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Housewibes got two economies of wine we had. Then visible himself behind her he learned the head of my trading up to her response lips and synced my fingers with it, founding in with one adult until he was media-deep. I prepaid needed were to think.

Does your husband satisfy that pussy of yours? His hand then left her hair and grabbed her left tit.

This made Joan gasp and his grip then made her say, "Please you're hurting me, please stop, it hurts. Pull your dress us so I can see your panties. Joan had a panicky look on her face and I knew this was going to cause us trouble when he saw her bare pussy. Slowly, Joan began to rise her dress. It cleared the top of her thigh high nylons, up further and then there was a gasp from our abductor. There exposed, was her Forced slut housewives storie shaved pussy. He then said, "That's a fine white bitch pussy there. I bet you never been fucked with a big Forced slut housewives storie dick.

Joan quickly pushed her dress down and began to cry louder. I felt her hand grab my arm and I saw terror in her eyes as the thought we both had was that she was going to be raped. She did enjoy sex, but had never been raped or forced to have sex with a black man. We both detested BDSM and non-consensual sex. Her grip on my arm was very tight and she said to the black man, "Please don't rape me, don't hurt us, just let us go when you get where you want to get out. Please, please let us go. If you let us go unharmed, we can just leave and never say anything. You won't have to be afraid that the police will be after you.

We got to a house, shoddy and in need of repair. He told me to turn off the motor and give him the keys. He ordered me to get out and come around the car to him. He then walked us up to the house and then straight into a dingy bedroom. I was ordered to sit in a chair when two other black men came in. They took my shoes and pants off. Naked from the waste down, they tied me to the chair. Joan was now ordered to strip naked and get on the bed. There was only a dirty mattress on the bed, no sheets or blankets. Joan did not begin to strip, so our kidnapper back handed her face and said, "I'm not going to tell you twice.

Any orders I give you, you will obey immediately. Do you understand? You will obey every order I give you. Now, what did I tell you? She then said, "Yes, I understand. I saw the embarrassment in her face as she was being forced to undress in front of these three strangers. When she was totally naked, they had her turn around, bend over, spread her legs and then turn back to face them and then spread her pussy lips wide open with her fingers. The three of them kept making comments such as: Joan was ordered to get up on the bed on her hands and knees. They took turns examining her, pulling her pussy lips apart, pushing fingers in her pussy and ass hole and roughly pulling on her breasts.

One then said, "Jake, you recruited a nice one this time, She'll fit well in our stable. The length was between 8 and 9 inches long. The largest diameter was about 2 inches. Joan also saw those cocks and cried out, "You are all too big, you will tear me apart, please don't rape me. Please, you'll hurt me. I would remember that name and his face until I die. I get to fuck her first Leroy. Leroy got off the bed and Jake climbed onto the bed and began to run his hard cock up and down her pussy lips. Jake said, "She really wants our big black cocks, she is really hot and wet. Strange men feeling her pussy and ass, always got her hot and ready.

I also knew she did not want these men to violate her, it was pure rape they planned to commit. It will tear me apart, I can't take it. You will also want only cum from black cocks. She pleaded for him to stop, but Jake kept pushing slowly into her pussy. I saw that his balls were now bumping against her clit and I knew that he was all the way in her vagina. He stayed still for a few minutes while Joan began to calm, then as he began to pull back, I noticed that her head jerked upward and her back arched. Jake pushed back in again. Joan moaned and her mouth opened as she gave a guttural sound. I knew Joan was overcome and now pleasured with a desire for sexual gratification and was going to have a huge orgasm.

Jake then began to fuck his big cock in and out of her. Joan became a wild woman. I saw all the signs that she was going to have an earth shattering orgasm as she was stretched for the cock beginning to pump into her.

Slut housewives storie Forced

Her eyes displayed raw emotion and wanton sexual desire. Joan began, "Oh, God, you are sooooooo big. Yes, FUCK me, fuck me with that black cock. This was a bad sign to me. Not good for Forved evidence of a rape. Jake fucked her slow and was sure to push his cock as far into her as he could. Joan was having constant orgasms now and she began to push back at him. I want stprie black cock to pump your Fprced juice deep in this pussy. Tell your husband that you only want big Forcedd cock in your pussy from now on, this pussy is off limits to him now. Jake then slapped her ass hard and reminded her, "You are my bitch now and you will obey me.

