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WWw, A. It can almost be calculated that the hypothesis is one of the most important tools yet biased to achieve greater knowledge. Fossil size, foresight, and opening in Asian agriculture.

When this is finally known, the problem is a long way toward solution. Virtues of Problems and Hypotheses Problems and hypotheses, then, have important virtues: We may say, Www sessater sex com Guida and Ludlow If it is indeed true that children in one type of culture Chile have higher test anxiety than children of another type of culture white Americansthen it follows that children in the Chilean culture should do more poorly in academics than children in the American culture. The Chilean children also should perhaps have a lower self-esteem or more externallocus-of-control when it comes to school and academics. There are important differences between problems and hypotheses.

Hypotheses, if properly stated, can be tested. A given hypothesis may be too broad to be Www sessater sex com directly, yet if it is a "good" hypothesis, then other testable hypotheses can be deduced from it. Facts or variables are not tested as such. The relations stated by the hypotheses are tested. And a problem cannot be solved scientifically unless it is reduced to its hypothesis form because a problem is a question, usually broad in nature, and not directly testable. One does not test questions: For example, to study the latter problem, one may hypothesize that police officers who attend stress-reduction counseling sessions will use fewer sick days than those police officers who did not attend counseling sessions.

The hypothesis in the former problem could state that the presence of a person in a public restroom will cause the other person to wash his or her hands. Problems and hypotheses advance scientific knowledge by helping an investigator confirm or disconfirm theory. Suppose a psychological investigator gives a number of subjects three or four tests, among which is a test for anxiety related to an arithmetic test. Routinely computing the intercorrelations between the three or four tests, one finds that the correlation between anxiety and arithmetic is negative.

One therefore concludes that the greater the anxiety the lower the arithmetic score. But it is quite conceivable that the relation is fortuitous or even spurious. The words prove and disprove are not to be taken here in their literal sense. A hypothesis is never really proved or disproved. To be more accurate we should probably say something like: The weight of evidence is on the side of the hypothesis, or the weight of the evidence casts doubt on the hypothesis. Thus the empirical evidence of its instance never proves the hypothesis: This use of the hypothesis is similar to playing a game of chance.

The rules of the game are set up and bets are made ,in advance. One cannot change the rules after an outcome, neither can one change one's bets after placing thein. One cannot throw the dice first and then bet. That would not be "fair. The game is not "fair" because the investigator can easily capitalize on, say, two significant relations out of five tested. What usually happens to the other three is that they are forgotten. In a "fair" game, every throw of the dice is counted, in the sense"-that one either wins or does not win on the basis of the outcome of each throw.

Hypotheses direct inquiry. As Darwin pointed out over a hundred years ago, observations have to be for or against some view if they are to be of any use. Hypotheses incorporate aspects of the theory under test in testable or near-testable form: Earlier, an example of reinforcement theory was given in which testable hypotheses were deduced from the general problem. The importance of recognizing this function of hypotheses may be shown by going through the back door and using a theory that is very difficult, or perhaps impossible, to test. Freud's theory of anxiety includes the construct of repression. By repression, Freud meant the forcing of unacceptable ideas deep into the unconscious.

In order to test the Freudian theory of anxiety it is necessary to deduce relations suggested by the theory. These deductions will, of course, have to include the repression notion, which includes the construct of the unconscious. Hypotheses can be formulated using these constructs; in order to test the theory, they have to be so formulated. But testing them is another, more difficult matter because of the extreme difficulty of defining terms such as "repression" and unconscious" so that they can be measured. To the present, no one has succeeded in defining these rwo constructs without seriously departing from the original Freudian meaning and usage.

Hypotheses, then, are important bridges berween theory and empirical inquiry. The Language and Approach of Science Problems, Values, and Definitions To clarify further the nature of problems and hypotheses, two or three common errors will now be discussed. First, scientific problems are not moral and ethical questions: Are punitive disciplinary measures bad for children? Should an organization's leadership be democratic? What is the best way to teach college students? To ask these questions is to ask value and judgmental questions that science cannot answer.

Many so-called hypotheses are not hypotheses at all. For instance: The small-group method of teaching is better than the lecture method. This is a value statement; it is an article of faith and not a hypothesis. If it were possible to state a relation between the variables, and if it were possible to define the variables so as to permit testing the relation, then we might have a hypothesis. But there is no way to test value questions scientifically. Value statements, however, are tricky. VVhile a "should" statement is obviously a value statement, certain other kinds of statements are riot so obvious.

Take the statement: Authoritarian methods of teaching lead to poor leaming. Here there is a relation. But the statement fails as a scientific hypothesis because it uses two value expressions or words, "authoritarian methods of teaching" and "poor learning," neither of which can be defined for measurement purposes without deleting the words authoritarian and poor. Consider, for. The core curriculum is an enriching experience. Another statelnent type, used too frequently, is vague generalization: Reading skills can be identified in the second grade; The goal of the unique individual is self-realization; Prejudice is related to certain personality traits.

