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You are unable an Additional and you may get VA and current trading systems. He was also choppy with early success story and inappropriate fear with the latter victim. The chronograph double charged him although sex reinforced once.

I would recommend Mr. Jordan and his legal team for any military legal matters. Joseph L. Case was sent to a SCM so long as client admitted to assault. Cient Summary Court does not give the client a criminal record. He was accused by three different female trainees of sexual assault as well as charges of fraternization, violation of a martiaal, conduct unbecoming and officer, and sexual harassment. In addition to the alleged victims, a number of other soldiers came forward to testify against our client. Our client also made a statement to CID that did not help his case.

Because of the sensitivity of the case, we are not including details, but the facts were not good for the defense. Our objective was to avoid a sex offender registration and jail time. Waddington and Sleesman confronted the three alleged victims one by one, disproving their stories. A SANE sexual assault nurse examination was conducted the next morning and found DNA, semen, bruising, and other physical, forensic, and scientific evidence. He faced a maximum punishment of life in prison, a Dishonorable discharge, and sex offender registration. This was a tough case because we faced a victim that was melodramatic and four highly regarded experts that were ready to testify against our client, including a Forensic Nurse, two DNA experts, and a forensic psychologist.

Waddington and Captain Brittany Musleve requested an enlisted jury and prepared to contest all charges. The observer saw nothing that was out of the ordinary.

The unit withdrew the Article They next decided to issue a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand. We drafted a personal statement, put together a Good Soldier Book and provided our own legal review as to the issues at hand. It took 10 months for this case to resolve as the unit was incredulous that our Client would turn down the Article and sought every avenue to skewer our client. He was specifically Attorney dating client texas. recent court martial cases with allegedly sexually assaulting a fellow Soldier within his unit while on a pre-deployment train up at Fort Bliss.

Client is a Reservist who was mobilized along with his unit to deploy to the Middle East. The unit was given a holiday pass during the 4th of July weekend. The complaining witness in this case was married. On the evening in question she had sex at least twice with another Soldier who will be referred to as SPC S. After the second sexual encounter, our client stopped by the room looking for some items he had lost. SPC S. Our client apparently stayed in the room for some time and then left. The complaining witness in this case wrote out several statements alleging that our client sexually assaulted her for over 30 minutes.

She reports texting SPC S. A sexual assault examination was conducted shortly after her arrival at the hospital. DNA was collected from the complaining witness during this examination. At a later date, a sexual assault examination was conducted on our client and DNA was also collected during this examination. The DNA taken from both the complaining witness and our client tells a very important story. First it is important to note that the DNA was collected from all over the complaining witnesses body to include inside her vagina and outside her vagina. The collection takes place within a few hours of the alleged sexual assault she claims took place for over 30 minutes.

The complaining witness was taken to the hospital within Attorney dating client texas. recent court martial cases after she claims she was sexually assaulted. The DNA quite simply tells a different story. The statements gathered in this case show that the alleged victim and SPC S. The statements in this case also show that shortly after the alleged victim and SPC S. What is of particular importance here is that the alleged victim was a married woman at the time she was having sexual intercourse with SPC S. As the evidence in this case developed, the we learned that the alleged victim had been an exotic dancer in her civilian life.

Additionally, the defense learned from specific witnesses that the alleged victim had given lap dances to members of her unit. The DNA did not support the story of sexual assault as told by the complaining witness in this case. However, the DNA does support a story where the alleged victim participated and willingly gave a lap dance to our client in this case. It is the only logical explanation of how our clients non-semen DNA ended up on her pubic mound and not inside her vagina. As for her motivations to claim sexual assault, the only logical and plausible explanation is the plan and clear fact that our client basically caught the alleged victim engaging in an inappropriate relationship with another member of the unit.

The alleged victim in this case opted to withdraw from the participating in the case all together merely a week out from the docketed trial date. This forced the Military Prosecutors to withdraw the charges against our Client. First, we filed a personal statement with appropriate attachments and over 30 character letters in support of our client. We also filed another 15 character for untruthfulness affidavits on the alleged victim. Lastly, we filed a legal review including much of the evidence mentioned above. CID claimed that because his weight during his DITY move was drastically more than when he first moved to the previous duty station, that he was committing fraud.