Now tell your husband. I am his slut and whore. I only want big black cocks deep in my pussy. Her legs were spasming as she kept pushing back against him. Jake pushed hard and held himself deep in her pussy and I knew he was ready to fill her with his sperm. Jake said, "If you're not on the pill, you're going to have my black baby. I want to feel your cock throbbing in my pussy. Pump your cum deep into me". As Joan was having another orgasm, their bodies spasmed together as I watched Jake thrust as deep as he could, then his seed surged into the depths of her womb mixing with her female emissions. Jake stayed inside Joan for a few minutes while his cock started to soften. He slowly pulled out and I saw a river of cum oozing from her pussy.

When Jake got off the bed, Leroy then got on the bed and immediately thrust his cock deep in Joan's well fucked pussy. Fuck me hard, fill me, I want more cum. She then told Leroy, "Lay down on the bed, I want to ride that beautiful black cock, I want it deep inside me. She humped up and down, then ground her pussy back and forth as she was making undistinguished noises. Joan was now in the wild throes of unbridled sex.

No one would respond her performance was very. Those lasts showed the world afterward had lying vaginas and rectums.

I knew she would want more and I knew she had her eyes on the third man and his big black cock. Leroy grabbed her hips and pulled her tight into him. I knew he was ready to fill her with another load of cum. Fill me up, give me all you have. I feel your cock throbbing as the tip is pushing at my cervix. I could see now that Joan could not care about her circumstances, she was full into the heat of sexual stimulation. I also knew that she wanted more as her orgasms were calming. Her eyes looked at me with a pleading look of a desire for more cock and she smiled looking at my hard cock.

Yes, even being raped was wrong and we had been forcibly kidnapped, watching Joan being fucked by these black Forced slut housewives storie and the amount of cum leaking from her pussy had me turned on and my cock was harder than a rock. Now Jake said, "Jimmy, give me the camcorder. It's your turn to pump your black baby making seed into this married white whore's pussy. I knew going to the police would be futile as the video they are taking would show Joan's total desire for their sexual advances I watched Leroy pull Joan off his cock, more cum flowing onto the mattress. Then Jimmy got on the bed, flipped Joan back to her hands and knees and forcefully rammed his cock into Joan's pussy.

By now Joan was well used to their large cocks and she had another orgasm as Jimmy's cock charged forcefully deep into her cervix. Jimmy pounded his cock into her pussy relentlessly and she kept screaming, "YES, fuck me hard, push that cock all the way into my stomach. Get up there and teach her how to deep throat big black cock. I knew this was an automatic act on her part from our past sexual activities. Why was her body reacting this way to such a hateful act by such a disgusting beast? She looked at the clock on the nightstand as Reggie came in her for the fifth time that day.

Dave will be home soon. The many orgasms she unsuccessfully fought to avoid left Christy feeling exhausted even though Reggie performed the work. She hated him for what he did. She came so many times, she lost count. But did the orgasms mean she enjoyed sex with this horrible black man? There was no time to dwell on these disturbing thoughts. Christy changed the sheets and took a shower to eliminate evidence of what occurred in her marital bed. With a wash cloth she attempted removing the cum Reggie deposited in her. Dave returned home fatigued after 12 hours of work in a hot warehouse. He failed to notice the anguish Christy wore on her face.

The two went into the living room while Christy stayed in the kitchen preparing supper. Dave and Reggie sat in the living room watching a football game on TV. Christy heard them howl over a play and disliked them bonding. Reggie was like cancer in her marriage, separating her from Dave physically and isolating her emotionally. Christy needed carrots.

She stared contemptuously at the full stock of beer Reggie kept when she opened the refrigerator. Dave rarely drank before Reggie moved in. When do you have to go? Can I come with you? He claimed he needed to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. Christy saw it, yet Dave obliviously believed Reggie was his friend. Instead, Reggie would soon take her again. Reggie got wood as he thought about working his cock into Christy and pumping her cunt full of cum. With Dave out of town they would be alone together for two weeks. How could he attempt such a thing outside where anyone could see what he was doing?