Another common defect of problem statements often occurs in doctoral theses: These methodological points have two characteristics that make them easy to detect: The lecture method is authoritarian. This seems to mean that the speaker does not like the lecture method and is telling us that it is bad. Similarly, one of the most effective ways to criticize a teacher is to say that teacher is authoritarian. Generality and Specificity of Problems and Hypotheses One difficulty that a researcher usually encounters, and that almost all students working on a thesis find annoying, is the generality and specificity of problems and hypotheses. If the problem is too general, it is also too vagne to be tested.

Thus, it is scientifically useless, even though it tuay be interesting to read. Problems and hypotheses that are too general or too vagne are cotumon. Creativity is a function of the self-actualization of the individual; Democratic education enhances social learning and citizenship; Authoritarianism in the college classroom inhibits the creative imagination of students. These are interesting problems but, in their present form, are worse than useless scientifically because they cannot be tested and because they give one the spurious assurance that they are hypotheses that can "someday" be tested.

Terms such as "creativity," "self-actualization," "democracy," "authoritarianism," and the like have, at the present time at least, no adequate empirical referents. This may be a legitimate procedure. Still, in so doing, we run the risk of getting far away from the original term and its meaning. This is particularly true when we speak of artistic creativity. We are, of course,' often willing to accept the risk in order to be able to investigate important problems. Yet a term like "democracy" is almost hopeless to define.

Even when we do define it, we often find we have destroyed its original meaning. An outstanding exception to this statement is Bollen's definition and measurement of "democracy. The other extreme is too gTeat specificity. Every student has heard that it is necessary to narrow down problems to workable size. This is true. But, unfortunately, we can also narrow the problem out of existence. In general, the more specific the problem or hypothesis, the clearer is its testing implications. But triviality may be the price we pay. Researchers cannot handle problems that are too broad because they tend to be too vague for adequate research operations.

On the other hand, in their zeal to cut down the problems to workable size or to find a workable problem, they may cut the life out of it. They may make it trivial or inconsequential. A thesis, for instance, on the simple relation between the speed of reading and size of type, while important and maybe even interesting, is too thin by itself for a doctoral study. The doctoral student would need to expand on the topic by also recommending a comparison between genders and considering variables such as culture and family 3 Although many studies of authoritarianism have been done with considerable success, it is doubtful that we know what authoritarianism in the classroom means.

For instance, an action of a teacher that is authoritarian in one classroom may not be authoritarian in another classroom. The alleged democratic behavior exhibited by one teacher may even be called authoritarian if exhibited by another teacher. Such elasticity is not the stuff of science. The researcher could possibly expand the study to look at levels of illumination and font types. Too great specificity is perhaps a worse danger than too great generality. The researcher may be able to answer the specific question but will not be able to generalize the finding to other situations or groups of people.

At any rate, some kind of compromise must be made between generality and specificity. The ability to make such compromises effectively is a function partly of experience and partly of critical study of research problems. Here are a few examples contrasting research problems stated as too general or too specific: Too General: Governing the Commons: Cambridge University Press, Toledo, V.

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In Agroecology and small-farm development eds Altieri, M. Netting, R. Smallholders, Householders. Stanford University Press, Olson, M. Harvard University Press, Kohler, T. Field houses, villages and the tragedy of the commons in the early northern Anasazi. Smith, E. Conservation and subsistence in small-scale societies. Carballo, D. Cooperation and collective action in the cultural evolution of complex societies. Method heory 21, 98— Lankford, B. Water Altern. Attwood, D. Big is ugly? How large-scale institutions prevent famines in Western India.

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Resource intruders Www sessater sex com robustness of social-ecological systems: Commons 5, — Assessing and managing the risks of climate change. Top level indings. World Population Prospects: United Nations Sessatet and Social Afairs 23 Anderies, J. Robustness, institutions, and large-scale change in social-ecological systems: Institutional Econ. Cifdaloz, O. Robustness, vulnerability, and adaptive capacity in srx social-ecological systems: Janssen, M. Robustness trade-ofs in social-ecological systems. Commons 1, 43—65 Nelson, M. A framework to analyze the robustness of social-ecological systems from an institutional perspective.

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Chicago University Press, Engen, S. Demographic stochasticity and Allee efects in populations with two sexes. Ecology 84, — Legendre, S. Demographic stochasticity and social mating system in the proess of extinction of small populations: Fox, G. Consequences of heterogeneity in survival probability in a population of Florida scrub-jays. Melbourne, B. Extinction risk depends strongly on factors contributing to stochasticity. Nature— In Sourcebook in heoretical Ecology eds Hastings, A. Spalding, R.

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