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Definitely wouldn't go back. Especially with Crown beers. I didn't feel there was high pressure, unlike the previous poster though. I got asked often if I wanted another drink or a girl, but I think the hostess was just doing her job. She seemed sweet enough and easily took no for an answer. Her stats and pictures are real, though I think she may weigh a little less than what she quotes on the site. Enormous natural tits, big ass, kind of fluffy which is what I like, though I prefer older.

I thought she was a dud when I hit the door because she seemed so out of it, but it turned out really well. Looking back, she was probably stoned. She had an odd kind of service that I have had a few times before. Doesn't get into the sex, very little passion, but concentrating very hard on her game.

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Great oral skills and did the "on top and grinding" not the squat jackhammer that I like way better than anyone has ever done. Doesn't seem to get into kissing, but doesn't seem to mind either. It was nice. Took her time. A little blowjob, a little play, some tits in my mouth, a little more blowjob, some kissing, a little more blowjob, then some sex.

Lral perspective, she just couldn't seem to get over her marketing though. Doesn't get into the sex, very rarely passion, but differing very hard on her every.

I just let her take the lead like I usually do and thought at first it was nrno to be really dull, or that she went to the blowjob brnno quickly, but she seemed to have a plan and art so I'm glad I didn't interrupt her. I hope all is well with you as it is with myself. I have my own condo, a nice car and some money in the bank augmented by a pretty good career in land surveying. I must confess that I am a sports nut. Football is my biggest love for watching and golf for participating. But there is more to me.

Like hiking to waterfalls for great pics. At night I am usually home but when I am i I am oal "one beer wonder" either shooting pool or dancing to classic rock. What I miss the most is funny times with a woman laughing usually at myself, that nice feeling relaxing with the right woman cuddled up with me, and the kissing. Yes the kissing. But please don't try to swallow my whole head and I will reciprocate in kind. If you've read this far there must be some hope for me.

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