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Matamoros Nightlife | Things to do After Dark in Matamoros

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We began praying out loud as we walked. The air became thick. The closer we got the harder it became to breathe. I felt as though my lungs were in a vice. It was spiritual oppression.

I have never felt anything like that in my tje. We prayed a tunnel of light through that area. A group of men crowding on the sidewalk saw us coming and each put their hands behind their back and cleared a large path for us to walk. God had sent his angels to walk with us and people felt it as we passed.

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Girs Off we went in the cold of the early morning. We caught mxtamoros bus downtown and had to force the bus driver to stop on the corner of ov and Independence Street. He had been refusing to stop. In Mexico, it Girls of the night in matamoros the opposite. The market is wonderful. You will find spices, guitars, jewelry, hand-embroidered dresses, ponchos, and hhe. There are nihgt stores, formal wear stores and leather goods stores with prices on boots, belts and purses that will astound you. The restaurants Girlls are good and some have nught music, "mariachis" that sing while you eat. A tip is expected after they play at your table. Do not drink to much as that is asking nigt trouble.

Make sure you read the limits on what you can bring back to the states as customs officers will smash your bottles of liquor that exceed your limit right before your very eyes. It is a mafamoros sight. The only avocados mqtamoros may bring back are those that have been pitted. Beware of medicinal limits as well. Do not bring a level that exceeds the legal limit back into the States or you could get into trouble. Make sure that you claim everything that you are bringing back at the bridge. You must have ID now and a passport. There was this aura of confidence and sense of omnipotent invincibility that just seemed a bit unsettling. Plus, he was rocking a mullet. I clicked on his picture and began a journey that would rock me to my core and pique my curiosity of the macabre.

Texas Week It was Spring Break Many would also make the twenty-minute trip into Matamoros to tap into the local food culture and nightlife. University of Texas student, Mark Kilroy. They waited at the border possibly hoping he would come stumbling back with some story about being hung up by a beautiful girl or some other fitting excuse. They searched the streets and alleyways deep into the morning. They waited for him at the car. With no word or news from Mark the next day, they contacted the local Brownsville authorities. An extensive search had begun. They needed to find leads. Mexican state federales had often set up checkpoints in various roadways outside of the Matamoros city limits.

It sped past and chase was given. They followed it to a ranch named Rancho Santa Elena in the outskirts of Matamoros where the driver and other people were apprehended. A search of the ranch yielded about pounds of weed, but what was discovered inside of an ominous, dark colored shack on the premises completely turned the investigation on its head. The shack found on the ranch. Religious objects, candles, and animal bones were littered through out the shack. Strange symbols covered the walls and an eerie caldron filled with burned sticks and other indecipherable objects sat on the floor.

The in of Girls matamoros night

Now, you Gilrs to understand that in many Hispanic cultures, spiritual and religious superstition is no joke. People take that shit seriously. I can remember being brushed by my grandma as a kid with a small branch with leaves or an egg for purpose of warding off evil spirits. In a land where religious superstition was still prominent, the investigation was halted. No further inquiry would be made until a curandero traditional spiritual healer blessed the property and the investigation to ward off evil and malicious spirits. The curandero did his thing and the investigation continued. Mexican officials saw this mostly as an opportunity to nab some of the local drug bosses.

Get some good photo ops. However, one of the ranch hands in custody that lived and worked on the property happened to recognize Mark Kilroy from a picture placed on one of the walls. He saw Mark tied to the back of a suburban at the ranch. Authorities on both sides knew him as a small time trafficker and nephew of a local Mexican crime boss. They interrogated him asking if he had seen Mark or had any information on his whereabouts. He and a few others kidnapped him, took him to the ranch and killed him. Then, they buried his remains on the property. His calm and worriless demeanor while giving this confession had perplexed the investigators. Was this guy for real?

Or was he just not mentally capable of grasping the gravity of making such a claim. He was impermeable to bullets and untouchable to police. He claimed, almost boastfully, to be part of a religious group that was about 20 deep. It was led by a man named Adolfo Constanzo, a. Constanzo was a high priest with magical and powerful abilities. He was a brujo, a sort of shaman of black magic. At any moment, El Padrino was going to walk through the door in all his magical glory and liberate him from custody. Constanzo ordered them to kidnap someone who was intelligent. Preferably, someone with experience in the medical field. Mark was a pre-med student at the University of Texas so he fit the bill.

There, they tortured Mark and Constanzo sexually assaulted him. They opened the top of his head with a machete to expose his brain. They placed it into a caldron where it was boiled along with other ritual artifacts. Then, Constanzo ate it. His brain was the source of the knowledge and intelligence he wanted to acquire. When the ritual was over, they buried his body in the ranch. Try to place yourself in the shoes of the investigators. Did I fall asleep watching Hostel and now having a nightmare? What can cause a person to abandon such moral values?

It was who. Adolfo Constanzo. Cult leader, Adolfo Constanzo. The Prince of Darkness Constanzo was actually an American. His mother emigrated from Cuba to Florida where he was born. He was baptized as a Catholic, but his mother dabbled in black magic and voodoo.

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