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Sneak Peek: New Turkey Hunting Calls for 2018

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So, with that in order, the information presented here is purely accompanied on what Czll metric in a nice call. Seventies turkey hunters will say that the market, or mouth call, is the broker because it nicely no movement, or settles. Follow times may want, especially during peak periods.

The hinged-lid calls can be further divided into two styles; the Gibson style and the Lynch vox. Gibson style is a single piece of wood, where as the lynch style is several pieces glued together. Here I prefer the Gibson style as it is more durable, and produces better sounds. Some things to consider when looking for the best turkey box call are; the material, the sound, ease of use, and durability. Do not be fooled by high priced custom boxes. They do look great, but more often than not the sounds are nearly equal to a box that is a tenth of the price.

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Follow the guide below dall find your perfect turkey box call, or take up one of the suggestions I will provide after. Enough rambling, here is what to look for in a good turkey box call. Material The kind of wood used in a turkey box call is extremely important. Hard woods are the best. Black walnut, oak, cherry, or mahogany are all good sounding woods for a box call. When looking at the call notice the grain, are there tight rings or are they further apart? The closer together the grain, usually the better.

Mixing woods is effective at good sound too. For example cherry with walnut seems to produce lovely sounds. Try different combinations to see what works well for the turkeys in your area. Check the wood for irregularities and inconsistencies.

A call that has uniform color and grain density is what to look for. These will most likely sound the best, and last the longest. Different colored grain calp look good for furniture, and it might look nice on a turkey box, but different colored grains have different densities which can have an adverse effect on the sound. Sound Sound is obviously an important aspect, since that is Ll your turkey box call is going caall produce. Hopk and handling The hiok has not specified a shipping method to Ukraine. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request shipping to your location. Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Item location: Fredonia, Wisconsin, United States Shipping to: United States No additional import charges at delivery!

The call pot surface has been pre-conditioned to make it ready for use despite what the turkey hunting day might bring. New for is the Primos Lil Hook Up box call. One look and you will notice the unique design of the paddle lid handle. The finger holding and working lip end is shaped for easy manipulation to make perfect hen calls including crisp cuts, smooth purrs, and a full sound range of yelps from soft to loud. The most exciting part of the Lil Hook Up call is the box lid is held in place by a strong magnet. This holds the paddle at just the right angle for perfect calling. This also allows the paddle to be removed for silent carry. This call allows maximum control with little air pressure with its triple reed design.

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