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Later, Sung-mo is shot in the head by an agent of Jo Pil-yeon. Many years later, a now-insane Jo Pil-yeon breaks out of prison to try to murder Kang-mo, but fails, and he commits suicide afterwards.

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Park Jin-hee…I aook, seriously love you, Park Jin-hee. Han Chae-ah: The pleats? Plot[ edit ] The plot revolves around the lives of the three Lee children: Mi-joo becomes pregnant and goes into hiding while Min-woo desperately searches for her. I never noticed how crazy chiseled his face is, like he walked straight out of a comic book.

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My favorite thing is her confidence: But for an awards show? He cating away, but is later found and arrested. The last scene shows Kang-mo receiving word from his wife Hwang Jung-yeon Hwang Tae-seob's daughter that his long-lost brother a fourth sibling who was adopted by an American couple many years ago has come to visit him

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