Galcontacts.db not updating lync 2010

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Updating the Lync 2010 Address Book

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Remember, contact photos must be less than kb in order for Lync to use them. Noh about a pain, going from system to system… Oh wait! With it, we disabled Option 3 above. The cmdlet is structured like so: Justin Morris did a great breakdown of Lync photo controls hereif you want to read more. Some of the Lync clients did display the new contact photos.

Beside it, we disabled Short 3 above. Down my research the removable is one of those people at the simple of losing.

Unfortunately, this error is very open-ended. The most common updatung is for us to force the Lync client to refresh. Makes sense to try that first. Sync Fix 1: Delete GalContacts. Including contact photos. Delete the Galcontacts. These are contact database files. If Lync Server is configured properly, the files will automatically download again after you reopen Lync. Reopen Lync Allow a few minutes for it to synchronize. But wait.

Updating Galcontacts.db 2010 not lync

All other information is up-to-date. The Active Directory sync is working…just not for images? And that means…multi-part post! Turns out we had to go through a lot of back-and-forth repair attempts on this one, before it all worked out. Two had no effect on synchronizing the address book…but one did. User was re-enabled for Lync The information that was updated for the user was the Title and Department fields in AD.

Everyone saw 2001 old entries however there were two behaviors based on Lync client version. I started the troubleshooting process nnot such: The time period for a Full address book file to be created had passed since the changes were made to AD. Opened AD Users and Computers and verified the information was updated. It was. I opened up my local copy of the Lync address book using notepad and could see where the user had the old information. At this point I knew it was something with the address book only, so I also looked at the full address book on the Lync server and verified it was in that file and it was.

No change. Checked to see if the affected user s had any Outlook Contacts or other customizations on their computer. Additionally I deleted their local address book; GalContacts. No Change. This was the first break through. I edited this entry directly in SQL using the command Update dbo. Additionally you may need to refresh the local cache or just close SMSS and reopen it. I verified the entry had been updated by running the SQL select statement again. There was no affect on the newly downloaded address book. Finally the edited user showed the updated information. This process required both of these steps as other users with the old information issue were still not corrected.

After also editing their incorrect AD mapping and Restoring Defaults again, the remaining users were finally fixed after the new address was downloaded. Were you able to guess the steps and order correctly? As it turns out the Update-CsUserDatabase is most likely not a required step. Hope this helps clarify some of the randomness of the Lync and address book process.

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