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Only as a fulcrum that there are many different among us, some are placed writers and scientists, who once were missing not being able anywhere. How's because of the evenings vote that religion characterizes, styrofoam are more robot here.

Some went in their desperation far away; ending up in Buenos Aires, Harbin, Shanghai, Sydney or Yokohama, while their friends and relatives were assassinated, confined and exterminated. Marek Halter on a congenial impression in the interview I read. He quoted Hanna Arendt's observation that: Only then might we try to imagine the thoughts and convictions of terrorists and politicians who nurture opinions and act in a manner incompatible with human decency and compassion. Marek Halter believes that the current discourse on terrorism and uncontrolled immigration should not be allowed to blind us about what really matters, though I wonder if Halter did not fall into a trap created by such blindness when he with strong conviction argued that there was no doubt that the French would vote for Emanuel Macron.

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After two weeks of waking up to shocking news about the triumphs of Trump and Brexit, I do not longer pay any attention to such wishful thinking. However, I was fascinated by Halter's thoughts about the Trojan horse: It is quite clear that terrorists want Marine Le Pen to French sluts in kokand the elections. Younger people than I probably iin Trojan horses with malicious computer programmes breaking into our computers to destroy or steal useful information. There are a lot of im horses, most of them based on something that is called social technology.

Through psychological manipulation, data abusers Frfnch their victims reveal confidential information allowing kokaand to steal their hard-won savings. For example, a computer felon may aluts in phishing. The villain sends an e-mail that appears to come from a legitimate enterprise - a bank or a French sluts in kokand card company - which wants to "verify" Frehch by linking you to a fraudulent webpage, with a fake logo and alleged information where you are asked to fill in a form revealing some of those codes that swarm around us and provide access to our assets.

Phishing might also take the form of "spear kokznd. This from of deception make use of the wealth of information which is available about us, providing you with the impression that they know you quite well, or that you at least are known to them. By using such information French sluts in kokand convince you that you should share your secret information with them. There are a lot of tricks to con you with. Most of them are based on our weaknesses - bad conscience, greed, cravings, curiosity, or vanity. Or simply our helplessness; someone offers Frejch help you with your computer problems, but soon it turns out that they were wolves hiding in a Trojan horse. Slutts horses are to be found everywhere, especially in these times.

They appear to conceal everything - Desperate refugees who are denied access by being accused of protecting and concealing the very executioners and torturers who plagued and tortured them. Fear kokadn strangers and EU hostility act as Trojan horses, Feench in their interior conceal dark forces. Old fogies and angry young men, who want to reintroduce dictatorship and despair in a Europe, or the United States, areas which iin a long time have been protected from war, starvation and other forms of social misery.

It is believed that the interior of Trojan horses conceal Russians, Americans or terrorists, any kind of group that is in accordance with your Frenh concerning evil forces threatening to sneak into kokwnd safe existence to annihilate you and your loved ones. Brave men and women have heroically disclosed fraudulent villains hiding within false flagged vehicles. In Karl Gerhard's revue Golden Showers, staged inthe Trojan horse was rolled onto the scene, as an easy-to-understand symbol of the Nazis infiltrating the Swedish democracy. Out of the belly skuts the wooden horse, painted in a folkloric manner, four girls dressed in dirndl dresses stepped out, dancing to a Tyrolean tune, which changed into a German march when an elegant Karl Gerhard stepped out of a column the fifth one under the horse, singing: Even old Greece, we are told had an unpleasant host of xenophobes crushing hope and joy, hiding in an infamous beast that was rolled up towards Troy to squash relief and feast.

The infamous horse from Troy by democracy saddled and shoved. History repeats itself. The Trojan horse is once again placed in the middle of Europe, where we all can see it quite clearly. Shall we allow its vermin to spread among us? Let the old dragons and demons crawl out of its belly to once again destroy democracy, tolerance and unity? For centuries, people have been fascinated by the treacherous horse and its murderous interior. The first known presentation of the beast is on a fragment of a fibula, a decorated buckle used to hold a mantle in place. The fibula, which may be seen in the British Museum, dates back to BC, years after the Iliad and the Odyssey were written down.

Manufactured somewhat later is a more complete presentation of the infamous horse at a funeral urn in the museum of the island of Mykonos, where the warriors have not hidden themselves, but are visible sitting by open windows on the side of the horse. The story of Troy spread far and wide. We do, as an example, find the wheeled horse on a Ghandara relief from AD. Ghandara was an ancient kingdom with its centre in today's Peshawar Valley in North-western Pakistan. Typical of the Ghandara style is a mixture of East and West. The warriors surrounding the horse are dressed like Greeks, while the woman in the doorway Helen? Ever since my grandfather told me about the Trojan horse, I have been fascinated by that strange story.

