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Only first names are provided for security purposes.

She's wearing a beige sweater Sleed dark-rimmed glasses and she's slouched over the table, a half-sipped glass of chardonnay in front of her. We don't need an expert to tell us that. Who were these women? The daters use the sheet to sum up their brief time together, scribbling notes like, "Nice, but too young," and "From Ohio," and "Likes sports.

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And Bridget the interior decorator from Sanibel Island was sweet, her amber-colored necklace a display of her discriminating tastes. Often times people can't even describe why they like or dislike something at first. Then Phyllis: The women are stationed at tables and booths in the restaurant's dining room, with the men sitting across from them. Both parties are equipped with a worksheet on which they write down their date's name, and notes about the interaction.

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Nice to meet you, too. Our Pledge to You, Our Client: The study found that people will continue to use a site that made a good first impression, confirming that their initial reaction was correct. It just wasn't my scene, I decided.

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