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Calum Scott

I backed through a full Caluk when I was famous with my thumbs when I tried to do to them about it. I sat with my garden, Frasier T. I publication to have that year of the crew borders and the currency vibe that you get from there [recordings], with that marginal view that suit binds the whole potential together.

In an exclusive interview with Attitude, Scott - who turned 30 this year - opens zcott about what the song means to him, how his international fame has hindered his dating and whether he has reached out to Sam Smith following his split with Brandon Flynn this year. Why was now the right time to release the song? It was just about writing good songs.

However, after his footing, he said with his father. His drill greedy him along with his coat Jade.

And the way that the music sat and the way that I was feeling, it just all fell into place. He stepped out of the room and when he came back I had most of xating song. It was just an instantaneous as that. But it was not datjng something I was going to put out. I had been so personal with all the other songs I had on the album, I felt like this was too honest, a bit too personal. Coz it was like a diary entry being published online, like too much of your heart, you know. And so I left it off the album, put the album out and very quickly I regretted not including that song, because I had seen how well the album had been received.

And you know, I never ever dreamt I would share this story, and yet millions of people have related to it already. The thousands of messages I have received has been completely overwhelming. I think the music video goes hand in hand with the song.

Feeling like you belong csott. I am very proud of it. That must be amazing. I was in Hong Kong and a girl had an interview with me and then I heard from somebody that she was in the corridor pouring her heart out. Was the interview bad? We were both in tears, I signed some stuff for her and gave her some things. Exactly, but not everyone has these good coming out stories. But with my friends, I got the completely opposite reaction. We wish to see him getting married or at least finding someone to spice up his life.

However, rumors datimg his sexuality swirled on the Internet earlier, to know more scroll down! Check out the interview where Calum Scott talks about his sexuality: I went through a rough period when I was younger with my friends when I tried to talk to them about it. Calum Scott is openly gay. However, inhe proudly scott out as gay like Jonathan Groff. Keeping every extravagance aside, his music speaks more about his prosperity. Also See: I come from a very normal day job, a very normal upbringing, so I had six or seven years working in an office nine to five in human resources. My life has completely changed, but changed for the better. Since the show ended, you have come out publicly as gay.

It was really difficult because I lived a very normal life, I lived all my life in the northeast of England, in Hull where I was born. I lived very normally and in terms of personally as well -- by that time my friends and my family had known about my sexuality and I was still getting to grips with it, but especially being thrust into this life. The press obviously want to know your personal life, your romantic life, so it made it a little bit more difficult.

Dating Calum scott

It felt like a magnifying glass. The show just catapulted me into the public eye, and I felt a little bit under pressure that I would have to talk to people about it before I was ready. I struggled with it a little bit until songwriting came into the equation. I wrote a song about coming out to him, and I also wrote a song about coming out to the press, the fears I had, the anxieties I had.

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