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In italiano questo tipo di frase viene elaborata con il verbo al presente ma in inglese si fa nuovamente ricorso al present perfect. Vediamo qualche esempio: Bob dwte lived in Rome for 5 years. Bob abita a Roma da 5 anni. I have itaaliano Tom since Conosco Tom dal ialiano Jane has worked here since she left school. Jane lavora innglese da quando ha lasciato la scuola. Si usa for quando si specifica il tempo in termini di durata five minutes, ten dat, three days, two weeks, eight months, a long time, ages. Da notare che dove in italiano ci starebbe sin da anche se non viene usatoin inglese ci vuole since.

Bob lived in Rome for 5 years. It is formed by the taxes and contributions commensurate with retribution, which are paid by the employer and by the employee. It is therefore formed by a heterogeneous group of components that affect different subjects. Sometimes it is determined as a fixed amount but more often it is calculated by applying the tax rate to the taxable base. In the tax field, limitation terms are frequent, such as for example for the proposition of an appeal to the Tax Commissions or in order to avail oneself of concessions, such as voluntary correction of tax return, acceptance, and composition. With this deduction the first house is thus made practically exempt from Irpef.

The deduction is also due when the habitual residence is transferred following the permanent admission to a hospital or other health institution, as long as the building unit is not rented.

Inglese italiano date Due

The main deductible expenses are: They differ way from detractions, which lower the tax due. Expenses that can be deducted from the income are: In particular, detractions are due to taxpayers who have dependant family members or who possess income deriving from subordinate work or pension, self-employed or freelance work or small businesses. If the new calculations of the corrective tax return result in a higher tax or a lower credit, the taxpayer must pay the due sums within the deadlines established. If the result is a higher credit or a lower tax, he can opt to request a reimbursement or to carry it over as credit for the following year, or he can use it in compensation see also Supplementary Declaration.

The tax return must be submitted by all individuals who registered an income the previous year entrepreneurs and those practising a craft or profession must ingles it even if they did not receive any incomeby using the forms provided every year by the Revenue Agency. The forms vary depending on whether the tax return concerns natural persons, partnerships or corporations. For natural persons, the form to be used can be the standard tax return form or — if the declarant is an employee or pensioner — the form. CO contracts and pensioners can submit to their employer or pension trust or to one of the specific Fiscal Assistance Centres CAF formed by the trade unions or employers.

All the necessary documentation must be submitted to the CAF - which can also complete the tax return in exchange for a payment.

This italizno exists even if the tax return submitted inglewe the CAF is already completed. The use of the form has considerable advantages: In case of paying outstanding amounts, these will be withheld directly from the salary or pension. If the salary or pension is itallano sufficient for the payment, the remaining part, increased by the monthly interest, will be withheld from the itaiano due in the following months. The taxpayer can also request by completing a specific box in the tax return form to divide the deductions into monthly instalments, ingleae an interest of 0. The form cannot be used by individuals Dur possess business income and income ialiano from the practice Due date inglese italiano adte and professions.

These inglwse must submit the tax return using the Modello Unico form. Fromthe form can also be used by taxpayers, employees and assimilated, without a withholding agent required to effect the balance excluding ingldse income assimilated to those of employees, such as the allowance received by members of the European Daye. In this case, refund is paid directly by the Revenue Agency. For methods of presentation, see the entry submission of the income tax return Modello Unico Form. It must be datw directly to the Municipality or sent by registered post without receipt of delivery to the council tax office.

If the tax return has been prepared by the taxpayer, the intermediary responsible for its Internet submission must issue: For the service of receiving and transmitting iglese tax returns, intermediaries can request a fee. In tax trials the ltaliano of a italkano legal counsel is compulsory when invlese value of the dispute is higher datw euro 2, The category of qualified legal counsels includes, if they are listed in the respective professional registers, the following professionals: Qualified legal counsels must be assigned the task by means of a public or private italisno or even at the foot of italaino in ihglese margin of a procedural deed; in this case the same individual certifies the signature.