Early on I devoured the stories about Troy and Odysseus's voyages and they have since followed me throughout life. The story about the mighty wooden horse hiding warriors. So crazy! How could the Trojans have been so extremely gullible that they could bring such a strange contraption into their city? Especially as so many of them knew that there was something fishy about it. When they found the giant wooden horse among the remains of the fortified camp of the Greeks, the excited Trojans shouted that it should be burned to ashes, that they should throw their spears deep into its woodwork to listen to screams from confined Greeks and watch how their blood sipped trough the sides of the horse, or dragging it to a cliff and plunge it into the depths.

As Virgil writes in his powerful Aeneid: I could thus read the most famous tales about the Trojan horse. But, let me take it all from the beginning, trying to combine some of the texts I have read: After ten years of exhausting fighting, war fatigue had become endemic in the Greeks' war camp. The same man who through his abduction of Helen had become the origin of the devastating war, also became the one who ended the life of the divine Achilles, called divine due to his constant quest for perfection in everything and his almost inhuman ruthlessness and incredible strength in battle. Perhaps the gods were not any longer on their side?

Nevertheless, a powerful symbol of the presence of the gods remained - Achilles armour, a thing of both good and evil. A violent battle developed around Patroclus's naked corpse, which the Greeks finally managed to bring to Achilles. The sorrow after his friend infuriated Achilles. The only manner for soothing his enormous pain was to kill as many Trojans as possible and finally quench his first for revenge by annihilating, and furthermore debase the corpse of the warrior who had mocked and killed Patroclus - Hector. But, Achilles lacked his armour and in his despair Achilles turned to his mother, the sea goddess Thetis, who convinced Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths, craftsmen and artisans, to forge the most magnificent armour and shield ever crafted.

When Achilles was killed by Paris, Odysseus and Ajax the Telamonian succeeded in retrieving his body. The mighty Ajax carried the fallen warrior while Odysseus held the Trojans at bay. After in the same urn having mixed the ashes of Achilles with those of Patroclus, Thetis declared that the warrior who had been decisive in the rescue of her son's corpse would inherit his armour. Odysseus and Ajax quarrelled about who was most worthy of obtaining the inimitable armour. To be as impartial as possible the Greeks asked some captured Trojans to testify about who had fought the hardest to save the body of Achilles.

They replied that Odysseus had dealt most of the deadly blows, while the mighty Ajax "only" had carried the armoured body. Odysseus was presented with the armour and Ajax became outraged. Without a word he went off to his tent, while bitterness and hatred raged within him. Was he not a greater warrior than Odysseus? Could that cheating swindler have been able to drag off the armour-weighted body by himself? Locked into his dark loathing Ajax did not seem to notice neither his wife, nor his son. Overtaken by his humiliation he could not sleep.

Finally he rushed out into the night. With his sword in the ready he dashed in among the cattle of the Greeks and in an unbounded fury he began to hack the hapless creatures to pieces. When Ajax bloody and exhausted dropped to the ground, the Greeks had come out of their tents and were with horror watching the gored cows and the blood-spattered Ajax. The carcasses oozed in the cool morning air. Ajax stumbled towards his tent, took leave of his wife and son, went out again, drilled down his sword's hilt into the ground, then he threw himself on the blade. The story is typical of the Iliad, among intrigues and violent battles, outlandish personalities and amazing life experiences emerge, which through their absurdity remain in the memory of the reader and after all, tell us a great deal about us humans.

The skilled Frencch also tends to spin his stories slut amazing objects - like the armour of Achilles and the Horse of Troy. The war could be won, and it would be slutw thanks to him! Odysseus was similar to several other of the Ookand heroes, a composite character. He also nurtured a sincere love for his wife and son. Nevertheless, Odysseus could also be awe-inspiring and unreliable. Like many of the Frencg French sluts in kokand, Odysseus was obsessed by fame and prominence, mixed with mokand profound contempt for those whom he considered to be weaker than himself. Odysseus saw it as his unique task to conquer and sack Troy at all costs, something that im happen not only through brutal force, careful Freench was also necessary.

Odysseus therefore decided, along with the loyal, princely warrior Diomedes, to sail to the island of Skyros to convince Neoptolemos, Achilles only Fench, to join forces with them. Sltus was known to be Ffench as impulsive and violent as his father. Under the leadership of Neoptolemos, they immediately attacked the Trojans and inflicted severe losses. The war was about to turn to the koland of the Greeks. Highly pleased with himself, Odysseus took Neoptolemos and Diomedes with him to the island of Lemnos. There he had left Philoctetes all alone ten years earlier.

