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Labels Vintage dating guild union fashion

Union labels are a good clue but they don't always mean vintage. Look for care labels. An index of photos of popular styles, searchable by year. Look at the "Exhibits" page on this fabulous website for a decade-by-decade look at vintage dress silhouettes. If your item's seams aren't serged, look for a manufacturer's tag to see if it's commercially made.

Archivia Computer Fashion and Textiles Blog. Safety in mind that an old wedding could have a bullish zipper if the high one was cast.

First, what is the silhouette oabels the fashipn For more details on when each kind of union label was used, see the Vintage Fashion Guild's guide to union labels, here. A dress with a tiny waist and huge, below-knee skirt screams s, while a slim-fit dress with huge shoulder pads is probably from the s. Covers Here, dedicated vintage fashion lovers have collected and compiled histories of the labels of hundreds of vintage clothing manufacturers, often giving you dates when a certain maker's label was used. The US government started requiring full care labels that year, and many clothes made before then did not have them. And not all clothes were made in the US, obviously.

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