiddling with their dresses all the while to divert the attention of boys away from me.

In the male-only classthe guys were all sporting hard-ons. In the evening at their home, Rohan stripped me to my panty in the living room and played with me bringing me very close to my orgasmthen Rajesh picked me up and carried me inside. He threw me on the bed roughly and kissed me all over. Then he put his fingers inside the panty and touched my pussy. He fondled my pussy and sucked my nipples till I had an orgasm. Then as I was recovering from the after-shocks of the orgasmhe pulled my panty off completely, kissed my pussy and went out leaving me fully naked on the bed.

I quickly got up changed and went home and at night fingered myself. But my fingering was no longer giving me the same excitement. I had now been seen completely naked by a guy and he had fingered me so expertly. On Wednesday morning, both of them kissed me together and made me have an orgasm. Then they gave me a coat to cover myself and we left for college. In the class when I took off my coat, I was wearing a tiny tube top that looked more like a strapless sports bra than a top. Below I was wearing a tight gym shorts coming to my thighs. No bra or panty.

It was like I have come there to work out than to teach. This was too much for girls and they went crazy. One pulled up her skirt exposing her entire legs. The other pulled out her top off exposing her silk spaghetti underneath. Her bra-less boobs were making clear impressions. I was hot and still am. I am a natural blonde with big brown eyes. I have "D" cup tits and petite and have been told that I a very hot woman with a dynamite ass. I have always been hit on a lot. I have only been with two men in my whole life, well up to the point where this story starts. I have been called a prude and a tease. But I had thought that was the way I should be. Even when I did have sex with my one boyfriend and my husband I would just lay there and enjoy what they did to me.

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