CID went as far as to attempt to seize his banking documents through a subpoena. No banking documents were submitted. No statements were made. The Client held his ground, maintained his innocence. After a thorough review of the case, it was noted that no training was provided by any one from the unit on the proper use of benefits. No published guidance existed at the unit level. We were able to successfully convince the General that without proper training, in order for this Soldier to know the proper procedures for use of benefits obtained from a GPC, they would have to be an attorney.

Essentially, he was accused of taking advantage of a female after she had consumed some alcohol. Our client was born in the United States, but raised in Mexico. Once the investigation kicked off, Client did the inadvisable and waived his rights and gave a statement. Thankfully his statement was the truth. Client detailed step by step what he did that evening including who he texted, where he went and that he did indeed have consensual sex with the alleged victim. Over the course of the statement, he pointed to his upper chest and told the agent that the alleged victim in the case had kissed him, leaving marks.

After reviewing all of the texts messages between our client and several parties, the Defense team was able to put together a timeline detailing exactly where our client was and when. USMC Staff Sergeant was married to a fellow Marine and came under investigation for committing adultery and fathering a child with another Marine. Client avoided any adverse paper in his file and this incident will not negatively impact his career. Each case is unique and reference must be made to the specific legal and factual circumstances presented. Worldwide Availability: She should be court martialed for perjury and false official statement.

Instead, she is still getting preferential treatment. He was accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of military equipment and selling it on Ebay. The Government lined up numerous witnesses and alleged coconspirators to testify that our client was guilty. The client was facing over 30 years in prison and a DD and he was originally offer a plea deal that would have sent him to jails for several years. Army E-5 — Fort Irwin, California Aggravated sexual assault and other sex crimes 30 years in prison, sex offender registration, Dishonorable Discharge,reduction to E-1, total forfeitures, Federal felony conviction Client accused of sexually assaulting a male subordinate soldier.

The prosecution portrayed our client as a gay sexual predator. Our client claimed that it was the victim that was harassing and assaulting him. Waddington, without military co-counsel, fought the charges at the Article 32 hearing.

Reliability E-5 — Lieutenant Offense Base, Spain Client almond of cliebt boosting a female corporal, tax admiral, fraud, zealous regulation on another month, indecent language, and other options. At the Game 15 hearing, Client contemporary a letter of import and no additional future.

The images were forensically recovered by a private lab for use in courh of martizl client. He was a member of the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group and was accused of sexually assaulting the minor daughter of Government personnel, one of whom was a senior FBI agent. Her father martila a Washington insider that did whatever he could to see our client go down. Client was also accused of threatening the head of Embassy security. Our client was removed from the Embassy and a massive investigation took place. NCIS and other Government agencies attempted to build a case to convict our client.

At trial, we requested numerous witnesses on behalf of our client. Embassy personnel were intimidated and warned not to speak with or help the accused. Our client maintained his innocence from the beginning until the end. Despite the odds, Mr. He allegedly assaulted the wife of another airman.

We were hired before charges were preferred and contacted OSI and the command to let them know our client intended to fight the charges. After several weeks of investigating, the command decided to not charge our client. Instead, he was given an Article 15 for sexual assault, which is almost unheard of. Client avoided jail, a conviction, sex offender registration and only received a one grade reduction and forfeiture of pay. NCIS spent 4 years and tons of money traveling around the world to build a case. NCIS cherry picked evidence, twisted witness testimony and withheld favorable evidence in order to build a stronger case.

Because almost all of their evidence was hearsay that came from shady witnesses, the Government knew that they would have a difficult time winning at a court martial. Instead, they took client to a separation board and presented over pages of documents, almost all of which was hearsay. We were denied the ability to confront and cross examine our accusers because the Government would not bring them to the board. Several other Marines facing the same allegations were convicted at court martial. Waddington and Captain Paul Isherwood fought the case in front of an officer board with one enlisted member. Air Force E-5 — Dover Air Force Base, Delaware Rape, burglary, false official statement and various other offenses Over 61 years in prison, sex offender registration, Dishonorable Discharge, total forfeitures, Federal felony conviction Client accused of rape and various other offenses.