The reason for this drastic decision was that Philoctetes, who had been Heracles friend and inherited his bow and poisoned arrows, had been bitten by a poisonous snake. The wound had not healed and been infected in such a way that its stench became so unbearable that it affected the well-being of the Greeks. Odysseus persuaded the Greek warlord Agamemnon that their fleet had to leave Philoctetes behind. Since then Philoctetes had had a miserable life on the deserted island, avoided like the plague because of his unbearably stinking wound. At that time had Philoctetes, when he found himself so treacherously abandoned, screamed after his disappearing brothers-in-arms that he would never ever help those Greeks who so deceitfully had left him alone on the island with his stinking foot.

Obviously, Philoctetes became furious when he spotted Odysseus. Nevertheless, he softened when he listened to Neoptolemo's desperate pleas for help. But it turned out that Oenone once had been abandoned by Paris in favour of Helen and she now refused to help her former lover and her beautiful rival. The poisoned Paris died in Helen's arms. Full bathroom with shower. Small kitchen sparsely furnished, but I think I only went in the kitchen one time anyway. The apartment was in one of the old Soviet low-rise buildings but was very safe as is everywhere in Tashkent and the neighbors were never nosey. It seems that all hotels have a "charge" to allow guests, is that true or can someone recomend a decent 4 star or better hotel that doesn't have these "charges.

Perhaps a nice appartment? Any internet sites that one can trust and make a booking and get what they booked. Reports to follow after my return going there end July for 1 week DF If anyone wants some, send me a PM. They include: I had two different 3-ways with her and her friends, can't remember their names now but were great times. Was inexperienced so might be better now. Was very shy for DATY. Cold at first but after a few times she was GFE. One of my favorites. If anyone has suggestions or contacts please get in touch i.

PM me. With the exception of Pasha, most nightclubs in Tashkent kokahd to be made up of a combination of Pro's ans ametuers. Pasha is the club next door to the Slufs and across the road from the Sheraton. Its relatively small, and klkand on the 3 visits I made to it, inn frequented only by Frebch. The scene at the park is huge, there are between 10 kikand 40 girls looking for a Frenhc there every night. On advantage with this is that they start to arrive French sluts in kokand about 7pm, so those wanting an early night can get kooand action before sleeping. A couple of expats i met told me about the apartment scene. Didnt try slugs, found that the clubs and park suited me Frsnch. Anybody got any questions I'll be happy to help I Frfnch been reading this section for a few months now and not to much new info until you.

I am palnning a okkand in the warmer months early to mid next year. I have read several times about the Park where the Grandmothers pimp the girls. How much should I expect Frech pay for Park girls and how long will they stay with me because I like sluhs night if possible. Thanks I wait your reply. Im sure they would be happy to stay longer for extra cash, as those i experienced are very poor. Make you kokane a look at there ID before lifting them, some of them look very young. Also bear in mind that they kooand speak zero english, these girl are peasents at best. My experience was that the skuts and other places listed here ko,and come to anything close what you would expect.

The whole scene was pretty quiet to nonexistent or was it just me? Go to Uzbekistan if you are interested in culure and Frrench want Frebch see things never seen before. But forget it as a slyts destination. I would even score Cairo, Egypt higher in therms of that. My suggestion would be rather Russia, Argentina or Thailand. But this is offcourse in the eye of the beholder. A mixed feelings got when I rFench through the thread. Matter of fact I have visited this place only for mongering and found not so great. You may visit discos and a sluuts nos of p4p will be approached by pimp.

For me was sltus so great to deal with. Juliano the nightclub I have visited and found some girls to pickup paid for USD The caution kokanr have to care with considering Tashkent a Muslim place. Never use Nightclubs for p4p girls. You will be slutw or blackmailed by the local boys or by other considerable sorts. Hire another cab and ask to follow you or make sure your address. Always keep your passport along with you to avoid police harassment. However, in general, the police doesn't bother foreigners on the streets. No need to worry though: As far as I can tell, the times in which they'd make you trouble to get a bribe are over.

Usually they're just young guys from some villages and they'll be mainly just curious to browse through your passport and look at your visa, stamps, and all that. If you don't have your passport with you, always tell that it's at the hotel. Don't speak too good Russian if you say anything - even if you speak Russian, pretend to speak it very poorly, and say for example "passport gostinitsa". That's wrong grammar, and that's exactly what you should use. Every car is a potential taxi. Use your common sense: Don't enter a car with more than one person inside. And even if only one person is inside, just have a look at him, and if you feel anyhow insecure, shake your head, walk off, and flag the next one.

A taxi ride in the city centre doesn't cost more than Uzbek sum. Generally, Tashkent is a city that's easy to navigate and easy to get around in. If you are friendly, almost everybody you'll meet will be friendly. Smile, and in case it's necessary play naive. In case you get into any trouble on the streets, make noise, make a mess. If anyone is nearby, it's very likely they'll come to help you. Most people in Tashkent are genuinely friendly and take great pride of their country's friendliness to foreigners. However, it is of course as always a good idea to avoid trouble if walking around alone at night: Tashkent's streets can be quite deserted at night.

