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Although the Limon, with lime juice and pasilla chili powder, Uaed better with tequila. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Traailers. Williams, who decorated his stand at Bonnaroo with Mardi Gras beads, uses lightly sweetened fresh juices and eschews colorings on his snowballs, both radical breaks with New Orleans tradition. Williams said. Laricks and her blackberry-lavender snow cones already had enough of a following in Kansas City to inspire dreams of a snow cone empire.

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Like a number of new, small-scale entrepreneurs, she applied for funding at kickstarter. Laricks, who uses a Hawaiian-style shaving machine. The two simplest, the Back to Basics also called the Hawaiice and the Hamilton Beach Snowman, both work well, if noisily, with ice cubes. The mechanics of these are simple: A motor spins the ice while you press down, forcing it over the blade.

Since you need no external power source during operation, you can sell snow balls in a blackout and there is no setup time. Every trailer has an air conditioner. The 6' x 10' trailer has room for 1 person selling snow balls. The 6' x 12' trailer has more room for selling snow balls and an additional 25"x25" stainless steel counter for simultaneous preparation of another sales item. The 6' x 14' trailer has two serving areas and two serving windows for sales of multiple items.

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The trailers come loaded with features. Raised roof. Chaser lights. The regular roof height is 6'4". The raised roof is standard on 6' x 14' trailer. Chaser lights run on volts and require an external volt power source such as a generator or utility hookup. For more about our portable concession stands including pricing, see the information listed below. We offer 3 trailer sizes and a variety of optional add-ons snow ball machines, electric brakes, undercoating, chaser lights, etc. If you need a trailer immediately, we always keep a variety of trailers in stock ready for you to drive away usually with; just hitch up and go. Concession Trailer Information.

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