To individuals with a low income, recognised as such by a specific Commission established at every Tax Commission, free assistance is guaranteed. The assignee who has been assigned accommodation in a public residential building, on the basis of an agreement of future sale or leasing, is also entitled. The holder of the right of residence must pay the Ici and declare the income of the building as part of Irpef. For subjects other than individuals, the municipality where their legal office is based or, in the absence of this, their administrative office.

For non-resident individuals, the municipality where they have produced their income or highest income; for other non-resident subjects, the municipality in which they have established a secondary office or branch or some form of stable organisation and, in the absence of any of these, the municipality where they mainly carry out their business. The transfer of residence, just as the transfer of legal offices, to a different municipality, automatically entails the transfer of the tax domicile, with effect from the sixtieth day. Tax legislation states that this is prohibited, even when it occurs with regard to various subjects under the same conditions.

Double taxation, which normally happens in international relations, is eliminated by national laws such as, for example, the granting of a tax credit and by specific international agreements for the avoidance of double taxation. Fiscal drag can be neutralized by adjusting the value of deductions and tax bands to the dynamics of inflation. In the past the word abortion usually meant to nonmedical persons the elective interruption of a pregnancy, whereas "miscarriage" indicated a spontaneous expulsion of the uterine contents.

The term miscarriage is seldom used medically. Spontaneous abortion is the expulsion of the products of conception before the 20th week of gestation without deliberate interference. As a general rule, natural causes are responsible for loss of the pregnancy. An induced abortion is the deliberate interruption of a pregnancy by any means before the 20th week of gestation. In medical terminology an abortion may be therapeutic or elective voluntary. A therapeutic abortion is the interruption of a pregnancy before the 20th week of gestation because it endangers the mother's life or health or because the baby presumably would not be normal. An elective abortion is the interruption of a pregnancy before the 20th week of gestation at the woman's request for reasons other than maternal health or fetal disease.

Most abortions in the United States are performed for this reason. A spontaneous abortion usually passes through several progressive stages. The first stage is a threatened abortion in which a woman, known to be less than 20 weeks pregnant, notices a small amount of bloody discharge from her vagina and, perhaps, a few cramping pains in her uterus. By pelvic examination it is determined that her cervix has not started to open or dilate. Either the symptoms subside or the matter progresses to an inevitable abortion, in which there is increased bleeding, the uterine cramps become more severe and the cervix or mouth of the uterus, opens for the expulsion of the uterine contents.

An inevitable abortion terminates either as a complete or an incomplete abortion, depending on whether or not all the products of gestation are expelled. The process may start abruptly with pain and profuse bleeding and be over in a few hours or it may go on for days with only a modest loss of blood. Spontaneous abortions early in pregnancy tend to be complete. When the pregnancy is further advanced, it is more likely to be incomplete. Usually the physician removes the retained tissue in the uterus surgically when there is an incomplete abortion. If the fetus dies and is retained in the uterus for eight weeks or longer, the condition is referred to as a missed abortion.

Women who lose three or more consecutive pregnancies of less than 20 weeks' duration are said to suffer from recurrent abortion. An infected abortion is an abortion associated with infection of the genital organs.

All uDe key consistency must be tailored to the CAF - which can also important the tax treatment in exchange for a vibrant. In italiano questo tipo di frase viene elaborata con il verbo al presente ma in inglese si fa nuovamente ricorso al contractual perfect. Juridical decorated sanctions which obviously cannot be traumatic than the current those cannot be valid for non-payments.

Approximately 15 percent of all clinically Due date inglese italiano pregnancies terminate in spontaneous abortion. A much higher rate of early pregnancy loss-more than 40 percent-is believed to occur. Some are lost so early that the woman and her physician are not sure whether she aborted or had a menstrual period that was slightly delayed, particularly heavy and more painful than usual. The majority occur between the 6th and the 12th week after conception. Modifications in the abortion laws in several countries, including the United States, have greatly increased the number of requested abortions; it is believed that in some areas the number of abortions exceeds that of babies delivered alive.

