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The usual BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts even the custom ones edror gone anywhere; neither has the space bar double-tap to insert a period. However, updatint. are the real deal here: Holding the shift button while using the keyboard as a trackpad lets you errorr multiple lines of text. Swiping left deletes full words at a time. Swiping down pulls up a virtual symbol pad on the screen which maps each symbol to a computerr on the erdor board. And swiping up toward a word-prediction suggestion automatically inserts that word. Additionally, you can use the trackpad to scroll up and down on apps, websites and other areas.

This comes in most handy when you're reading articles or feeds and want to browse everything one-handed; without this feature, one-handed use on such a wide and awkward phone would be more awkward than it already is. Word predictions are an essential part of today's smartphone keyboards, and BlackBerry does an inconsistent job. For example, as I typed "one-handed" in the last paragraph, it predicted the term early on the first time, but took more keystrokes to figure it out the next two times. Also, after typing my first name in emails, it only predicted my last name half of the time, if that. The other times, it'd predict "Pitt. The constant transitioning from physical to virtual boards is also confusing and jarring.

It's not uncommon for me to type random punctuation marks in the middle of my words because my thumb occasionally hits the virtual keys when I'm actually trying to type letters in the top physical row.

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It's also frustrating Blackberrg in most scenarios, I have to do an extra action pudating. getting to type numbers -- either swiping down or hitting the vomputer key. And if I need to type a string of multiple numbers in a row, the latter is my only option. BlackBerry Nobody is moving to BlackBerry for its robust ecosystem of apps. To make up for the fact that developers simply aren't rushing to make BB10 apps, the company has done the best it can to provide enough meaningful programs and content for its users. Now on version Blackberdy, it's instead a hodge-podge of options that confuses most users: While this means users have easy access to more Android apps, it's still restrictive because its catalog has fewer thanofferings smaller than the Windows Phone store and many of the most-used apps aren't there.

In addition to the obvious gap in Google services, you'll also find comphter Netflix, Instagram and Firefox are missing, as well as popular games like Dead Trigger, Asphalt and Beach Buggy Racing to be fair, Blitz, the older game, is offered. Dropbox is natively built into Blackberry OS. But it's still a drop in the bucket compared to the Google Play store selection. There are a few third-party alternatives to some of the more popular services, but even those are sparse. That said, you can sideload quite a few Android apps on the Passport which seems to be appropriate, since the square screen matches the square viewfinder the app usesbut you have to know what you're doing. Needless to say, this isn't a novice solution.

You actually don't need to convert into BAR anymore; you can directly download the APK onto the device and install it. I tried this out with Instagram and it worked flawlessly. There's also a third-party app called Snapwhich acts as a Google Play client. Thanks Bla1ze and commenters! The end result isn't flawless either. The current software only supports Android 4. And even when they do work, they won't offer an identical experience to what you'd enjoy on a device that natively runs Google's OS. Speaking of, the Hub is BlackBerry's universal message box, and it's one of the best I've ever used. This is part of the company's heritage: Messaging was one of the reasons the company was so successful in its early years.

Hub sits prominently to the left of your home screen and houses your social media, email and calendar accounts and organizes it into one handy inbox. So if someone mentions you on Twitter, you can see it right alongside your emails, and can respond to it as if you're in the Twitter app. You can view each account separately if you want as well. The Hub isn't new this time around, but Dragging down reveals your upcoming calendar appointments.

A right sidebar lets you quickly delete messages. And there's also a new action bar, which is a new way to present the most popular actions for each app and service; the highlighted action is prominently featured in a large blue button in the middle, flanked by two smaller action buttons that stay hidden until you do a subtle swipe to reveal them. Unfortunately, the Action Bar is only available on BlackBerry apps, so you won't get it on third-party experiences. As a whole, the update gives BB10 a flatter, more modern visual style.

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You'll see this cleaner look almost immediately as you notice the icons in the app grid no longer come with pointless shadows that clutter up precious space. Every website needs a WordPress hosting server for it to function properly. Web servers are just like any other computer. They need memory to efficiently run multiple applications at the same time. Server administrators allocate specific memory size to different applications including PHP. When your WordPress code requires more memory than the default allocated memory, you get to see this error.

Fatal error: After clicking an infected PDF file, the attacker can steal all the confidential data stored on the device. So some researchers give six tips to iPhone users to enhance the security [ iPhoneTips ]. First, do enable Auto-Lock. Although it is only a default feature which can not specific assigned to a security function, it includes passcode lock which is a good method of protection. Second, do enable passcode lock, the four digit password preventing unauthorized access to the device. This ensures the safety of the stored data. This ensures that personal Wi-Fi network is using wireless security protocol.

Enable the feature on asking to join networks function to choose network. This limits the chance that users connect to an unsafe network. In addition, disconnect Wi-Fi when users aren't using it. This also reduces the chance to connect to unknown networks. Fourth, do open mail securely. For corporate users, through Microsoft Exchange Server to open corporate mail is much safer. For personal use, always ensuring open SSL protection which encrypts mail information. Fifth, do use Safari as web browser.

wrror Safari has some default security setting. Besides, users can block pop ups on Safari setting. In addition, users can delete the cookies in a regular time base to protect their private information. Sixth, people can use device to set specific restrictions to their employee or their children. The second part will analyze the security issues of this sort of smartphone. The first BlackBerry smartphone was unveiled in In this first version, it supports web browsing, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, push emai, and other internet services. Figure 3 shows some images of BlackBerry devices.

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