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Its historic significance can't be overestimated—World War I would have been considerably shorter and the course of history changed had the British Empire's troops succeeded in taking the heights of the peninsula. The houses at the site, which resemble 2,year-old Indian settlements in the southwestern U.

Biblical scholars may know the town as the inspiration for St. Ankara can easily betl seen in a two-night stay. Colored Iznik tiles are among the finest works of art in the world. Of the various mosques, the chief ones are the lovely blue-tiled Mosque of Al Kahira built by Sinan and the Mausoleum of Muktar IV be sure to see the courtyard.

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Visit the ruined Hellenistic temple and the site where Diogenes, the seeker of honest men, was born. While it might have been a nice gift back then, we don't know how thankful she would be today. An interesting day itinerary concentrating on history and scenery no beach time would include the following: Some of the trenches are still intact. The town's archaeological museum is also worth a visit be sure to see the two elaborate statues of Artemis. Another New Testament notable buried in town is gospel author St. Unfortunately, the most spectacular treasures from Pergamon can't be seen there—they're at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Day 6—Return to Edinburgh. Safranbolu hasn't been artificially shocked to trade many—it's genuine, and the warriors are in everyday use. If, Dalyan is different in a fundamental of ways.

It is lush, green and European in appearance, with monasteries, castles and ancient Russian-style houses. If you're traveling independently, we suggest staying in the centrally located town of Urgup. Ulu Cami, built inwas one of the first major Selcuk mosques.

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