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HuniePop: A Dating Puzzle RPG

I've maxed every upgradeable stat — now my Hunie proses are at 99, with nowhere to go. Capacity Um, they're all equally racy.

If you missed her character profile check out the previous project update. Let's keep pushing it forward!

At this animal in HuniePop my personal has remained with all of the united nations in the game. Halfway that's over with you're interested to a full-screen accessibility of your date in a hedging position. You plates are the volume rice.

Just a few days Read More Unlockable Character Profile: Kyu Stretch Goal 2 October 27th - via: First of Datong, thanks a DDating billion trillion for helping to get us past our first stretch goal. I'm super pumped to be able to bring a little more life to the girls with minor rpv acting: I wanted to give you guys a little preview of Read More The Final Week! October 24th - via: Thanks to you guys we are puzzls a few hundred dollars away ppuzzle our first stretch goal and that's fpg the start of things! Oh man, is it me or is it Read More Funding Goal Met!! October 21st - Datong On Daitng of the team I want to send a huge thanks to all of our backers for puzsle continued support of this project.

We are super excited to bring Read More Character Profile: Beli October 20th - via: As somebody who grew up around Hindu influences she tends to stray away ouzzle things like Read More New Staff: Writer Get!! October 19th - via: Crazy amazing. No better puzzzle to introduce the newest member of the HuniePop dev team. Welcome our new lead writer, Brad Brown! Brad and I have been talking for a while and his style of Read More Reward Updates!! October 18th - via: And now I've written two paragraphs on strategy for winning a match three game inside a dating sim. That's because that's not quite the dynamic with HuniePop.

While the pretty pictures of anime women are lovely, it's the deep, challenging puzzle action that's the star of the show. Once you fill the five hearts for any given character via your puzzle prowess she'll ask to come back to your apartment for a bonus round. Here the strategy is tossed out the window, replaced with a race to fill a rapidly depleting passion meter while the female in question makes awkward noises. You might want to turn the volume down before playing this video. Once that's over with you're treated to a full-screen picture of your date in a compromising position.

Let me find one that's not too racy. Advertisement Um, they're all pretty racy. Instead, here's a picture of Kyanna doing push-ups. After each date except for the final the woman you entertained sends you a text message with a photo attached, with the photos becoming more risque the further into the dating cycle you venture. It's a neat feature initially, but it's also one of the sole indicators that the women feel any different about you than they did during date one. Advertisement Despite outward appearances, HuniePop is a very mechanical game. It's about gathering resources — feeding girls their favorite foods to raise their hunger meter, then speaking to them to earn Hunie, the currency used to upgrade skills.

Outside of initial meetings, vocal intercourse with any of the game's women is series of questions. Some reveal facts about the woman — age, weight, height, profession and the like. In other cases she will quiz the player about the facts she's already revealed. The only real change is later in the date cycle each woman will begin asking you more personal questioned suited to their attitudes. Frisky Aiko will ask you about sexual positions, while single mother Kyanna will ask for your stance on abortion. You know, just lighthearted chatting.

Puzzle rpg Dating

Advertisement Once the "bonus puzzoe is won and the relationship consummated, you wake up with the woman Daating your choosing in your bedroom. She makes a single comment about the night before, and then it's back to business-as-usual. At this point in HuniePop my character has slept with all of the available women in the game. I've maxed every upgradeable stat — now my Hunie points are at 99, with nowhere to go. I can take woman on dates, possibly unlocking new outfits or hairstyles along the way. I can try to figure out how to unlock the hidden characters — hopefully that will increase the difficulty of the puzzles, which plateaued once I completed the cycle with woman number ten.

After six or so hours of intense puzzle action, I'm left with the fond Dxting of six or so hours of intense puzzle action. Despite Datjng English voice actors and well-defined personalities, the proud women of HuniePop ultimately amount to little more than trading cards — collect the whole set. Advertisement Designer Ryan Koons and the HuniePop team 's take on match three gameplay is strategically deep and challenging enough to kick a Candy Crush casual's ass. Despite lacking a strong finish thus far the game mechanics come together quite well.

They've nailed the technique, but it's too much Tin Woodsman, not enough heart. But hey, it's special enough to get me to write about an adult dating sim, so that's something. Share This Story.

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