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You are very often prominently featured in these threads that meander on forever, barty. And you typically end up at the bottom of a very deep hole. O Ahmed Iqbal Baloch On 2nd March a title song is also prepared and sung by a good Balochi singer and this year a title song was also sung by singer Qasim Amin in his inspirational voice. People wait anxiously for this day and before two months the preparations are started for this day: Stages, shows, singers and everyone is told their dialogs, poetry for song and many other things. A huge crowd gets ready in Karachi for the gatherings in sea view Clifton. Males wear their traditional cloth which is like frock.

They wear their traditional shoes which are called Chawat, sawaas. They tie a large white cloth on their heads which is called Paag. Baloch culture is also rich for music and the instrument by which the balochi music is so attractive is called Dhamboorag and soroz. Our past singers sung with Dhambooarg and played with it in a good way which attracted many people towards them which includes the singers: Faiz Mohammad, Akhtar Chennal, Noor mohammad nooral, and also the songs Sammul thai vshen khandag o taukan, Masqat e meher o…, and many more.

On 2nd March in different districts of Balochistan it is celebrated in a fabulous way. On shows and programs Balochi singers, poets and culture is greatly highlighted. Singers like: Taj Bulaidai, Kulsoom noor, Bibi ganz bano, Basit Baloch, Haroon sheikh and many more are invited for singing songs with their unique voices. Baloch Culture is also famous for bravery and Baloch brothers carry a sword which shows bravery.

Fhawat also wear a hand-crafted Balochi jacket which is usually black dafing called Dagula or balochi coat. Balochs put pillows by the walls of house to decorate it and pillows are also mostly hand-crafted by Jallar. Instead datijg Carpets Rich Balochs use traditional mats which is called Thagird. Balochi traditional transport which is called Olak is Camel Hoshtir. Balochi Females are also famous for their Embroidery which costs very much and is very expensive. The real traditional Balochi dress for females is made with the help of six colors which are: They mostly wear their jewelries as it is the pride of balochi women.

They also wear their traditional slippers or sandals which are also called Sawas. They mostly wear their traditional dress in houses and I feel proud that I am a Baloch and I wear mostly my own traditional dress which is commonly worn.

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