He quickly unfastened her pants and slid his fingers inside her panties. Her bravery quickly vanished. She pulled in and the door closed behind them. Her hands grasped the steering wheel. She tried to figure a way to get them back, although she had nowhere to flee. But it became difficult Forced slut housewives storie concentrate, her pussy getting receptive to his touch. Reggie coaxed her undesired arousal. Her soaked pussy Forced slut housewives storie to be fucked, still Reggie worked her intimate folds, enjoying the conflicting expressions of disdain and pleasure in her face. He witnessed similar reactions in his previous victims.

Christy watched Reggie lick her nectar with revulsion. At least he stopped fondling her. The welcome interruption restored her control over her body. Christy tried to think of ways out of her wretched situation. Maybe she could run to her room and call for help? But how could she avoid explaining the embarrassing details? Reggie would brag the sex was consensual because he made her cum multiple times. One thing became evident: She had to act now. Christy slowly nodded her head in affirmation, exited the car, and re-buttoned her pants.

Reggie could Forced slut housewives storie wait to get his cock inside her wet cunt again as he watched her tight ass walk in front of him toward the door. Christy reached the door to the house and waited for Reggie to unlock it with keys he took. Reggie came up behind Christy and fiddled to open the door. Even through their clothing she felt his huge cock push against the top of her butt. When Reggie opened the door, Christy bolted from him. She reached her bedroom and slammed the door shut with him close behind. A second more might have been enough to set the lock, giving her time to callbut Reggie already turned the knob.

As she lay on her back, Christy tried to kick Reggie in the testicles to prevent him from climbing on top of her. With Christy heaving for air, Reggie savagely undressed her. Dave missed seeing his incredibly sexy wife in her seductive lingerie. He was as gullible as white boys came, Reggie thought, and had no clue that Forced slut housewives storie he slaved to earn a couple of bucks, his beautiful, little wife was home getting tapped by a black drug dealer. Reggie delighted in his good fortune. Dave seemed nice enough for a white guy, although not too bright.

Only a fool with a wife like Christy would allow a strange black man to move into his home. Dave practically invited him to ravish her perfect little body, Reggie reasoned. So he deserved having his wife molested and taken by a nigger for being stupid. We can do dis the hard way if ya wants. She tried being a tiger, but he made her purr like a pussycat instead. With his hand still inside her panties, Reggie observed Christy become tense, her eyes squeeze shut, and her mouth gape open as his fingers finessed her engorged clitty.

She was cumming. Reggie played with her like a toy, amusing himself with the reflexes causing Christy to climax. He manipulated Christy like a puppet, Reggie the puppet master mercilessly pulling her strings. Reggie took his time masturbating Christy to enjoy her subtleties: Why let her miss out when he easily made her have more orgasms? The situation was perfect. She recovered from an orgasm and looked at Reggie with beautiful, blue eyes. With Christy paralyzed by another pleasure wave, Reggie pulled down her briefs. Christy was in the midst of an intense orgasm when Reggie removed his hand from her pussy and undressed, his fantastically large cock pointing out from his muscular body like an anime character.

Gently, Reggie separated her soft, pink, pedals for easier entry. Before Christy regained her senses to resist, Reggie positioned himself at her saturated entrance. Even a thin latex barrier prevented complete contact of their genitals and was better than nothing, she thought. Reggie never used condoms. Christy fumbled to open the packet. It was hard, yet the skin felt soft and smooth to touch. Large veins looked like they might burst through its dark shaft. The revolting thing that had been unwelcomely put in her so many times began fascinating her. It had to fit, she thought.

Reggie parted her labia and placed the head of his dick at her opening. Christy dropped the unused rubber somewhere on the floor as Reggie eased into her. He watched her twist the sheets in her fists. He made contact with places inside her no cock had been before. She wished Reggie would cum quickly and be done with her. He could go hours without cumming when he wanted. His golf-ball sized testicles produced so much sperm that his cock was like a gusher when he finally popped his batch for her; and after a short recovery he was ready to go again.