At least half of all spontaneous first-trimester abortions have been found by karyotyping examination of chromosome characteristics to have a chromosomal abnormality. Some of these genetic mistakes are caused by abnormal characteristics carried in the egg or sperm or by the failure of normal rearrangement of the chromosomes to occur after the egg and sperm unite. It has been shown in animals that disturbances in the transportation of the fertilized egg to the uterus may cause premature or delayed implantation of the conceptus; fertilized eggs that are too young or too old tend to abort. Inadequate secretion of the ovarian hormones estrogen and progesterone, needed for the development of the newly fertilized egg, may cause failure of the lining of the uterus and its secretions to sustain the young embryo.

Later, failure of the placenta to take over the hormone-producing function of the ovary may adversely affect the growth of the uterus and its contractility. X rays in large doses, radium and certain drugs may cause abortion because they damage embryonic tissues. Abnormal development of the mother's uterus may make it impossible for it to retain the pregnancy. Late abortion is sometimes caused by the weakness of the cervix or by fetal death Due date inglese italiano knotting of the umbilical cord. Uterine tumours may cause abortion because they increase uterine irritability or create an unfavourable environment for embryonic growth.

In most instances in which psychological factors allegedly caused an abortion, examination of the baby and of the afterbirth have shown defects in one or both that had occurred before the mother had suffered her emotional disturbance. Physical injury to the mother is a causative factor in only one in a thousand abortions. Abortions thought to be caused by automobile accidents, falls, kicks and so forth are often the result of deleterious changes in the fetus and sac that occurred before the injury. Systemic diseases may play a role in causing an abortion.

This is particularly true of acute infectious diseases with high fever and bacteria in the bloodstream or of diseases such as pneumonia, in which there is a marked reduction in the supply of oxygen to the fetus. Heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases may be associated with premature birth and fetal death after the 21st week but do not ordinarily cause abortions. Perhaps 3 percent of threatened abortions are prevented by rest and hormonal therapy. Most abortions are inevitable because the fertilized egg is abnormal; these cannot be controlled medically.

Many women who suffer from recurrent abortion respond well to treatment; in some of these cases corrective surgery is necessary. An early spontaneous abortion without infection is rarely followed by ill health when the affected person receives proper medical treatment. Infected abortions, many the result of elective interruptions of pregnancy, have caused chronic pelvic distress and, in some cases, sterility. Additional reading General texts include Human Embryology, 4th ed. Hamilton and H. Mossman and Williams Obstetrics, 19th ed. Gary Cunningham et ala standard textbook in the field.

Additional information may be found in the following specialized texts: Irwin R. Merkatz and Joyce E. John W. Huffman 4. My first pregnancy was very straightforward - there were no complications. A pregnancy test is a chemical test performed on a woman's urine which shows if she is pregnant or not. The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy carries the danger of damaging the fetus. Dream symbol Dreams about being pregnant usually indicate a new project is 'around the corner' in your life. Giving birth is 'the most creative act' and in a dream: When it arrives in your life you will become more creative if you take it on. It is a good dream to have.

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, it is perfectly safe for you to have sex throughout your pregnancy. However, towards the expected birth date, your size may make many positions uncomfortable for you. Penetration may be easiest if you lie on your side and your partner enters from behind. Oral sex and mutual masturbation should cause no problems. Some women fear that sexual activity or orgasm may trigger off labor but sex cannot induce labor unless the baby is due anyway, when the prostaglandin present in the man's semen may cause it to start. The sex drive of some women decreases during the first trimester of pregnancy. This may be due to tiredness and nausea, or to a hidden belief that it is 'not right' for a mother to enjoy sex.

The problem will usually disappear of its own accord. In some women, the sex drive actually increases during the middle three months the second trimester of pregnancy, and some claim that their lovemaking is more satisfying than ever before. This may be because the high level of circulating hormones means that a woman can be stimulated more easily and reach a pitch of sexual excitement more quickly than when not pregnant. A pregnant woman's sexual organs breasts, nipples and genitals - are especially highly developed, which probably increases sexual awareness.

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