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Suzuki GS500 Review

Instruments are likely but Suzuku twin analogue gets. Thoseand cc miles gave rise to a cc stimulate which grew over the proceeds to cc.

Plenty of usable power, it takes corners very well in all daing. Engine Rating For a mid size commuter, ukk plenty of power. Overtakes easily, rating good engine. Brake Rating One on the back and only one on the front. Brakes seem good though. Running Cost So very cheap to run, it uses very little fuel and seems to go on forever. All of these models preserved the earliest GS engine layout: GSE inline four [ edit ] The GSE motorcycle appeared inpowered by a sleeved-down version of the GS engine with smaller carburetors. The GSE four was manufactured for markets where its smaller displacement was suited to insurance or license regulations.

A counterbalance shaft controlled engine vibrations. The cubic centimetres Although it did not produce as much horsepower as comparable multivalve engines, the two-valve GS engine had proportionally more torque at low speeds.

This same engine with a reviww bore increase would power the GS Well-maintained examples seem to clock up around 70,km before even needing a cam-chain — impressive for a high-revving, hard-working, g500 twin. Although noisy during warm-up, a good one should be mechanically quiet at operating temperature. Always factor into your buying decision the cost of any steering-head bearings, chain, sprockets, brake pads and brake rotors that will soon need replacing. A low-kays example with service records is ideal. Major components are easily accessible, though less so on faired models. The basic service at km intervals for oil and filter changes also involves re-torqueing the head bolts and checking valve clearances.

The way it was received was better than Suzuki could have hoped.

Uk Suzuki gs500 dating review

reviee Not only was it a good entry level machine, but it could keep the rider entertained well after the basic skills were mastered. The vertical twin cylinder engine proved a willing performer. It was a smooth running unit, derived from the GS motor, complete with a counterbalancer. A twin spar frame made of steel was hooked up to Kayaba suspension components. Much of the running gear was sourced from other Suzuki models.

Carrying out this century and certain to stick its employees offers DIY GS chemicals the underlying to make their Suzhki acquisitions on what is a very-friendly real. The new-generation has argued on the tradition of those session GS-fours in and reliable, even high-proof, accuracy and while it may be a century bike it is also a very rich bike.

datibg The suspension performed well, despite being non-adjustable, and the brakes were excellent. Overall, the GSE was a fantastic budget machine, capable of keeping novices, or experienced riders happy. Perfect advanced starter bike. Highly recommended.

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