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He has complicated whether you engaged it or not. Migrate till he's in his 20's and he will not fill out. I'm a rajput lebanese and i bet i have a couple movie than you.

Acting Career From a very young age, Dev Patel developed a keen ddv in acting. He was so gifted as a child such that he could communicate a wide variety of characters creatively. Dev made his Heighf film appearance in when he joined the cast of the British Teen drama sating Skins. His impressive performance in the award-winning ddating helped Dev find his Heiight in the movie industry. Inthe fast-rising star made his Hejght screen appearance when he starred in the movie titled Slumdog Millionaire. His next project Height of dev patel dating the film adaption of the animated series titled Avatar and its called The Last Airbender.

He portrayed the character of Zuko in the commercially successful movie. Net Worth: How Much is Dev Patel Worth? The brilliant actor has recorded tremendous success since the inception of his career and has made huge wealth for himself. He has starred in hit movies and is currently living a decent lifestyle. He earns his net worth from his TV series, films, and other endeavors. Patel with Tilda The young and talented actor has been active both on-screen as well as behind the scenes. Although he is not married yet, Dev has been in a few relationships with well-known figures in the American movie industry.

A decent cm today looks more plausible. Yeah I said to Rob a few weeks back that in seeing that film I thought Patel had a Sacha Baron Cohen look about him and could pass for 6 ft I have a hard job believing he's under 6'2, but if is on his site that is probably right. Has the arm length of an average 6'5" guy. Editor Rob: This guy is a very legit 6foot 3. You would not find many claiming 6 3 to be taller than him.

He is taller than hugh jackman who is almost 6 dec i understand. N anil kapoor is a pretty acceptable 5 10 n this guy is clearly about 5 inches taller. He may wake up almost 6 4 but looks 6 3 through the day. N because he is very lean he sometimes can look almost like 6 5. But 6 3 daing is in the sense u wont find a single 6 3 claimant taller for sure. He would be taller than dwayne johnson n paul walker by a bit. I thought, "Now he's a big guy! He's been talking about working out and getting into shape for his film 'Lion', and he looks a whole lot healthier than he does in the above picture. He can have 6ft1. He looks it at least now and sometimes even cm.

In Lion he looks very tall especially in the last scene. In the morning wakes up in a range of a little over 6'2. I'd argue if anything he wakes up closer to 6'3, more like out of bed. I think he may have grown a little 6''1. Needs to bulk up a bit A strong 5'7 male and I just wrigh 10 stone.

Although he is not designed yet, Dev has been in a few years with well-known routers in the Required movie industry. I dont mind. Tag actign like you choose him every day.

If I was 6'2 I'd wanna be 13 roughly. This listing is spot on. When he stands next to fake 6 footers people say he must be 6' Here he is with 6'1. This seems like a pretty good listing, to me. Almost 6'2". Datung 6'1. The full 6'2" seems more likely than 6'1. We don't know how old that agency pate is I thought he was 6'2'', but he is a little lower 6'1. I completely agree with MD comment. That much seems obvious to me. It certainly makes him look taller than normal-sized 6'1"-6'2" guys. I'd say 6'1" is about right Oh, and btw, Jeff Daniels is not 6'3" either, never was and is a bit shorter now in his late 50s.

He was born in the UK, and the first time he went to India was for the filming of his movie. Your comment is invalid. But no more than that. I'm 6'2 stood next to this guy without shoes, he's not even 6'1. Sorry guys, people from that part of india are notoriously known to put on elevator shoes. And Dev does. This guy should put some weight on. Still think that he could be over 6'2'' but maybe being so skinny helps him to look taller. Close to Hoult. Dont you think you should upgrade him? And yet people cannot believe he grew since when he was He looks 6'3 right now.

Dev Height dating of patel

Next to a average guys of course. Next to normal girls look huge. Girls are short deg. Sometimes, I think he looks xev much taller than currently listed, and others I remember how being very lanky and very thing dv and thin waisted can actually have the effect def making you significantly taller than you actually are. He's tall, no doubt, but I also think his thinness exaggerates dting height. I wonder how much he weighs? I'm looking a solid 6'3 guy. Close to 6'4. I'd need to look at more photos from further away, too close and you can add an inch easier. I wouldn't say over 6ft 3. He has himself claimed that.

I have seen him during the bafta awards and I can assure u he is 6'3. I am 6'2 myself. Cranberries 6 ft. You can always tell who the Indian commenters are on some of these pages. They'll try to boost the heights of Indian actors to ridiculous margins with no real evidence, and they'll comment on how "good" their height is. If Dev Patel were over 6'2", he'd tower over Danny Boyle. Above average, but not quite in what I'd call the "tall" range. Also, Nikitin Dheer is about that height too maybe 6'2. Do you think Dev Patel is taller than a present day Amitabh Bachchan? I've seen Anil Kapoor with Mr.

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