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On August 29, wildfire activity had Sation ended, although three more wildfires ignited after September 1, [24] beginning with the Gladding Fire. Spring for California was the driest on record for many locations; for example, San Francisco registered only 0. The storm unleashed 25, to 26, dry lightning strikes across Northern and Central Californiaigniting more than 2, fires. In addition, "no one has seen a springtime like this with the winds," Juskie said.

In dating Station fire boundaries

boundafies The heat and smoke combined Staion public health officials and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to issue " Spare the Air " advisories and an emergency plan for heat waves, respectively. In the second week the fire expanded by several thousand acres per day along a large uncontained fireline. Each day containment increased by 5 percent along the uncontained eastern half of the fire that expanded into open timber and high country. November 17, the fire wasacres and 55 percent contained.

November 21, 85 percent containment; with rain falling, fire activity from Nov on described as minimal. Discovery of these early fatalities took place over the course of the following two weeks. In the first week, nearly ten victims per day were found. In the second week, that lowered to several victims per day. Two residences in Yuba County burned and power lines transporting electricity from a hydroelectric facility were threatened. Mandatory evacuations were in place for all Wrightwood residents October 4—6; the fireline held at 0.

Five structures had been destroyed in the Lone Pine and Swarthout Canyon areas including one residence. Eight firefighters have been injured but no fatalities have been reported. The fire burned 8, acres Governor Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency. The fire, which started between Fillmore and Moorparkhas caused the evacuation of almost homes in Meridian Hills and Bardsdale ; about 1, structures were threatened, in addition to oil pipelines in the area. Severely burned hillsides near the edge of the burned area.

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Area where the fire burned the understory and only the bases of taller trees. Severely burned hillside with shrubs and succulent plants. Adjacent severely burned left and partially burned right areas on a hillside. Burned pine and deciduous trees. Burned valley and hillsides. Vegetation regrowth about ten weeks after the fire. Plants in the foreground are Agave.

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