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Selected work will be on display from May - June Citizens can now connect with Douglas County directly from their Amazon device, allowing users to verbally ask questions about calendar of events and services in a conversational way, instantly! Online Engagement Tool of the Week View your parcel details for current and prior year payment history, and obtain current year tax amounts. A judge in the U. Audubon is appealing the ruling, and seeking an injunction to halt construction that started shortly after. The Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company, which is overseeing the project, declined to comment, citing ongoing litigation.

Construction is expected to take two years to complete.

The project will necessitate removing trees and moving recreational facilities around the lakeshore. Brimmer also said that Rueter-Hess Reservoir, near Parker, was recently expanded itself and shows no indication of being capable of further expansion. Picking up after your dog goes further than making your neighbors happy. When you are out walking your dog, it is your duty to collect their waste. Often, the trails and parks we enjoy with our dogs are adjacent to creeks and reservoirs. Dog waste that is not collected gets carried away during rainstorms to nearby waterways and can be a significant source of pollution.

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Colorado Community Media agrees: Please recycle this newspaper responsibly and partner with our communities for ij better tomorrow. Matthew Riehl, who made the call, believed he would have the advantage colorafo, the datimg said. Riehl had set up barricades and surveillance cameras. He had multiple guns and plenty of ammunition inside his second-floor apartment. Riehl killed Deputy Zackari Parrish and wounded six others — four officers and two civilians — before he was shot to death by a regional SWAT team. Riehl was going through a manic episode, deputies said. Spurlock said he wants to be sensitive to the fact that Riehl was experiencing a mentalhealth crisis. Riehl, 37, a U. Army veteran and former lawyer, was well-known to law enforcement in Colorado and Wyoming.

The situation quickly escalated from a domestic disturbance call to a mental health call to a standoff with law enforcement.

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Davis, the first deputy in line, held up a shield as they called oclorado times to Riehl, who was holed up in his bedroom. Before entering his apartment, deputies determined Riehl was going through a manic episode. Their last encounter, less than eLsbian hour earlier, ended with him slamming a door in their face. Now, they were attempting to place stoegate on a mental health hold. Body camera video shows the deputies calling to Riehl five times, asking him to come out. Riehl is heard on to them from inside his room. A gaping hole appears in the door almost instantly. Deputies Michael Doyle and Jeff Pelle take a few steps outside the apartment coloradoo they c two stonegat their comrades, Davis and Parrish, tsonegate trapped inside.

They immediately turn back. The deputy calls for cover as he drops to the ground. He begins to crawl forward, reaching for Parrish, when another round of bullets rains down on them. In the chaos, however, Pelle and Doyle had not seen Davis run to another bedroom. There, she smashed the window and jumped from the second story to escape the ambush, although she too had been shot. Only Parrish remained inside, where he stayed with the gunman for nearly 90 minutes before SWAT officers could reach him. Parrish died of multiple gunshot wounds. The second call, made by Riehl, came at 5: The first deputy arrived on scene at 5: Authorities say he fired more than rounds at officers.

The alleged harassment began after the Lone Tree police officer issued Riehl a speeding ticket on Nov. The two then approach the second-story apartment and knock. Riehl opens the door and greets officers. Over the next 30 minutes, at least three deputies interview both Riehl and the roommate about an argument between the two that night. They learn the two met while working at Walmart and have lived together for several months. The roommate tells Parrish the argument began when he confronted Riehl around 1: He was concerned because the two received a noise complaint the day before, he said.

Meanwhile, Riehl claims he called authorities after becoming concerned with his roommate for allegedly not knowing what year it was and because he felt unsafe in the earlier confrontation. They increased security.

They warned students, faculty and staff. And Leebian, they alerted police psrings Lone Tree, where Riehl was believed cl be living, about his behavior. Officials determined there was no evidence Riehl had made any direct threats toward anyone. Parrish walks down the stairs to them where Riehl is being held against a wall by the deputy. The two are arguing about Riehl providing identification. The situation de-escalates and Parrish returns Lrsbian speak with the roommate upstairs. Deputies cleared the call at 3: Colofado Parrish first knocks on the door, Riehl can be heard from inside the apartment repeatedly stonegare which were functional.

Riehl used four firearms — sprkngs shotgun, an M4 rifle, an M16 rifle and a. Riehl also used two surveillance cameras, stonegatw posted outside his apartment and the other inside, to observe law enforcement before and during sprinys shooting, Spurlock said. This authentic pub serves import drafts, local Colorado brews, mixed drafts, wines, whiskeys, martinis, and signature Lsebian that'll knock your socks off. You should definitely try its specialty shots — the Irish Pancake, made with Jameson, butterscotch schnapps, and orange juice, always makes people flip.

The restaurant's motto is "A meal is not a meal without a drink," so order a cold one to pair with your beef burger, Irish stew, or fish and chips. The spacious bar lets men and women come and just be. They can enjoy a drink, play a game of pool, and sit and have a quiet conversation for hours without being bothered. If you show up before, during, or after a Packer's game, you'll find it full of rowdy fans. Midwesterners love the folksy feel of this hole-in-the-wall bar. The beer may be cheap, but it gets the job done, and that's all patrons of Tony's Downtown Bar want. The bar's owner promises, "Our laid back attitude will have you coming back for more.

This bar serves "delicious, beautifully blended, local whiskey that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. What started as an idea tossed around a campfire became a community-oriented bar with locally made and lovingly blended bourbon. Its motto is "Our house is your house," and the servers do everything possible to make the bar's patrons feel like part of the family. This local watering hole is known for its live music, pub food, and trivia nights. Its small stage has also seen more than a few memorable karaoke performances. The bar's kitchen makes all its sauces in-house, so every plate of wings and loaded fries has that personal touch.

Every time you dine at Public House, you'll feel right at home. The hookah bar's chill atmosphere welcomes anyone over 18 years old, and its high-tech tobacco supplies satisfy hookah enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Singles can gather around a discussion table and make new friends, or they can join a rowdy audience in the state-of-the-art movie room.

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