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Raise awareness for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

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So teens, parents of teens, and anyone who works with teens: Take the opportunity now to educate yourselves on how to prevent teen dating violence, and raise awareness so that others can do the same. Teen dating violence covers the same ground as intimate partner violence in adult relationships. Violence can take the form of physical, emotional, verbal, financial, digital, sexual abuse or stalking. The difference is that the people involved are young -- very young.

According to one study, iyaly than half of the men and women who report ever having experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, or stalking by a dating partner, had their first episodes between the ages of 11 and The negative consequences go beyond setting teens up for a risk for future dating violence. Teens who have experienced abusive relationships are at a higher risk for suicide ideation and lower academic performance. The good news is that everyone in the community can work together to help teens form healthy, productive relationships. Educate yourselves about the types of dating violence and warning signs.

Keep an eye out on your friends too and be there to lend a hand -- or a hint of clarity -- if they need it.

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Dating abuse is about the perpetrator's vicenzx to have power and control over their partner. It itaoy nothing to do vicenaz love and caring for another person. Learn about the characteristics of Dzting healthy relationship and work actively to interact with all people in a positive way. Parents, teachers, and other adults who care for teens: First and foremost, lead by example. The populations coming from mainland Venice settled in the lagoon, fighting as hard as they could to survive: Culture Venice is one of the best walking cities in the world.

As a sea power, the wealth of ideas it brought back from its excursions, especially to the east, resulted in a city whose art and arcitecture is unique, interesting, and diverse. Venice, one of the most remarkable and extraordinary cities in Europe, and has been a first-class cultural centre from time immemorial. During the epoch of the Renaissance, Venice was among the most important art and cultural centres, with its own style of musical composition and a host of great painters and artists.

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Today, Venice is still a city of culture, which can be felt everywhere through its unique atmosphere of romance, art and architecture. The charm of Venetian culture is best experienced during the marvelous festivals and carnivals that are the highlight of local cultural life. The most attractive event is undoubtedly the Carnival: Types of property Venetian architecture and urban planning are also a characteristic feature of local culture. These cultural monuments of extraordinary significance symbolise Venice worldwide, as the countless canals and waterways are widely recognised as one of the most miraculous facilities in urban planning ever.

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