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Mining accident

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Mining disasters in New Zealand The most notable mining accident in New Zealand is the Brunner Mine disasterwhich killed all 65 miners inside. While no deadline had been set for carrying out the re-entry, Smith said the Government wanted the work to be advanced "as quickly as practically possible". Share on Reddit reddit The Pike River families say they have rejected Solid Energy's proposals for staging an unmanned re-entry of the coal mine.

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Previous mining disasters have also occurred here, one in resulted in the deaths of workers. Middelbult colliery was and is still one of the underground collieries of Sasol Mining situated near the town of Secunda, Mpumalanga Taiwan[ edit ] The three worst mining accidents in Taiwan all happened in If Helen couldn't get it legally with her terminal cancer, there's no way in hell they'd allow me to use it," she said. More than workers lost their lives in the collapse and at least 80 workers were injured. They also want to speak to the occupants of the vehicle that almost crashed into Ms Jamieson's motorcycle.

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A sixth was admitted to hospital in critical condition. Jayne Jamieson was from Inangahua, a small town north of Reefton. After meeting the families for the first time in February, Prime Minister Bill English asked the state-owned mining company to leave the West Coast mine unsealed and to investigate the use of drones or robots to re-enter the mine. Hours after the crash, the organisers confirmed on the official event Facebook page that a participant had been involved in a crash in the Buller Gorge.

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