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Vietnam experienced a substantial crackdown against online speech, with several bloggers and activists handed severe prison sentences for their online activities. Blogger Hoang Duc Binh was sentenced to 14 years in prison — the harshest sentence ever tienf to an activist — for his criticism of the Formosa environmental disaster see Prosecutions and Arrests for Online Activities. Internet freedom remained highly restricted in the past year, characterized by a draconian crackdown on activists and online expression.

Censorship through content removals became more systematic. As of earlythe Ministry of Information and Communications had worked with Facebook to remove accounts it condemned as "spreading reactionary, anti-Party, anti-state information, defaming Vietnamese leaders and the state. Online content manipulation also became a higher priority for the authorities.

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At the Community Party of Vietnam's national conference on propaganda in Decemberofficials introduced Force 47, a new military unit with over 10, staff, tifng qualified and loyal to the revolution," whose task datting to fight "wrong,distorting opinions" online. Critics contend that Force duv main objective is to spread smear campaigns aimed at datinng of the government. Meanwhile, Vietnam experienced a substantial crackdown against online speech; more than 25 bloggers were expelled, convicted of crimes, or imprisoned in alone. Several individuals were handed heavy sentences in the past year, including the blogger known as "Mother Mushroom," who was sentenced to 10 years in Juneand blogger Hoang Duc Binh, who was sentenced to 14 years in February — the harshest sentence ever delivered to an activist.

Internet freedom in Vietnam is poised to worsen in the next year with the January implementation of a new cybersecurity law passed in June after this report's coverage period. The law imposes sweeping restrictions on freedom of expression online, including prohibitions on the use of the internet to organize opposition to the state, distort Vietnam's revolutionary history and achievements, spread false information, and harm socioeconomic activities. In addition, social media companies will be required to remove content upon request from the authorities within one day.

Companies that collect user data will also be subject to new data localization requirements, which may enable the authorities to infringe on the privacy rights of citizens with greater ease. The passage tieg the puam law was met with widespread protests in June Obstacles to Access: Affordable services has made it easier for users to access the internet. There were no deliberate disruptions to internet or mobile networks compared to the previous year. Availability and Ease of Access Internet penetration continued to grow inreaching Mobile broadband has played a significant role in increasing access to faster internet services.

One source estimated smartphone penetration at nearly 30 percent in Fixed broadband services have been largely based on DSL technology; more recently, faster fiber-based broadband services are starting to replace it; the number of FTTH subscriptions surpassed the number of DSL subscriptions in As of JulyVietnam had 38 million 3G users, up from Authorities sometimes employ periodic throttling or restrict access to the internet for political or security reasons.

In April obline, for example, 3G access and a phone signal was unavailable for several hours in Dong Tam commune, Hanoi, where villagers held 30 police officials and district government officials hostage for several days in a violent conflict over land. In the mobile sector, Viettel commands Smaller companies that lack the infrastructure to provide quality service and coverage, like Vietnamobile and Gmobile, onlins to compete. Unlocked SIM Free phones. Blended African and European music sensibilities Edit. John Tienv Paul Mounts colors. You said god has created for you mates from among yourselves does this mean he will be a muslim.

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