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What to Get Your Guy for Valentine's Day, Based on How Long You've Been Dating

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Getty Images See Your Favorite Band Live There's nothing better than experiencing live music with one of your favorite people next to you. Head to StubHub for the latest events in your area and grab those last minute tickets for a night of letting loose. Things always tend to heat up in the kitchen. See if it's written in the stars. Visit a psychic to have both of your tarot cards read. Make it even more exciting by riding a tandem bike! This tennis date will help you meet your perfect match. Swimming Date Night — If you have a warm pool of water nearby, a swimming date might be the best way to connect with your spouse.

Valentine Pictionary — This is an interactive date night that will get everyone laughing and playing. Your family will love it! Dinner and a Movie — Cuddle up with your family and watch a fun movie.

Look for last-minute flight deals or pick something secluded a few hours from your home city. She's Really Stressed Out Even in the happiest of relationships, outside stresses, such as issues with work or family, can put a damper on things. You ready for the challenge? Remember, it's not about racking up the most on your credit card - a cheap Valentine's Day gift can be good! Instead, it's about showing her you remembered and that you care. After all the time spent together, you should celebrate with some blissful relaxation. Visit the animal shelter and adopt a pet. You two are already committed so why not add another member to your family!

Valentines ideas dating Newly

Play a round of golf at your favorite course. Enjoy a beautiful day together. Dig out your old photos and stroll down memory lane. Get out yearbooks, home videos and all those old photos and reminisce. Spend half of the evening doing one of your favorite activities together and then try theirs.

It could also be time to Newl his headphones or watch. If you and boo have an anniversary under your belt, get these gifts: But it's still a perfectly good excuse to celebrate another year of being together! Sentimental gifts, such as a funny card with an inside joke or a journal of little love notes, show you care without having to spend too much money.

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