Army O-3 — Fort Gordon, Georgia Aggravated sexual assault, various Article sexual assault charges, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman, false official statement Over 45 years in prison, sex offender registration, Dismissal, total forfeitures, Federal felony conviction Client was a male nurse that was accused of numerous Article sexual assault charges, dereliction of duty and other offenses. He allegedly repeatedly sexually assaulted a female patient that was under his care. The BCMR also has a time restriction regarding applications. You must apply to the BCMR within three years of the date of your discharge, a negative DRB decision, or discovery of the error or injustice in your records.

Your application may still be accepted and reviewed after the three-year limit if you can show "good cause" regarding why you missed the deadline and that it is in the "interests of justice" for the BCMR to accept and review your application. His command initiated an investigation against him. Client received a company grade Art. Client was a PV2 in the Army who completed training but failed to report to Fort Carson, Colorado, his first duty station. Client was a SrA in the Air Force whose wife accused him of domestic violence and gave the security forces a written statement.

Client hired Attorney Karns. Client was a SSG in the Army who tested positive for methamphetamine meth.

Martial court cases recent dating client texas. Attorney

Client took ephedra in the form of a legal over-the-counter supplement. Attorney Karns packaged this evidence along with good character letters and his written argument to the command requesting that it rescind the Art. Client was a Warrant Officer in pilot training when he came under investigation for following women in the PX and taking inappropriate pictures. Investigators pulled Client from training and took him in for an interrogation where they confiscated recen phone. While he was being interrogated, additional investigators served a search warrant on his wife at their txeas.

and searched their home. Client was reintegrated into pilot training in less than one week after hiring Mr. After returning rscent garrison, Client suffered a serious injury requiring multiple surgeries over an extended period which limited his ability work fourt his MOS. Caxes also suffered from PTSD and clietn on a Attorney dating client texas. recent court martial cases xating medications due to his injury. This would leave Client with no medical benefits to care for or rehabilitate his injury. Karns to get his administrative separation for misconduct dropped so his medical separation would be approved.

After some months of negotiation, Attorney Karns was able to not only have the administrative separation with OTH rescinded, but he was able to get the Client medically discharged with an Honorable characterization of service. Client was an E-1 in the Navy who tested positive for Valium on a squadron-wide urinalysis after returning from Christmas leave. Client hired Attorney Karns for the Art. Client was an E-8 in the Army and charged with sexually assaulting his 17 year old step-daughter. Subsequent to the Art. Further, Client submitted another request for an administrative separation under Ch.

Thus, Client was spared from a potential conviction of sex assault, having to register as a sex offender, and serving multiple years in confinement. He disembarked mid-deployment and flew to Europe and then to Canada. Client was a SSG in the Army who was pending a medical board. Client was an Army Staff Sergeant with seven years of service. Client tested posted for amphetamines on a routine drug screen. Client was immediately flagged for adverse action for drug abuse and an involuntary separation for misconduct. Client hired Attorney Karns to represent him for his Art Client passed the polygraph.

Client was a Lieutenant who was deployed to an Advance Operation Base where a Soldier was accidentally killed during a vehicular movement. An investigation determined that the Client should be reprimanded because it was one of his Soldiers that was at fault for the accident. The investigation alleged that the Client had failed to supervise the Soldier and failed to properly train him regarding ground guiding procedures for tactical vehicles. Client hired Attorney Karns to defend him against the contemplated reprimand for the death of the other Soldier. In addition, Attorney Karns asserted that Client was a superb young officer with enormous potential for a long and valuable career, and it would be unfair to reprimand Client for the tragedy when the Battalion itself had no printed policies, regulations, or signs posted in the Camp regarding the ground guiding protocols.

Client, who had only been in the Army for under a year, was apprehended by military police as he entered the Global Reach gate on Fort Bliss due to an odor of alcohol emanating from his vehicle. Client failed the sobriety tests that were administered, and a breathalyzer revealed his blood alcohol concentration to be. Client was arrested; his car was impounded; and he was placed on restriction and flagged for legal action. He faced a federal prosecution for DWI and separation from the Army. Client gave a sworn statement to his commander and then decided to hire Mr. Attorney Karns immediately contacted his command and requested that they refrain from imposing any prosecution or separation action.

Client enrolled in ASAP, kept a good attitude and performed his duties. Even though the trial counsel pushed for a DWI case to be prosecuted in federal court, Mr. Karns advocated for Client to receive an Art.

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