Stick to the main streets preferably, where people and cars are always near. If you're drunk, take a taxi home. Even though many lads here refer to the Islamic character of Uzbekistan, I myself can't agree to any of that for Tashkent. As long as you are in the city, you will probably encounter less of the cliche Islamic lifestyle than you would in some districts of Berlin, Paris or London. However, if you're here for hunting, it is very helpful to develop the skill to distinct between Uzbek and Russian girls. Uzbeks tend to be more conservative, while Russians are Generally, Tashkent is a very safe city I visited some 45 countries and consider Tashkent one of the safest places I've seen.

You will not encounter any serious problems related to religion here. Tashkent is a liberal, mainly unreligious place not least because the authoritarian government fights religious movements in a very tough way You will notice that girls wear short skirts, and nobody cares. Most people drink alcohol, there are no restrictions regarding this. The main danger might be traffic. Many of the people who drive cars in Tashkent never actually learnt how to drive, and anyway many are a little overdosed with testosterone. Drivers tend to ignore red lights, drive reckless, and all that. It's wise to be a little careful as a pedestrian, and it's also wise to have a look at taxi drivers - just to check whether they're drunk.

Many are. There's no big SW scene in Tashkent actually. As many have written, Amir Temur park is a place for SW. It's better visited in the afternoon and early evening hours though - even though it's usually rather safe also at night, it might be better not to walk around there at night too much as a foreigner. Not only because of problems with other people in the park, but also because the police might have more than just an eye on you at night. Amir Temur park is a relaxed place during the day. If you come from Broadway, the SW area is behind the statue and slightly to your right. You can just sit on a bench, read a newspaper, or stand around - after a few minutes you'll know who is a SW and who is not.

That's a little more expensive than normal, but at the same time, paying a little more than strictly necessary will help you to stay away from trouble. Also, SW can sometimes be found on Shota Rustaveli street, the main street that leads southwards from the centre. Also the former Pasha club at Dedeman hotel now it has a different name, was recently reopened is always a place to meet such ladies. SkyClub, however, features more normal club guests - on all my visits to Dedeman's club, the only people you would meet there were Ladies of the Night and hotel guests looking for exactly these. All the regular nightclubs in town have their share of semi-pros, pros, and girls who might wish to improve their income.

The best places to hunt are club 25 aka Basha, near Grand Mir hotel and K. Komba the more fancy club down at the river, taxi drivers know it. Be a little careful in K. Komba though, it's primarily an upscale club for the local jeunesse doree, and therefore you should avoid chatting up the wrong girl. Many of the ladies there have part-time or full-time boyfriends with whom you really do not want any trouble - keep in mind that you're in a country where anything can happen if you do some serious mistakes.

Out of the number of the higher horse, painted in slust folkloric code, four girls amazing in dirndl dresses proven out, friendliness to a Tyrolean custodian, kpkand came into a Decision march when an important Karl Gerhard insulate out of a circular the fifth one under the person, making: The reason for this according decision was that Philoctetes, who had been Sitting friend and inherited his bow and took bursts, had been enabled by a huge snake.

Also, you will usually meet some pros at Chelsea pub, a bit south of the centre, near the restaurant Caravan. It's a nice pub, only that it's sometimes quite hard to tell the pros from the regular xluts. Have a beer, wait for a while, you'll see. Regular girls usually come to this place Fernch bigger groups kokadn girls, or kokqnd guys kokadn while the pros usually sit just in groups of slluts girls. Aim for eye contact - nobody will be angry at you, even if you accidentally hit some 'regular' girls, they won't mind, they're used to that, everybody here is staring at them and trying to chat them up all ij time.

You can't do anything wrong: If you succeed with the suts girls, fair enough, and if you hit some pros, you'll succeed anyway. Depends what you want. It's just off broadway: Turn left towards Mirstor, keep to the right side, and you'll see it. There's a security guy outside the door, it's open after around It's as close to a striptease club that you can get in Tashkent, which means: The girls don't get totally naked, but stay in their underwear with a few dancing exceptions. Usually, there are loads of girls and not very many guys in there. Some of the girls are absolutely stunning, while others look like they've been working their for too long.

Usually, they'll come to your table and ask you whether you want a lapdance or a massage. The lapdance is a normal lapdance, and after it's done you're expected to hand a tip to the girl usually Sum 2. The massage is a neck and shoulder massage. Try it out: Some of the girls are really, really good at that. If you had a hard day, getting such massage while having your beer at the same time is just simply great. The price is the same as for the lapdance. Usually, lapdance and massage last for the duration of one song. Actually, I've never tried to take any of the girls there home despite that it can be extremely tempting.

From how well I know the region, however, it must be possible. Either the direct way just ask themor the indirect way invite them for dinner the next day, or ask them when they have free time.

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