The arrogant, white bitch still disliked being fucked by him, but not as much as first. She would get used to fucking a black man without condoms the more he forced her to. Christy tried ignoring the sensations from his cock, questioning to herself why Dave went to Amorillo and left her alone with Reggie. How could he be so stupid and allow this strange, black man into their home? He could tell she grew tired of fighting because she climaxed sooner than when he first started fucking he. Christy gave up. Her anger and shame left and she went into ecstasy. She raised herself up on her elbows and watched it shoot white, gooey jism all over her body. She never saw a penis ejaculate so much and so violently.

It fired potent, baby making fluid at her in rapid succession like a semi-automatic pistol, raining semen on her face, tits and in her belly button. Christy feared receiving his seed and getting pregnant. He scooped the puddle out of her belly button with his thumb and spread it all along her tummy, then proceeded up to her tits and used the slippery spunk on her erect nipples, before collecting the last of it on her face and having her lick it from his fingers. She was aroused yet he withdrew from her this time like she asked. It remained flaccid and the break from sex allowed her thoughts to clear. Evening had arrived. Christy recalled it starting with Reggie fondling her during the drive home that morning.

It felt like she had been under anesthesia throughout the day from all the sex and orgasms he made her have. He took the wash cloth and began bathing her. His attentions went from her soft cunt to her cute little ass and perky breasts. In the confines of the shower, his huge cock touched her numerous times. Reggie toweled Christy dry when the phone rang. Still naked, she answered, Reggie beside her. They were special undergarments she only wore for Dave. She had no choice. After slipping on the sexy undergarments, she went to her closet. Ya gots enough on.

Ya can sleep in those or nothing at all. Sometime in the middle of the night, he must have crawled into bed with her. She could feel his enormous erection against her hip. She had slept for over 12 hours. He resumed lightly sleeping. Christy remained still. She wanted to sneak out of bed, find the car keys, and go somewhere to get away from him; but where? She had allowed things to go too far too long. Her sex with Reggie now bordered on consensual. How did she let this happen? Christy felt trapped. What if she became pregnant? She tried slowly rolling on her side without waking Reggie. He was awake. I might get pregnant.

Her fingers wrapped around his wrist trying to stop him. Reggie knew her tears would pass. The little, white slut was already getting wet for him. Her clit loved his stroke. He made her cries fainter masturbating her. Reggie moved the thin, silk strip of her thong to the side, carefully stretched her glistening labia open, and placed the head of his cock to her moist, pastel entrance. Still uneasy about direct contact, Christy began getting accustomed to the enhanced sensations of his uncovered penis inside her. Reggie waited for Christy to become very aroused and then put the rest of his penis in her.

She pushed against his chest. She was cumming already. His big cock felt so good inside her without a condom. It rubbed the right areas in her so perfectly. Reggie enjoyed the wonderful sensation of burying it in her. Her pussy contracted rhythmically, as if trying to suck every drop of semen from him. Christy became more complacent and responsive for Reggie each time he boned her — like he knew she would. Jackson had? They reached her knees with nipples like cigar butts. Is that the deal? Her tummy was large and round starting just beneath her huge tits and she had another fold of tummy that completely hid her pussy from view.

Despite himself he was getting horny. Here she was, old and fat but those tits looked good, and he could imagine his cock sliding in and out of them. She looked confused but knelt down in front of him. He walked over to her and opened his pants letting them fall to the floor and then he pulled down his boxers letting his half erect cock spring out. And he could now see her fat cunt between the folds. Kneeling behind her he stroked her ass cheeks marveling at the size and smoothness of them. Running a hand between the crack he pushed two fingers into her pussy making her gasp and move away slightly. It was warm and wet and he could easily take two fingers, which he began to work in and out of her before putting in a third with as much ease.

Then positioning himself behind her he pushed the head of my cock up to her pussy lips and replaced my fingers with it, shoving in with one stroke until he was balls-deep. She let out a low moan and waited for him to start fucking her. It was amazing, holding her giant hips, he started to fuck her slowly but soon sped up until he was pounding her pussy with hard fast strokes. He could smell her pussy now, strong and sweat, which made him pound harder still. She immediately started bucking back onto him and moaning out, mumbling something.

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